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LinkedIn scraper: Pharow

Pharow is a targeted lead retrieval platform. It allows you to scrape and extract the necessary data for prospecting from the web and LinkedIn.

Phantombuster : Scrap Linkedin

Scrape LinkedIn with Pharow

Directly from the Pharow application, it is possible to make a targeted search: function, company name, country, activity sector, company size.


Once the search is established, Pharow provides the information available in Open Data. It scrapes all the LinkedIn profiles corresponding to this search: first name, last name, company website, the LinkedIn profile of the person and of the company, data on turnover, number of employees, growth, capital increase in addition to contact information.


Pharow x Dropcontact: enrichment via automated linkedin scrap
Pharow x Dropcontact: automate the enrichment of B2B emails
Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate B2B email enrichment

Automate your B2B data enrichment with Pharow and Dropcontact

Pharow extracts all the necessary information to enrich the Pro-forma email: the first name, the last name, and the website of each lead.


As soon as you search for an email in Pharow, it is automatically enriched thanks to Dropcontact: between 60 and 75% of discovery rate. Each email is verified (>98%)Dropcontact is unique.


To find and enrich an email, Dropcontact uses no database but only proprietary algorithms and test servers. This is why Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR solution on the market.

Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate LinkedIn and enrich your B2B emails

Automate your LinkedIn actions with Pharow

Pharow provides each lead LinkedIn profile.

This is an essential data to automate all its actions on LinkedIn thanks to a specific tool of LinkedIn
Automation: visit of the profile, connection request, sending a message, automatic response...


Pharow provides each lead LinkedIn.


πŸ‘‰πŸ» Radically change your prospecting on LinkedIn

Pharow : LinkedIn automation : scrap LinkedIn and Cold Email
Pharow: Automate LinkedIn mutli-channel prospecting
Phantombuster : automate your multicanal linkedin prospecting

Automate your multi-channel prospecting from Linkedin with Pharow

Pharow is a tool that allows you to build your Sales Automation strategy. Targets your leads and prospects according to the criteria of your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and get all the necessary data to address them by email, on LinkedIn, or even by post!


The tool will scrape LinkedIn and the web. It il provides a list of leads that can be easily integrated into your Cold Email or multi-channel prospecting tools.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Cold Email, your massive prospecting weapon

Pharow pricing

Pharow directly integrates Dropcontact in its subscriptions

Pharow subscriptions are flexible and without commitment.

  • From 49€ / month: unlimited search, 250 emails enriched by Dropcontact directly in Pharow, 1 000 contacts exports
  • Free plan: 10 email searches and 20 non-enriched profiles
  • Dropcontact is directly integrated into Pharow.


Picto - Phantombuster pricing

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Pharow scraping and Dropcontact enrichment automates your lead generation from LinkedIn and saves a lot of time.

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Pharow benefits

Pharow benefits to scrape LinkedIn and automate your prospecting

With 3 clicks, Pharow allows you to find profiles corresponding to your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) without going through the LinkedIn interface.
Activity sector, turnover, company size, position, city... are the parameters of the Pharow filter.

πŸ‘Pharow provides a large number of companies with the date and amount of the last fundraising.
Dropcontact integration allows you to have in addition the verified nominative professional email as well as the pro phone number.


πŸ”‘ You have all the keys to launch a real prospecting machine.

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Pharow alternatives

It is also possible to scrape LinkedIn and automate your multi-channel prospecting with:

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