A human-like warm-up service based on algorithmsA human-like warm-up service based on algorithms

Warm up your mailbox: Saleshandy

A human-like warm-up service based on algorithms

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An algorithm-based tool

Saleshandy offers an email warm-up service based on algorithms that reproduce human behavior when interacting with your inbox. This process increases your email deliverability and improves your reputation. To use the tool, simply connect your mailbox to your email service (Saleshandy is compatible with all email providers).

An algorithm-based tool
A progressive warm-up
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A progressive warm-up

Saleshandy lets you gradually warm up your mailbox. You can define the number of emails sent per day and per mailbox. For example, you can trigger the sending of:

  • 25 warm-up emails on day 1
  • 100 warm-up emails on day 8
  • 150 warm-up emails on day 14
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Detailed statistics

Once your warm-up campaign has been deployed, you can track the performance of your campaign to gain precise visibility of your deliverability.

The statistics obtained are, for example:

  • Percentage of emails delivered
  • Number of emails received in the main inbox
  • Number of spam mails received

Detailed statistics


The basic package starts at $27 per month to benefit from the warm-up and add up to 2,000 leads.

The Pro package at $79 per month lets you add up to 25,000 leads and send up to 125,000 emails per month.

There is no free plan, but you can test the solution for 7 days.

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Saleshandy's Benefits

Saleshandy's warm-up service is integrated directly into your Cold-Email tool. So if you're already a Saleshandy user, all you pay is a Saleshandy subscription!

Moreover, the tool works with all e-mail providers, and the basic package is still very affordable.