Terms and Conditions of the affiliate program

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By signing up for Dropcontact’s affiliate program, you agree to its general Terms and Conditions. Dropcontact reserves the right, to its sole discretion, to accept or refuse your application.

As a Dropcontact authorized affiliate, you accept our Terms and Conditions and understand that any violation of these terms will lead to the termination of your participation in the program.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before signing up and promoting Dropcontact as an affiliated member.

Dropcontact uses Kiflo as a third-party service to manage the affiliate system. By applying and joining Dropcontact’s affiliate program, you also agree to Kiflo’s general terms and conditions, and to their privacy policy.

You can check them out here and there any time.

1. Applying to the affiliate program

Your participation in the program is solely meant to legally advertise our website. In return, you’ll receive a commission based on the subscriptions completed by the people you referred to Dropcontact, who registered through your personal affiliate link.

To apply for the program, you must fill out and submit the application form through https://dropcontact.com/programme-affiliation. You must also confirm that you understand all payments will be made through Paypal, unless a previous deal has been directly reached with the Dropcontact team.

Anyone wishing to become an affiliate has to apply for the program. The applicant must be at least 18 years old. The decision on the request can take several days to be made. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive an email confirming their participation in the program, together with a link to their affiliate profile. The welcome email will be sent to the email address used for the application.

If your application is denied, you will be able to promote Dropcontact but you will not be considered as an affiliate. Therefore, you will not receive any payment after any kind of promotional activity. You are allowed to apply again.

If, after being successfully admitted to the program, a member loses their affiliate status for any reason at all, they will no longer be considered as an affiliate and will not receive any payment after any kind of promotional activity. In this case, the participant is not allowed to apply for the program again with the same address or under a different name.

2. Affiliate account

Account creation

To participate in the program, an applicant must create an account on Dropcontact’s affiliate program.

To create an account, the applicant must fill in a form and provide accurate, truthful information, as requested in the form. The applicant must also choose a password for their future account. The applicant will also be asked to detail the way they will promote Dropcontact. This information will be thoroughly examined before the final decision. Once the application fully approved, the candidate will receive an email with a link to their account and will officially become an affiliate.

Account Responsibility

The affiliate is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and of their affiliate account. They are responsible for all the activities taking place through their account.

The affiliate will quickly inform Dropcontact of any unauthorized use of their account or of any other security breach.

Responsibility in case of misused account

Dropcontact will not be liable for any loss resulting from mishandling and misusing the password or the account of the affiliate, whether the affiliate is aware of it or not.

The affiliate can be held responsible for any loss sustained by Dropcontact or by any other person due to a third-party using the affiliate’s password or account.

Using other accounts

The affiliate must not, under any circumstances, use another’s account.

Account security

The affiliate acknowledges that they are providing their personal data at their own risk. Dropcontact is not responsible for the security of the affiliate’s account, since the said account is created and handled by Kiflo. By creating an account, you accept Kiflo’s own Terms and Conditions, as well as their privacy policy.

3. Commissions

Conditions for commission

Affiliates receive a commission on the purchases which

  • happened after their subscription to the affiliation program;
  • have been tracked thanks to Kiflo’s cookies and tracking pixel, which confirmed the referred user’s subscription after following the unique link of the affiliate. Each cookie lasts 60 days.
  • The affiliate will receive a 33% monthly commission, based on the number of subscriptions they have generated, for a maximum of 12 months. If the subscriber coming from this affiliation cancels their subscription, then the associated commission is also canceled.

The affiliate cannot use their affiliate link for themselves and will not receive any commission on their own account. There is also a cap on recurring commissions for each referral: if an individual uses the referral link to subscribe several times, the affiliate will receive a recurring commission solely on the first request.

As an affiliate, you cannot refer family members and you will not receive commission for their purchase. The referred user and the affiliate cannot belong to the same company. Purchases made by the affiliate’s company are not eligible and will not be taken into account in calculating the affiliate’s commission.

Commission payment

Commissions will be paid monthly on the affiliate’s Paypal account, as a result of the purchases (monthly or annual plans) made by the referred users the month before. There is no limit on the number of cash collections.

Payments will only be made for successful orders. Order transactions which result in Chargebacks or in refunds will not be paid. If the affiliate receives a commission payment for a purchase which is later refunded or invoiced again, Dropcontact will take the amount of the received payment back from the associate’s commission the following month.

4. Termination of the affiliate status

The affiliation application, as well as the affiliate status in the program, can be rejected, suspended or terminated for one of the following reasons:  

  • Inappropriate advertisement (false statements, misleading hyperlinks, etc.);
  • Spamming (mass emailing, excessive posting on chatrooms, etc.);
  • Advertising for websites which display or promote illegal activities;
  • Non-disclosure of the affiliate relationship for any type of promotion that would be considered as support under the provisions of the directives and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission and of any applicable State legislation.  
  • Infringement on intellectual property rights (Dropcontact reserves the right to demand licensing agreements from people using Dropcontact’s trademarks, so as to protect its intellectual property rights).

Dropcontact reserves the right to terminate any account at any moment, for any or no reason at all, at its own discretion.

5. Affiliate links

The affiliate can use graphic and textual versions of their links on websites, in emails, in social media messages. They can promote Dropcontact through online and offline adverts, in magazines and newspapers.

The affiliate can use the visuals and texts provided by Dropcontat or they can create their own visuals and texts, as long as they are deemed appropriate by these Terms and Conditions, and as long as the said elements comply with Dropcontact’s corporate identity.

6. Pay-per-click Policy (PPC)

The affiliate is not allowed to use trademarks during PPC auctions (Dropcontact, dropcontact.com, dropcontactio, dropcontactcom, drop contact) and in PPC ads without prior written authorization.

7. Advertising

The affiliate cannot use paid ads to promote their referral link (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linked Ads...)

8. Responsibility

Dropcontact will not be held liable for direct, indirect or accidental damages (loss of revenue, commissions) generated by the failed monitoring of affiliates, the loss of database files, or by any result ensuing from malicious intent towards the program and/or Dropcontact’s website.

We cannot claim that the Dropcontact’s affiliation program (set up by Kiflo) will not be prone to dysfunctions. Dropcontact will not be liable for any interruption or error.

9. Agreement duration

The length of the agreement on these general Terms and Conditions starts when the affiliate is accepted in the program and ends when their account is terminated.

Dropcontact can modify these general Terms and Conditions at any moment. If the affiliate disagrees with the modification of the general conditions, their only option is to resiliate their affiliate account. The continuation of their participation in the program implies their agreement with any modification.

10. Language

If these general Terms and Conditions happen to be translated into one or several languages, their legal interpretation will be made in French in case of contradiction or dispute on the meaning of a term or of a provision.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by French laws. In the event of dispute as to the validity, the interpretation and/or enforcement of the present general Terms and Conditions, all parties agree that only the Courts of Paris will be able to settle them, except if provided otherwise in procedural rules.

12. Implementation

These general conditions were implemented on January 10th 2023.

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