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Clay and Dropcontact : find emails and enrich your leads' data

Dropcontact and Clay: the power couple for finding emails and enriching your leads' data

Clay… is our new crush, super simple to handle and yet so powerful 💣💚

And guess what… Dropcontact is natively integrated with the solution.

If you don't have a CRM yet, it's become really easy to enrich your emails with quality data.

We'll show you how it works in no time, and then, all you have to do is enjoy!

What's Clay?

Logo Clay

Clay.com is a data automation platform which revolutionizes the way Sales and Marketing teams find and qualify leads and prospects.

Clay's strength lies in its ability to automatically gather the data of more than 50 providers.

Clay can also save prospecting time for your teams by managing manual tasks for them.

Clay can connect to different tools to p:

  • Find a company's data from its name or its website
  • Find the company's domain from its name
  • Display current job postings or company news
  • Scrape LinkedIn
  • Find a company's tool stack
  • Find the necessary data for lead prospecting
  • Integrate Chat-GPT to write and personalize your Cold Emails

Clay - automating your Marketing and your Sales
Clay saves time on Cold Email prospecting campaigns

Clay is not a CRM but a real automation gateway to find and enrich new leads or to write ultra-tailored prospecting messages thanks to AI.

The information provided by Clay can be pushed automatically to a CRM, LinkedIn, Cold Email tools…

Clay is the all-in-on toolbox that every Marketing and Sales Team needs.

Clay - the all-in-one toolbox

Dropcontact, the indispensable tool to find and verify your future clients' emails

Logo Dropcontact

Dropcontact is one of the best email finding and enrichment tool on the global market. Beyond finding a contact's email and detailed info, Dropcontact verifies all the data before providing them.

  • You can be sure to have an update and ready-to-use email. The tool even lets you know if your contact has changed companies. Even better, Dropcontact finds their new company and gives you the new piece of information 💣

Dropcontact finds and verifies your leads' emails

Last but not least… Dropcontact is the one and only email enrichment tool which is 100% GDPR compliant (supported by an official audit 🤓)

Dropcontact does not use, or stock any database. The solution only uses proprietary algorithms and its own email verification technology. This makes all the difference in the world… go tell your DPO 😉

How to automatically enrich your leads in Clay

Clay and Dropcontact not only allow you to enrich the leads you already have… but this dynamic duo can help you find new targeted and updated prospects !

In this example, we'll take a simple LinkedIn research to target French "Marketing Manager".

1.a) Defining your target on LinkedIn

Clay can help you find new leads by using LinkedIn's basic search directly in the tool.

You can use filters like :

  • Already existing companies in one of your Clay tables
  • Jobs
  • Experience
  • Keywords in bio
  • Geolocation
  • Education
  • Language

clay - defining your target

Only one click is needed to export this list of new targeted list to a Clay table.

1.b) Importing your prospect list

Do you already have a prospect list in a csv, an Excel file or in a Google sheet with outdated and incorrect data?

Clay et Dropcontact are coming to your rescue!

To import an already existing contact list, you'll just need to create a new table and choose "Import Data from CSV".

And that's it.

clay - importing a list

💡Of course if you have an Excel file or a Google sheet, you just need to export it as a CSV before importing it 🤭

2. Enriching your leads

Once you've saved your future clients in a table, enriching them has never been this easy!

One click on "Enrich data" lets you choose which action and which service you want to use to find the information you're looking for: here, verified emails 😉

We can only advise to use Dropcontact, the best Email Finder on the market and the one and only 100% GDPR compliant solution.

Empowering Clay with Dropcontact

You now have two options :

  • You have a paying Clay account AND a Dropcontact account: you just need to use your Dropcontact API key (available in the section "Integrations and API") directly on Clay when selecting "Use my own Dropcontact API Key"
  • You have a Clay account (paying or not) but no Dropcontact account: Each enrichment will be directly deducted from your Clay tokens (2 tokens 🪙🪙 for each email that is found, validated and verified).

You'll then need to configure the entries by at least putting your lead's full name and company name (or the company's website if you have it, it's even better). Having their LinkedIn profile is a real advantage.

And then…It's all automated !

Clay and Dropcontact the automation power couple

Dropcontact's algorithms (and just algorithms, no database is used here) do their job while you're focusing on your real added value.

Cell examples in Clay

3. Standardizing the useful data for your prospecting

Once Dropcontact has worked for you 🤩 and probably found at least 80% of your new leads' emails…. You'll have to "isolate" the data you need to highly personalize your prospecting.

For this, you'll just need to create new "formula" columns and fetch the Dropcontact data in which you're interested.

By typing / you'll be able to choose the data you want to isolate in the column:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Occupation
  • Civility
  • Phone number
  • Company website
  • Company LinkedIn

Formulas in clay

Having complete, updated and usable data is cool. Automating the content of your Cold Emails is pretty cool too 😉

4. Writing ultra-tailored prospecting messages

We're not going to tell you to use Chat-GPT to write your prospecting messages.

Why? Simply because among the tasks you shouldn't automate, this one is crucial.

This is actually where all of your added value and your expertise in tailoring your offer to your target come into play. More than that, that's how your Cold Emails and LinkedIn posts will stand out from the thousands of messages your prospects are receiving or viewing each day.

5.a) Writing Cold Emails

Using AI right with Dropcontact and Clay

Clay can also help you with writing Cold Emails, still by clicking on "enrich data" but this time selecting "☕️ Use AI".

Then you'll just need to give a few directions to the AI. The more accurate and complete, the more relevant and personalized your email will be.

Here's a Prompt idea for a personalized Cold Email. Obviously we can only suggest that you use it for inspiration 😜

Write an original Cold Email for [YOUR COMPANY NAME]'s [YOUR PRODUCT].

Use a professional tone, but feel free to use  emojis to sound more friendly.

Use the variables firstName, lastName, and Company Name. 

Remember to use the right gender pronouns for the person, depending on the Civility column.

And here's an idea to define Chat-GPT's role and guide it through writing ("Select an AI role)

You're a Sales Expert. 

Your task consists in starting sales conversations with potential clients as a representative for [Your Company name]. 

You'll use a [YOUR CHOICE] tone and speak professionally, with experience.

You will always mention how we could help the person whom you're addressing rather than solely mentioning the company's activities. 

Write messages with less than 100 words for potential clients. 

Each message that you write will need to follow the message template and not go beyond 100 words.

Your message template : 
- First line : [mention something you have noticed about the company. Don't praise it too much.] 
- Second line : [draw a link between what you've noticed and a question that leads them to reflect on the issue we can fix and lead them to wonder whether they have that problem] 
                   [a case study where we helped a client like them. Include the story and its quantitative results] 
                   [why they should be interested in what you're doing]
                   [give a social proof, be precise and avoid being vague] 
                   [soft call to action]. 
- End of template.

You can personalize your template, adjust the level of creativity…

It's up to you 🃏

5.b) Publishing LinkedIn posts

To write your LinkedIn posts, you can use the same idea as before, you'll just need to change the prompt.

Here's a prompt idea to help you write a LinkedIn post. Obviously we can only suggest that you use it for inspiration 😜

Write an original LinkedIn post on [DETAILED TOPIC OF THE POST] drawing inspiration from [LINKEDIN URL]

Use a friendly and professional tone, you must use emojis to lighten the tone.

And here's an idea to define Chat-GPT's role and guide it through writing ("Select an AI role)

You are a LinkedIn influencer. 

Your tasks consists in engaging with the LinkedIn audience of [URL LINKEDIN]

You'll use a professional and [YOUR CHOICE OF ADJECTIVE] tone.

Write messages between 50 and 200 characters.

Each LinkedIn post must have : 
- A hook
- Legible and detail content
- A conclusion
- An invitation to call

Once your leads are enriched and your messages personalized, you'll just have to export them to your Cold Email tool. Some tools are already natively integrated with Clay, such as lemlist, Smartlead, Customer.io (though it's more marketing-oriented), Salesloft or Outreach.

On your way to automation with Clay and Dropcontact

Most frequently asked questions

What's Clay?

Clay is a new type of tool which combines all the best scraping, Sales and Marketing tools to easily set up automations. Clay.com is a data automation platform which revolutionizes the way Sales and Marketing teams find and qualify leads and prospects.Clay's strength lies in its ability to automatically gather the data of more than 50 providers. Clay can also save prospecting time for your teams by managing manual tasks for them.

How to find your Dropcontact API key?

The Dropcontact API key allows you to connect several personalised services with Dropcontact to find, enrich and clean your B2B data depending on your needs. You can connect Dropcontact to more than 2 000 services. The Dropcontact API key is available on the app > Integration and API

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