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Ep.1 - Clean up your B2B data!

Clean and enrich your B2B contacts and emails

Pro-cra-sti-nate. That's the term you probably used when talking about data cleaning
"Better things to do", "No time", "Too long" or "It's not worth it", you know as well as we do the excellent reasons why we do not have to do this laborious task.

Yet when it comes to prospects and leads 👤 there is no shortage of opportunities to carry out this thankless job: professional meetings, trade shows or exhibitions with lists of more or less qualified contacts, white paper files, data scrapping, webinars, subscribing to your newsletter, files lying around or from different collaborators, forgotten marketing campaigns...

All this contact information is valuable, it is even the sinews of war when it is coherent, targeted and then used correctly.

With prospects and leads, time is money!

CRM as a cure for all these ills? 🤔

CRM has established itself as the reference tool for centralizing these contacts. But even a quality CRM will not guarantee you qualified prospects.

We cannot overemphasize the notion of quality of data that you get in: shit in = shit out💩!

An efficient CRM, a knowledge of your prospects, and a marketing techniques mastery will seem to guarantee you a correctly carried out prospecting ...

But now imagine being able to save time while increasing your results with better information about your prospects.

save time while increasing your results with a CRM

You face the recurring problems that all companies encounter in managing their prospect lists only for the moment.

Degraded contact data 📉

Currently, the most common problems that require cleanup of your prospect lists are the following:

  • Encoding problem: files have strange characters that prevent them from being read correctly.
  • The presence of multiple duplicates
  • Information that is not in the correct fields, in the same cell or even in several fields simultaneous. You must replace them by hand.
  • Lack of civility (M/Mrs): all emailing solutions allow tuning, but no solution can generate civility. However, everyone agrees that the personalization of your emails takes a primordial place.
  • Incorrect first names with problems of accents, capitalization, etc.
  • Non-standardized information, such as telephone numbers (with -, /, spaces...), addresses, or data with extra characters.
  • Missing emails that give the illusion of a good contact when he will not be easily reachable

Putting all these problems together is a real pain in the neck, which leads to a considerable waste of time when one tackles them with the result that is often unsuccessful and discouraging...

⚠️ Emailing update: beyond not reaching a target due to erroneous information, you have to consider a parameter related to the very capacity to reach your targets, the deliverability of your emails. The delivery rate is a crucial point, and by sending emails to false addresses, you damage your reputation. It's a vicious circle since it will be harder and harder to reach your targets.

Clean and usable data in one click ✨

Now that we have finished the inventory, we will not leave you like this, alone and helpless in front of your data...

You cansolve this problem once and for all!

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Our Dropcontact solution has been specially designed to solve all problems related to contact data.

By automating your data cleaning, you are doubly winning: you perform a tedious task and you get a faster and better result than if it was done by hand.

Let's take an example: you deposit 500 contacts: in about ten minutes, the time our 🤖 robots work, you get a corrected and enriched file with 500 qualified prospects, ready to be relaunched.

To try it right now, it's here!

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