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How to clean up your address book

Clean your address book and contacts

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If you use an Android phone, Gmail, or G Suite (Ex-Google Apps), you have a Google contact book. 👥 And it's often chaos: duplicates, single numbers with no names or pictures associated, missing or false email addresses, incomplete information...

In short, it is impossible to find your way around or even identify people. Just looking at this mess makes you want to pull your hair out.

However, a clean Google notebook is so much more comfortable... and efficient: among these contacts are your prospects/customers! 🤝

Why should you clean up your address book?

Some issues prevent you from using your Google Contacts address book effectively. 📘

  • So many duplicates: double, triple or even more contacts. Sometimes you have entered the same contact in different forms: their name on one side, their email address on the other, their number without their name here, another email address there... But all these contacts are indeed the same person! 🙋 As a consequence, you can't find your way around, and you waste time looking for your contacts.
  • You don't have the email address of your contact. Contacting them becomes very complicated, which limits your prospecting.
  • Some business email addresses associated with your contacts are false. Emails will not arrive at their destination. An email sent to these addresses degrades the reputation of your domain. And the sentence is irrevocable: your messages fall into the spam folder.
Clean up your CRM to avoid long-term consequences
  • Missing or non-standardized information (lack of civility, first names with spelling mistakes, etc.) prevents you from personalizing your contact.

This mess slows 🐌 you down when you're trying to achieve your goals, but cleaning it all up by hand would take an enormous amount of time.

There are many solutions on the market that address each of these problems separately. But until now, none of them have been able to solve all of them.

A completely new contact book ✨

Dropcontact has developed the all-in-one solution that :

  • Merges duplicates, even without common fields
  • Searches for missing email addresses. It is even the most efficient solution to find B2B email addresses 🔥. They are verified and guaranteed to be 98% valid (excluding catch-alls). For more information, discover all about B2B emails
  • Corrects false email addresses
  • Standardizes contact information: civility added, first names corrected
  • Enriches contact data: social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter...), SIREN and VAT numbers...
  • Adds the person's photo or the company logo in which they works.

All this automatically and in one click! 💎

Have you associated emojis to your contacts? No problem, Dropcontact recognizes them.

Click, clean up! 👉 Dropcontact 💥

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