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How to convert each contact into an opportunity

Business conversion: turning contacts into qualified leads

When you want to develop your business, the first reflex is to try to find new prospects.

There is a recurring problem in companies: abandoned contact files, full of duplicates, incomplete or outdated.

However, you are aware that among all these contacts, some of them are real opportunities! 💰

What if that's the real trick?

Before trying to generate new contacts, start by leveraging the ones you already have.

Dropcontact: the intuitive tool you've been waiting for 🔧

You're losing a lot of time when verifying all this contact information. It's a rigorous job that requires you to process them one after the other, by hand, for hours.

What's the consequence? That job is never completed, and you have many under-exploited data.

With Dropcontact, we have created ➡ the solution

Logo Dropcontact

Dropcontact corrects, cleans and enriches your data... in just one click! ✨

Of course, you can also use Dropcontact for all your new prospects.

How does Dropcontact transform your files? 🔮

You don't have to make an effort to restore your data to its full potential.

All you have to do is upload your file, and Dropcontact does the work for you.

Your contacts are consistent and ready for use with information that is verified


  • verifies the validity of the emails of all your contacts;
  • adds nominative and professional emails;
  • corrects domain names;
  • corrects first names;
  • creates civilities;
  • adds and standardizes phone numbers
  • replaces all information in the corresponding columns etc...

But it goes even further, your data is incredibly enriched with: the profile of your contacts on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), the company's salary range, its sector of activity, its website, its SIREN number and the intra-community VAT number, etc.

Multiple files? No worries, you can choose to merge your files in one click in order to keep only one, with all your consolidated and verified data.

What about your CRM? Dropcontact is integrated natively in many tools!

Try it!

It's so easy to make good contacts! 🚀

It's that easy

Most frequently asked questions

What's a business opportunity?

A business opportunity is when a prospect reaches out to you, meaning they'll probably end up purchasing your product.For instance, a prospect who books an appointment and asks for further information will be considered as an opportunity by the Sales team.

How can Dropcontact help me convert opportunities into clients?

Dropcontact allows you to find all the information you need for prospecting: Title, First and Last names, Occupation, Verified and validated email, address, Phone number, LInkedIn profile, Company website, Company LinkedIn profile, Corporate legal information

How can I use Dropcontact?

Dropcontact can be directly integrated with your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot or Pipedrive)enrich your contact files with a quick and simple drag and dropenrich your data with its open API
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