The best B2B email finder and enrichment solution 👉🏻 Dropcontact finds and enriches the emails of all your B2B contacts and provides real-time, up-to-date and 100% GDPR information

The best GetProspect alternative

The best solution for enriching your B2B contacts for effective cold email campaigns.

The alternative to GetProspect for B2B email enrichment

Email Finder and B2B enrichment : Dropcontact


Dropcontact has developed its algorithms to search and enrich B2B data. This makes it one of the only solutions on the market that uses NO database.

Dropcontact - 100% GDPR email enrichment solution

100% GDPR compliant

The best email finder alternative : Dropcontact get up-to-date and real-time data

Real-time data enrichment

Email finder alternative : Dropcontact verifies all information provided


Pourquoi Dropcontact est la meilleure alternative à GetProspect

Thanks to its algorithms, Dropcontact finds, corrects, and enriches your contacts' business emails and information. And all this in real-time, without any database! A 100% GDPR solution.

The best B2B email finder and data enrichment tool : Dropcontact

B2B email finder
and enrichment

33% of your contact data is now obsolete. This is because every year more and more people change companies. 🚀

Dropcontact uses its algorithms that work in real-time to go out and find the email address, or company information of your contacts. Using your already existing data, Dropcontact updates and enriches your contacts' B2B information. All data provided by Dropcontact is verified.

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GetProspect works with contact databases stored in its cloud. It has about 50 million business emails, across 7 million different companies. GetProspect provides business email addresses from their database or recomposed email addresses from first name and domain name.

When GetProspect searches their database, they cannot guarantee that the information is up to date.

Dropcontact : The best alternative to to find and enrich email addresses
Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR solution that verifies professional email addresses
The 100% RGPD compliant email finder tool

A 100% GDPR compliant tool

Dropcontact is based on algorithms and test servers developed in-house. They will allow you to enrich the contacts you already have. This makes it one of the only solutions on the market to enrich your B2B contacts in compliance with the GDPR law.

In addition to providing information from LinkedIn profiles, GetProspect has a database of approximately 50 million contacts.
We do not have any information regarding the source of this data it holds.

The information contained and used in these databases must have been approved by their owners.

The GDPR law imposes the following rule: "the person must have given his consent before any transmission to partners. And the person must be able to identify the partners, recipients of the data, from the form."

The best B2B emails verifier tool : Dropcontact

B2B emails verification

Dropcontact verifies and qualifies all email addresses provided through its test servers. The validity rate of the email addresses found by the algorithms is 98%. (for catch-all domains > 85%).

👉🏻 Find out about Dropcontact email verification

GetProspect verifies the email addresses provided and indicates whether they are valid, acceptable (unverifiable), or invalid.

Email verifier and GDPR tool : Dropcontact
 Dropcontact the only solution that merges duplicate contacts
B2B SaaS tool = B2B contacts and companies duplicate merging

Contacts and companies duplicate merging

When you have duplicate contacts, Dropcontact can detect them. While enriching your B2B data, Dropcontact automatically merges duplicate contact records.

👉🏻Learn more about duplicate merging

GetProspect does not detect and merge your duplicate contacts when enriching your B2B data.

 CRM integration to automatically enrich contact records with Dropcontact

CRM integration

Dropcontact is directly integrated with Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot CRMs.

The native integration in your CRM allows Dropcontact to enrich a lead record in real-time. On top of that, Dropcontact detects and merges duplicate contacts, to have an enriched and cleaned CRM. ✨

Also, all the contacts present in your CRM remain yours, Dropcontact does not store or reuse them.

👉🏻Dropcontact CRM integration

GetProspect is not integrated with any CRM for the moment. However, it allows you to manage your prospecting in the application by creating lead lists.

CRM integration to enrich, update and merge contacts cards

GetProspect vs Dropcontact pricing

Logo - Email finder alternative

GetProspect pricing

  • From $34/month for 1,000 emails
  • Without commitment
  • Paid team option
  • Free test: no
  • Free plan: 100 emails / month

👉🏻 See GetProspect pricing

Dropcontact logo - the best Email Finder alternative

Dropcontact pricing

  • From 24€/month for 1,000 credits
  • Without commitment
  • No user limit
  • Free test: first 100 credits offered 🎁
  • Free plan: 25 credits / month

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Dropcontact enriches a contact's email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile and company information, with just 1 credit! Top value for money 😎

GetProspect vs Dropcontact features

📨 Email

Logo - Email enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo Alternative - B2B data enrichment

Email Finder and B2B data enrichment

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Thanks to its algorithms, Dropcontact searches and enriches the email addresses of your B2B contacts from the first name, last name, and website of the company. It's also possible from a LinkedIn profile of your contacts!

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect provides email addresses from its database of 50 million contacts. It is also possible to retrieve the email from a LinkedIn profile.

B2B email qualification

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The emails found by Dropcontact are qualified in 4 categories to allow you to sort/segment your cold email campaigns.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect does not qualify for email addresses.

B2B email checking, verification and correction

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact verifies each email address found, using its algorithms and test servers. If you already have a business email, Dropcontact checks it and corrects it if it detects an error.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Email addresses provided by GetProspect are verified. However, no correction of the email address is made by GetProspect.


Logo - B2B contact enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo alternative - B2B people enrichment

Add the civility

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact detects and adds the civility of your B2B contacts for ultra-personalized prospecting.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect does not add the civility of your leads and contacts.

First name + last name correction and normalization

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Capital letters and accents are corrected and added by Dropcontact.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect does not correct and normalizes found first and last names.

Duplicate contacts detection and merging

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact detects and merges duplicate contacts.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

There is no duplicate merge function with GetProspect.

Add the contact's LinkedIn profile

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The LinkedIn profile is filled in by Dropcontact during enrichment.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect does not add the LinkedIn profile of your prospect.

Add the contact's nominative phone number

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact only provides business phone numbers. In a 100% GDPR approach, Dropcontact will never provide personal phone numbers.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect does not add your contacts' phone number. 

🏢 Company

Logo - B2B company enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo alternative - B2B email enrichment

Add the contact's company and its website

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

All your contacts' company data are enriched by Dropcontact: address, SIREN, SIRET, NAF code, last published turnover, the number of employees*, etc. Dropcontact searches and adds the website of your contacts' company.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect adds the company name, the domain name, the business area, the location, and its description. The domain name is added by GetProspect to the contact record.

Add the company LinkedIn page

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The LinkedIn profile of the company is filled in by Dropcontact.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect does not add the company's LinkedIn profile link.

🗂 Database file

Logo Dropcontact - Enrich B2B databases
B2B database : Email finder and data enrichment

Email enrichment via a contact list

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Simply drop a contact list into the Dropcontact application and the algorithm will enrich the email address and all other company information of the contact. After processing by Dropcontact, it is possible to download the enriched file in xls format.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

It is possible to import a list of contacts into GetProspect and enrich it afterward. To export your enriched data and contact lists from GetProspect, there are two possible formats: xls or csv.

🔌 API and integration

Dropcontact logo - API and CRM integration to enrich B2B data
Logo alternative - API and CRM integration

API and Zapier integration available

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The Dropcontact API allows you to run search and enrichment queries. It also allows you to use Dropcontact in other solutions in which it is integrated. Thanks to the integration of Dropcontact in Zapier it is possible to set up many workflows to automate its prospecting.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect API is available to search for email addresses and other features. GetProspect is integrated with Zapier to connect the solution to different CRMs.

CRM integration to enrich, update
and merge B2B contacts

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact is natively integrated into several CRM: Pipedrive, Salesforce, soon Hubspot, and Zoho CRM.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

No, GetProspect is not integrated into any CRM. But it is possible to use the solution as a CRM.

⚖️ Fresh data

Dropcontact logo - 100% GDPR compliant solution
Logo alternative - GDPR compliance

Real-time Email Finder tool and GDPR compliant

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact enriches in real-time, contact databases you already own. Thanks to its algorithms, it enriches your leads without using any database.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

GetProspect has a database of 50 million professional emails, in 7 million different companies. We don't know where this data comes from, nor do we know if their owners have given their consent to its use and resale.

When GetProspect searches for a contact in its database, you can't be sure of the reliability of the information.

They prefer Dropcontact

Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Great enrichment solution providing reliable & trustable data

Benoît Dubos

Dropcontact provides email, but also additional firmographic & employee information. When information is provided in the input, they validate it. In a nutshell, the solution is fairly flexible & user friendly, while still being highly reliable.
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Great tool to optimize your contact list and get verified emails
 BucksApp Corp

Emilia Cardenas

BucksApp Corp
There's nothing I dislike about Dropcontact. It has been a great tool to optimize our sales process and get to the inbox of qualified leads. I recommend Dropcontact highly.
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Can't find a more reliable and consistent tool since 2019


Data Enrichment is perfectly solved by Dropcontact with a lot of data returned and by time more and more data available. Data cleaning is also really helpful for using those infos into variables within my emails. All of that is easily accessible
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Definitely a tool that must be part of a CMO stack
Marketing Consultant

Elsa Groschaus

Marketing Consultant
I first used Dropcontact as CMO and I found the tool very easy to use with a good value for money and excellent customer care. Later, as a Marketing consultant, I recommended it to many of my clients and I always had very positive feedback.
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GetProspect vs Dropcontact benefits

Logo - Email Finder alternative

The GetProspect benefits

GetProspect has a large database of contacts: 50 million people in 10 million different companies. The solution verifies email addresses and allows to get information from a LinkedIn profile.

GetProspect interface also allows you to create and lead lists to organize your prospecting campaigns. 🎯

Dropcontact logo - the benefits

The Dropcontact benefits

Dropcontact is one of the only 100% GDPR email enrichment solutions. Thanks to its algorithms and test servers, Dropcontact provides real-time data, verifies and corrects it without using any database! It only enriches the contacts you already have.

Dropcontact also allows you to update your data, and remove duplicates when integrated with your CRM. 🚀

The other alternatives to GetProspect

There are so many solutions to enrich B2B email addresses

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