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Dropcontact is integrated with folk to enrich the data of your leads!

Dropcontact x folk: enrichment at the service of your B2B prospecting.


What is folk?

folk: a collaborative platform for your contacts

folk is a CRM that offers a collaborative platform for the management of your contacts. There are many ways to import contacts as well as message templates. That allows you to create hyper personalized campaigns for prospects or existing clients. For your Sales and Marketing teams, but also in other fields such as the media or real estate! 🤗

Import your contacts in folk

folk allows you to import your contacts in many different ways. 

  • If you already have a contact database stocked locally or on a Google Sheet, that’s perfect. CSV files are accepted. 
  • The folk X Chrome extension is very convenient. It allows you to scrape LinkedIn profiles very quickly, from a search or your own network for example. That’s not all. The scraping possibilities extend to Gmail, Twitter, Instagram and even Zoom ! You can download it here
import contacts from LinkedIn into folk
  • Finally, folk has a long list of integrations from which you can import your contacts, such as Calendly, Stripe, Webflow, Typeform or even Discord.

Create personalised contact lists in folk

In folk, you can create personalized contact lists sorted by targets (influencers, investors, etc.). Get started with one of the templates, then add the fields that you want to your newly created database. The more fields, the more filtering and targeting options.

a list of prospects in folk

In the templates, the fields are predefined according to the situation that you picked (prospecting, HR, etc.). For you Sales Team, as an example, there is the “Clients List” template that lets you see quickly at which step of the sales process each client is. 

The “Pipeline” view (shown below) allows you to clearly separate the contacts thanks to one filter or more. For example, with the “Prospects List” template, you get a quick view for each lead of the acquisition status and the follow-up deadlines. 

folk's pipeline view

Launch personalized emailing campaigns in folk 🎯

Each contact database that you create in folk is linked to a specific use case. Cold emails, follow-ups, there are many situations where you need to send emails. folk gives you templates for your emailing campaigns. The various tags take the contact’s information in the database and integrate it in the messages that you need to send. 

For your prospecting, the idea is to facilitate the sending of cold emails to your prospects, all while letting you control the personalization, which is capital for a good cold email. 


cold email example in folk

Filters allow you to better divide and target your base for even more personalized campaigns. 

Again, folk shines thanks to its collaborative aspect. You can give the emails an “Awaiting review” status. That way, another member of your team can check the content before the fateful “Send” button is pressed. 

Once the campaign is launched, you can check the reception and opening rates. Even better, all the interactions can be directly followed from each contact’s personal sheet. 

Now, how do you make this system even better? In one word: enrichment! 💚


What is Dropcontact?

Enrich the data of your prospects in folk with Dropcontact

  • Dropcontact is the reference in terms of the enrichment, checking, updating and cleaning of the contact data in your CRM. 
  • We want to make your life easier. Your data is completed and up to date, so that you can concentrate on your main goal: selling. 🚀

Are you using another CRM than folk? Dropcontact is integrated with the market’s main CRMs (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce) for enrichment and data cleaning, but also to detect and fuse duplicates. No more cleaning, Dropcontact’s got it. 🧹

How to enrich your contacts’ data in folk

From any database, you only need to click on “enrichment” on your contact’s line, for the magic to happen. ✨

Enrichment in folk is guaranteed by Dropcontact. No need to buy another subscription, Dropcontact’s quality and efficiency is directly and natively integrated in folk. 🖤 + 💚 = 🔥

enrich contacts data in folk

The benefits of the Dropcontact integration

  • The extracted contacts are completed by Dropcontact with up-to-date information. That way, incomplete profiles become potential leads. 
  • A validated and verified email address can be found with a name, a family name and the company’s name or website, but a LinkedIn profile is enough! 
  • Prospect legally! 🚨 Dropcontact is 100% RGPD compliant. No stocked database, Dropcontact is a 100% algorithm-based solution. 

For even more details, check out this Dropcontact x folk livestream. 😄

How to integrate Dropcontact in folk

Dropcontact is natively integrated with folkNo need for code, integration or questions to ask... Dropcontact is directly integrated with folk 🪄


folk is available for free with limited features. Enrichment via Dropcontact is integrated to your folk subscription even with the free plan. The number of enrichments depends on your plan. 😉

  • Free plan available as a starting point: Up to 100 contacts, and monthly quota of 10 enrichments and 100 messages
  • Standard plan: 19$/month for a monthly subscription. Unlimited contacts, 100 enrichments per month, and up to 500 messages per month
  • Premium plan: 39$/month for a monthly subscription. Unlimited contacts, 2000 messages, and 500 enrichments per month
  • Infinite plan (ask for a quote): unlimited contacts, messages, and enrichments

Dropcontact and folk are the ultimate duo for a serene and efficient prospecting.

dropcontact x folk

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