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Follow x Dropcontact: Optimize your prospecting with hot leads!

Dropcontact is integrated with Follow to boost your prospecting! 🚀

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What is Follow?

Follow is a browser extension (available on the Chrome Web Store) that allows you to extract leads via LinkedIn.

Extract contacts who liked your LinkedIn posts

The extension works directly through your LinkedIn profile, just click on the "Extract Leads" button to get the contact information of your leads in just a few minutes.
The button is located below each of your LinkedIn posts, and allows you to scrape up to 100 leads (with the free version) that have liked your LinkedIn posts.

extract leads

You will then receive the file containing the contact information of your leads by email, as a csv file.
However, you will have to scrape the leads from each of your posts one by one (if you want to extract more leads than you got likes from).
You can also scrape leads from other users' posts if you wish.

Note: If your post has 50 likes, you will be able to extract all 50 leads that liked your post.

Increase your growth by capturing hot leads directly on LinkedIn

By scraping directly the prospects who liked your LinkedIn posts, you will have the opportunity to increase your growth thanks to hot leads, who are already interested in your content, and more likely to become customers of your products.

You also have the opportunity to define the number of leads you want to scrape (between 1 and 100 for the free version; or up to 1,000 leads for the Scale version).

The advantages of Follow

  • Easy to use: your leads are scraped via a LinkedIn extension in 3 clicks
  • Scrape leads engaged with your content: profiles that have already interacted with your content are more likely to convert!
  • Affordable prices and a free plan
  • A multitude of scraped information: first name, last name, job, email, phone, company name, LinkedIn URL
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What is Dropcontact?

Much more than an Email Finder

Dropcontact enriches, verifies, validates and updates your database thanks to proprietary algorithms that deliver for you the information of your contacts.
From the first name, the last name, the website (or even the company name) or even just the LinkedIn profile..., Dropcontact's algorithms generate email addresses and all the useful information for your prospecting as well as all the legal data of their companies.
Dropcontact does not store any database, Dropcontact is :
100% algorithms, 100% RGPD compliant 💚

Dropcontact's features

  • Detects and merges duplicates in your CRM
  • Enriches contacts with their up-to-date, qualified, verified and valid email addresses
  • Verifies existing email addresses
  • Adds business phone numbers
  • Adds and updates the job of your leads, customers or prospects
  • Adds the URL of the LinkedIn profile
  • Standardize the information present in the contact form (First name, Last name, title, job...)
  • Validates the company's website
  • Adds the LinkedIn company page
  • Adds the legal information of companies
  • Detects if a contact has changed company and updates it directly in your CRM

The Dropcontact integration

Dropcontact is fully integrated with Follow.
Dropcontact allows you to enrich the emails of your leads scraped with Follow (only in the Start and Scale versions)
Optimize your prospecting with the Follow x Dropcontact duo and enrich your database with hot leads.

The advantages of the integration

  • Easy to use: once the extension is installed, it only takes a few clicks to receive your lead file by email
  • You can extract up to 1,000 leads in a few clicks
  • You choose the number of leads to extract per post
  • No need to have a Dropcontact subscription to benefit from Dropcontact enrichment (if you choose the Start or Scale plan), the subscription is included in Get Follow

How to integrate Dropcontact in Follow?

To use the Follow extension and scrape your leads, just follow these steps:

  • Install this Chrome extension
  • Go to your LinkedIn profile
  • The "Extract Leads" button appears below each of your previously published posts on LinkedIn

extract leads

  • Then, select the number of contacts you want to extract
  • And that's it! You will receive a CSV file by email

Note that you also have the option to connect Follow to your tools to integrate the scraped data directly into your CRM/and or Cold Email tools such as (Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, lemlist, Salesloft, Outreach, Salesloft and more)

Dropcontact natively integrates with HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce to enrich, update and validate the data in your CRM.
Connect Dropcontact to my CRM

Pricing of Follow

Follow offers a free formula, allowing to extract likes via 2 LinkedIn posts (up to 100 leads extracted per month)
A Start package is offered at 49€ per month allowing to extract up to 400 leads, as well as enriching their emails. Note that to extract these 400 leads, you can use as many LinkedIn posts as you want.

Finally, you can opt for the Scale package for 99€ per month which allows you to extract up to 1,000 leads + their emails, as well as access to Webhooks and connections to your other tools via an API key.

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