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Dropcontact x LaGrowthMachine : scraping, enrichment, and much more!

Dropcontact is integrated into LaGrowthMachine, to level up your lead management and your prospecting! ⚡️

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What is LaGrowthMachine? 🤖

LaGrowthMachine is a solution for automating your multi-channel prospecting (LinkedIn, Twitter and Email). This scrapping tool enables you to retrieve data on your leads. From LinkedIn, LaGrowthMachine retrieves your prospects' information: email address, business phone number, company or website. This is known as LinkedIn scrapping.

In addition to scrapping, LaGrowthMachine lets you reach your prospects via multiple channels. The tool increases your chances of reaching your target by creating a multi-channel strategy (3.5x more responses).

The solution offers a range of data concerning your campaigns. Thanks to LaGrowthMachine, you can measure and quantify the impact of your prospecting strategy. ⚡️
Finally, LaGrowthMachine lets you manage your database. So you can :

  • Easily import new leads
  • Obtain contact information quickly
  • Segment and filter your prospects
  • Interact with your leads directly in LGM

The solution also detects and merges your duplicates.
LaGrowthMachine's promise: automate your prospecting to create maximum conversations and more business opportunities!

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Enrich the data of your leads

LaGrowthMachine scrapes lead data for you, so you can gather as much information about your prospects as possible.
LaGrowthMachine is a scraping and sales automation tool.

The solution scrapes information from your leads via LinkedIn, then automates your tasks.
It's a fast, reliable and automated way of obtaining maximum information, such as your lead's full name, experience and company.

All your lead's information on LinkedIn is now in your hands 🫲🫱 !

Multi-channel prospecting

LaGrowthMachine allows you to automate your prospecting through a variety of channels.
The aim? Get in touch with your leads at the right time and in the right place. ⚡️

Email, Twitter, LinkedIn: LaGrowthMachine enables you to reach your prospects via these three channels.
The solution is not limited to LinkedIn scraping. It allows you to reach your leads via different media to increase your contact points and increase your chances of converting your prospect.

Twitter, LinkedIn & email

Automated prospecting path

LaGrowthMachine enables you to create custom, ultra-targeted, multi-channel prospecting workflows.

These prospecting workflows enable you to automate :

👉🏼 Data enrichment

👉🏼 Sending messages and invitations via email

👉🏼 Following a Twitter account

👉🏼 Requesting a connection on LinkedIn

👉🏼 Sending private messages on Twitter and LinkedIn

👉🏼 Monitoring and following up on the interactions with your prospects

LaGrowthMachine really lets you tailor your prospecting to your prospects and anticipate their follow-up.

From LinkedIn scraping to contact points with your prospect, LaGrowthMachine takes you from A to Z.

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What is Dropcontact?

The reference in B2B data enrichment

Dropcontact is the only no-code solution that allows you to enrich, clean and update your B2B contact data.

Dropcontact acts directly within your CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive or Hubspot). The tool works automatically in the background. 🤩 Dropcontact is also available for your Excel or Google Sheets databases.

From a name, a family name and the company's website, Dropcontact provides all the professional data of your contact:

✅ Civility

✅ Nominative and verified business email address

✅ Current job title

✅ Business phone number

✅ Company's data

✅ etc.

Ready to target, segment and personalize your communication strategy with your leads and your contacts? 😎

Dropcontact also cleans all of your data:

🪄 Real-time updating of your database

🪄 Automatic detection and fusion of all your duplicates

🪄 Standardization and correction of the mistakes

Finally, Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR-compliant solution. No databases are stocked, for an enrichment in compliance with the law. 🌟 All of your contact data stays between your hands.

Dropcontact x LGM to boost your sales

How does the Dropcontact integration work?

LaGrowthMachine scrapes LinkedIn and gathers the available information about your contact that is available on the social media website.

Then, Dropcontact enriches your contact with additional information, such as the business phone number, an email address and even the company's legal data.

The result is a data sheet as complete as ever! 🔥

Dropcontact is natively integrated into LaGrowthMachine. The tool works directly with your LaGrowthMachine account. No need to import or export anything in order to enrich your contacts. Everything is on one platform.

Dropcontact x LaGrowthMachine : when algorithms meet scraping⚡️

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How to easily integrate Dropcontact in LaGrowthMachine

What if I told you that integrating Dropcontact and LaGrowthMachine required no action on your part?
Dropcontact is natively integrated with LaGrowthMachine :
You don't need to take out a subscription with Dropcontact to use the integration with LaGrowthMachine.

The solution acts directly in LaGrowthMachine to enrich your contacts!

The pricing of Dropcontact x LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine offers several packages: no commitment (monthly), quarterly, half-yearly or annual subscription.

3 plans are also available: Basic, Pro and Ultimate.

  • Monthly price from €60 (Basic offer).
  • Annual price per month from €50 (Basic offer).
  • For each package, you get a 14-day free trial, so you can test the enrichment!

The icing on the cake: your LaGrowthMachine subscription allows you to use Dropcontact directly during enrichment, starting with the Basic package (unlimited enrichment).

You don't need to take out a subscription with Dropcontact.

Click here to find out more about the various plans available for LaGrowthMachine

Dropcontact's integration brings enrichment to many tools, such as:


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