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Dropcontact x Phantombuster: the ultimate duo to scrape the web

Dropcontact is integrated with Phantombuster to level up your scraping! ⚡️

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What is Phantombuster?

Phantombuster is a powerful tool that allows you to extract loads of data and automate a large number of actions on the web. It is an indispensable tool for setting up your B2B prospecting workflows. From scraping LinkedIn to auto-following on Twitter, the “Phantoms” will make you gain some precious time on many repetitive tasks. 

For your prospecting, Phantombuster will allow you to scrape information from many sites, in order to help you develop your sales with appropriately targeted leads. Then, you will be able to export this information to the main CRMs of the market: Hubspot, Pipedrive and Salesforce. 

Scrape the whole web with Phantombuster 

Phantombuster is the reference when it comes to scraping, starting with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. These two intimately linked tools are unavoidable in B2B prospecting. Phantombuster makes your life easier by automating a large number of time-consuming tasks. 

  • Extracting profiles from a LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search 
  • Automatically sending connection requests, then messages and even follow-up messages 
  • Exporting the contact information from a contact list created in Sales Navigator, then enriching the data with a professional email address 

Find out more about LinkedIn scraping with Phantombuster 

Linkedin scraping

Exporting useful contact information is an excellent idea. More so, it is a crucial first step in the setup of a lead generation automated sequence. 

You can add many applications to these sequences. For example, there is Slack, but you can scrape the whole web! That’s the main benefit of using Phantombuster. You can use the results of a Phantom and feed it to one or a few others. There’s no limit to how much your prospecting can benefit from this automation. 😇

Automating personalized workflows in Phantombuster 

Some of the Phantoms are already predefined with a series of tasks (for example: LinkedIn scraper + Email Finder).  

Obviously, you can create even more personalized sequences depending on your needs and your activity, by combining several Phantoms. As an example, here is a complete sequence involving Twitter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dropcontact’s enrichment. 🔥

  1. Extracting the top tweets linked to a specific search (Twitter Search Export) 
  2. Extracting the profiles linked to the extracted top tweets (Twitter Profile Scraper) 
  3. A Sales Navigator list can be created with the profiles for which a name and a family name have been extracted. our tutorial on how to import contact lists in Sales Navigator. 
  4. Exporting the Sales Navigator list, then scraping the public profile URLs of the employees of these companies (Sales Navigator List Export, then Sales Navigator Account Employees Export) 
  5. Scraping the profiles for which you were able to obtain URLs (LinkedIn Profile Scraper). This step contains an “Email discovery” step. That’s where Dropcontact comes in. 

Phantombuster’s main asset is the number of integrations at your disposal to help you automate your lead generation. 

For example, you can ask Phantombuster to extract a name, a family name, a company and an email address from the profiles of a LinkedIn search, then send it all to lemlist in order to launch a hyper targeted emailing campaign. This Phantom has an email enrichment step, to ensure that you’re only prospecting to verified and professional email addresses. More details in a few lines… 🕵️


Another example. For many users, Google Maps is the reference to find a shop, a company, a doctor, etc. It’s way more than just going from point A to point B. The “Google Maps Search to Contact Data” Phantom allows you to extract contact data from the results of a Google Maps search. You can then combine it with the “Professional Email Finder” Phantom to enrich the results with professional email addresses. 

Be careful though if you plan an enrichment after scraping Google Maps. Many of the email addresses in Google Maps are from shops who put personal addresses. Do not forget that prospecting to personal email addresses is prohibited by the GDPR. 😉

Find out more on what the GDPR says about prospecting 

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What is Dropcontact?

Enrich the contact data of your prospects with Dropcontact 

Dropcontact is an Email Finder, an Email Checker, as well as an enrichment solution for your B2B contact data, which levels up your prospecting. 

Dropcontact finds a professional email address with a name, a family name and a company, but a simple LinkedIn profile is enough. All B2B email addresses are checked and validated. The incomplete profiles are completed with useful data such as the company’s legal information. 

By the way, Dropcontact is integrated natively with the CRMs Hubspot, Pipedrive and Salesforce. This allows them to detect and fuse duplicates, but also to update the data automatically. What a dream! 🤩

Dropcontact is one of the market’s only solutions that is 100% in compliance with the GDPR. Dropcontact doesn’t stock any database and is 100% algorithm-based. Thus, you can fetch phone numbers and professional email addresses without worrying. 

The Dropcontact integration

Let’s imagine that you extracted a profile, but you don’t have all the info that you need. For example, you only have a name, a family name and a company. Dropcontact will find the right professional email address. 

On average, 25 to 30% of a B2B contact database becomes obsolete after one year. 😵💫

The Dropcontact integration will ensure that you’re prospecting to a qualified and validated professional email address. Your data is updated, for happy Sales and Marketing teams. 😄

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How to setup the Dropcontact integration in Phantombuster

It takes less than 5 minutes! To integrate Dropcontact with Phantombuster, you will simply need your personal API key. You will find it in the “Integrations & API” part of your Dropcontact dashboard. 

Dropcontact API

Then, you only need to paste it, after choosing Dropcontact as the Email discovery service in any Phantom that supports it. 

Phantombuster x Dropcontact pricing

Many plans are available and adapt to your professional situation. The main differences are in the number of Phantoms and the amount of time that you’re allowed to use them for. You can pay annually or monthly (from $48 a month). A 14-day free trial is available.

To use the Dropcontact integration in Phantombuster, you need a Dropcontact subscription (from €24 a month).

🚀Dropcontact is integrated with many tools, such as :

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