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Dropcontact is integrated with Captain Data to more efficiently find and convert your future customers! ❤️‍🔥

Dropcontact x Captain Data: easily find and convert new customers!


What is Captain Data? 👨‍✈️

Captain Data is a no-code platform that extracts, aggregates, and integrates contact data into your prospecting workflows to save you a significant amount of time. The tool provides many pre-designed workflow templates and also allows you to create your own, tailored to your own needs.

Data extraction from a website

Captain Data is a tool that allows, among other functions, to "scrape" a website, such as LinkedIn for example.

🤔 Uhhh. Scrape? 

☝️🤓 Extract the data present on a page, if you prefer. 

An example to make it clearer? Captain Data allows you to scrape LinkedIn profiles, so extract data from a LinkedIn profile that you will be able to use for your commercial prospecting. 

Simply automate data extraction, and you can get all the information you need to start the conversation with new leads. 

captain data easy

Captain Data can also extract data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Instagram profiles, Twitter, Google, or directly from a company website.

Workflow automation 

The Captain Data platform also allows you to connect different prospecting tools in order to create automated sales or marketing actions. This is called a "workflow" (or a scenario). 

It is a bit like a chain made up of different links linked to each other. Except that in this case, each link represents a Sales or Marketing tool. 

Here is an example of a popular scenario on Captain Data: 

Action 1: Find new potential leads on LinkedIn and extract their data with Captain Data.

Action 2: Enrich contact information and find their verified business email addresses with Dropcontact. 

Action 3: Send a Cold Email with lemlist. 

This sequence of actions can be fully automated with Captain Data! A time saver that ought to be a dream come true for many 👀

There is no limit to the number of steps in a workflow on Captain Data. It's up to you to be creative and adapt your automated scenarios to your needs. 

Also, know that you can save your workflows and reuse them as much as you want 🚀

Out of inspiration? Captain Data offers many pre-defined scenario templates to make your life easier. We suggest you take a look at the list of Captain Data's integrated tools and discover the range of pre-designed workflows. 

Captain Data scenarios

A ready-to-use solution for everyone

Captain Data is a no-code tool that is easily accessible to everyone and requires no programming or technical knowledge. 😌

Every step of workflow setup is made as easy as possible and explained in a clear and intuitive way so that anyone can get started. 

Extracting data from a site that requires logging in (like LinkedIn) is made easy 🔥 with the Captain Data Chrome extension.

Setting up a workflow takes 2 minutes. Two tiny minutes that will save you hours and efficiency.

How to build workflows in Captain Data

Check out the simplicity and power of Captain Data with this tutorial that allows you to automate a workflow in order to generate new leads and find their email addresses.

Step 1: choose the applications you want to connect to create a workflow and the template. Captain Data integrates many prospecting tools in order to create ever more powerful automation scenarios.

Captain Data's automation templates

Step 2: Here we have chosen a template that allows you to find leads on LinkedIn, and enrich them with Dropcontact. Click on "Use This Workflow" to start setting it up.

Click on "Use This Workflow"

Step 3: Set up the scenario. Don't panic, there's nothing complicated about it! Each step is well-explained thanks to the guide on the right of your screen. In addition, Captain Data's Chrome extension helps save a lot of time, so don't hesitate to download and install it.


We told you it was super easy!

logo dropcontact

What is Dropcontact?

Dropcontact enriches and cleans up your contacts' data by keeping it up to date and correcting incorrect or outdated information. It can do this in a database like Excel or Google Sheets, but also within your CRM itself, or connected to a third-party tool via your personal API key (like Captain Data 😉 ).

From a first name, a last name, and their company website, or just from a LinkedIn URL, Dropcontact fills in all the professional data of your contact: 

✅ Title 

✅ Nominative and verified professional email address

✅ Position

✅ Business phone number

✅ Company information

✅ etc.

Basically, everything you need to segment and personalize your communications with your customers, prospects, or contacts. 

The best part? Dropcontact is 100% GDPR compliant! Indeed, Dropcontact doesn't use any database to enrich and clean yours. It's all done using an algorithm. 

In short, it's the essential tool to save your team time! Oh yeah, and the first 100 credits are free 😉

Want more proof that Dropcontact is a pretty amazing solution? Over 20 tools have integrated it to make their user experience even better! Including... Captain Data 🫡

The Dropcontact x Captain Data integration

So what exactly does the Dropcontact integration with Captain Data do?

When you scrape data from a LinkedIn profile with Captain Data, Dropcontact automatically enriches and corrects any missing, outdated, or erroneous information. If the data provided on a LinkedIn profile that you have scraped is not up to date, Dropcontact automatically corrects it for you. Fresh data guaranteed!

Dropcontact automatically retrieves the verified, nominative business email address of the leads you scraped with Captain Data on LinkedIn 📮 

dropcontact data enrichment

Dropcontact provides you with all the information you need to send hyper-personalized prospecting messages. Welcome to the path to conversion!

How to integrate Dropcontact in Captain Data

Dropcontact integrates very easily into Captain Data. No joke, it doesn't even take 3 minutes.

If you haven't already, you will need to create a Dropcontact account. You can test the tool for free, the first 100 enrichments are free 🎁

Next, you will simply need to retrieve your API key. You can find it on your interface in the Dropcontact app.

dropcontact data enrichment

Then, go to your Captain Data account, and select Dropcontact in the integrations page.

dropcontact-integration captaindata

Then all you have to do is fill in your Dropcontact API key to connect your tools and create new automated workflows to boost your prospection! 🚀

Enter your Dropcontact API key in Captain Data

And… voilà!

Captain Data x Dropcontact: pricing

Captain Data's rates vary according to the number of actions you wish to perform per month, as well as the number of user licenses you need.

Depending on the option you choose you will have more or less tasks included. Each result found by workflow steps counts as a task. For example:

  • A LinkedIn search that will return 10 results = 10 tasks
  • Visiting the 10 profiles = 10 more tasks

Growth: monthly rate from 399$, 25 000 tasks, 5 users and unlimited number of workflows

Enterprise: monthly rate from 2500$, up to 1.5 million tasks, up to 50 uses and unlimited number of workflows

You can also try the tool for free for 14 days, without commitment. This test will allow you to carry out 1000 tasks and try 3 automated workflows.

👉 Learn more about Captain Data's pricing!

To integrate Dropcontact into Captain Data, you must have a separate Dropcontact subscription. The tool is available from 24€/month HT, for 1000 enrichments, and the rates are adjustable according to your needs.

👉 Learn more about Dropcontact's pricing!

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