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Dropcontact x Neodeal : a big boost for your LinkedIn prospecting!

Dropcontact's enrichment is a great ally for your LinkedIn prospecting with Neodeal.

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What is Neodeal?

Neodeal is a comprehensive tool that allows you to fully manage your LinkedIn prospecting. It is way more than a sourcing software. Neodeal gives you all the tools that you need to start meaningful conversations with your prospects. You can manage your leads' data, as well as launching messaging or networking campaigns on the professional social media website.

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Simplified sourcing to create your prospecting files

Neodeal offers many sourcing possibilities on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. You can import leads from the URL of a search or a post (reactions and/or comments). You can also directly import your network, the attendants of an event, the followers of your company page as well as those who visit your profile.

Finally, Neodeal lets you import locally stocked contact databases in the Excel and CSV formats. A "single lead" import option also exists.

Single lead import in Neodeal

Then, add all or just parts of the extracted leads in a prospecting list. These tables have columns that allow you to sort your leads based on meaningful criteria. For example, a lead may be classed as "Hot" if the conversation is going well and you feel that a deal is closed to being made. 🔥

Dropcontact's enrichment happens during that step. More on that later… 🧐

Create LinkedIn campaigns with Neodeal

You can't spell "prospecting list" without… prospecting. Neodeal lets you launch campaigns on LinkedIn. For prospecting or networking, you can use name, surname, job title and company variables in order to hyper-personalize your messages.

Neodeal goes even further by allowing you to plan up to 2 follow-up messages. From the message's content to the follow-up intervals, as well as the specific information that will let you personalize the message for your target, you now have all the cards in hand to start a conversation in the best conditions.

Messaging campaigns with Neodeal
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Dropcontact's enrichment for your LinkedIn prospecting

What is Dropcontact?

Dropcontact is THE solution to clean and enrich your contact data in your files and CRM. Algorithms are at the service of your B2B prospecting. 💚

Your time is precious. With Dropcontact, no more repetitive tasks. Enjoy:

  • Contacts with all the relevant and up-to-date information (form of address, company's legal data, etc.)
  • Incomplete profiles that become opportunities. Dropcontact finds a professional email address with a full name and company, or just with a LinkedIn profile.
  • That email address is qualified (name-based, catch-all) and validated, for an optimal reply rate ! 😄
  • A 100% GDPR-compliant solution: no database is used or stocked, Dropcontact is based on internally-developed algorithms as well as proprietary test servers.

The Neodeal x Dropcontact integration

Dropcontact is directly integrated in Neodeal. You don't need to get a Dropcontact subscription, or to actually do anything in order to enjoy the enrichment.

The benefits of the integration

Neodeal uses Dropcontact's features to add the phone number and the verified and up-to-date business email address. In just a few clics, you will be getting new opportunities for your prospecting campaigns.

It's a deal!

How does the Dropcontact integration work in Neodeal?

Dropcontact is directly integrated in Neodeal. Once your leads are extracted, an "Enrich" option will appear for the contacts that don't have an email address and/or a phone number in your newly created list. Now, you just need to click and let the magic happen ✨

Enrich with Dropcontact in Neodeal

Neodeal's pricing

Neodeal offers one yearly subscription (€990/year) that gives you access to all of the tool's features, including Dropcontact's enrichment.

See Neodeal's pricing

Wanna go ever further? 🚀 Dropcontact is integrated in many tools, such as:



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