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Build a qualified and up-to-date database with Evaboot and Dropcontact

Dropcontact is integrated in Evaboot to optimize your Linkedin scraping!

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What is Evaboot?

A scraping tool

Evaboot is a scraping tool which can extract information directly from Linkedin profiles (personal and corporate).
It's a browser extension that adds an "Export with Evaboot" call to action directly in Linkedin Sales Navigator.

export with evaboot

The extension allows you to extract all the contact information found in your filtered search.
The data is extracted from the profiles and company pages on LinkedIn.

Each credit extracts the following information:

  • Linkedin profile URL
  • Job title
  • Company website
  • Company's LinkedIn URL
  • First and last name
  • City
  • Company's sector of activity
  • Size of the company
  • Number of employees in the company
  • Years of service in the company
  • Type of industry
  • Creation date of the company
  • Description of the company
  • Profile picture
  • Company logo

The benefits

  • The wide range of information scraped
  • The solution is easy to use because it's directly integrated in Linkedin Sales Navigator via a Call-to-Action
  • No technical skills are required to use the extension
  • A single click on the extension allows you to directly open the filtered search in Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • The enriched information can be downloaded via a CSV that you can then import into your CRM
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What is Dropcontact?

A pro email enrichment solution based on algorithms

Dropcontact allows you to enrich, verify, validate and update your database with algorithms that generate your contact information for you.
Take your prospecting to the next level by correcting and normalizing your contact data! Your data is harmonized to contact your prospect in the most personalized way.

With only the first name, the last name, the website (or the company name) or even just the Linkedin profile, Dropcontact algorithms generates the email addresses and all the useful information of your prospects as well as all the legal data of their companies.

Dropcontact only uses proprietary algorithms and does not store any personal data, making it a 100% RGPD compliant solution 😉

Dropcontact's features

Overview of the available features:

  • Dropcontact generates qualified, verified and up-to-date email addresses
  • Add business phone numbers
  • Add the job
  • Add LinkedIn profile
  • Standardization of information (First name, Last name, Civility...)
  • Validation of the company's website
  • Add the LinkedIn company's page
  • Detection and merging of duplicates
  • Add all company legal information

The Dropcontact integration

Dropcontact is fully integrated with Evaboot.
Evaboot scrapes the Linkedin contact information, then Dropcontact completes it with an updated professional email address.

Dropcontact also updates the business phone number and adds (if needed) the civility, and qualifies the email type (nominative@pro, catch-all, etc.)
No more time spent searching for your prospects one by one, thanks to Dropcontact integration, you save time by scraping multiple information in one click.

As a reminder: between 25% and 30% of your database becomes obsolete every year, Dropcontact eliminates this obsolescence rate by ensuring that your contact database is UP TO DATE!

How to easily integrate Dropcontact in Evaboot

click extension

  • After clicking on it, the extension automatically opens Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • Apply your lead search filters

filtered search
  • Your filtered search appears, then click on "Export with Evaboot".

export with evaboot

  • Set a name for the contacts list you want to import into Evaboot, then click on Extract

name file

  • Your file appears at the bottom of the page

file download

  • Then click on Find emails to bring up the tab below

drop down list

  • Select Find Emails With Dropcontact

find emails with dropcontact

  • Copy and paste your API key from the "Integrations & API" tab of Dropcontact

API dropcontact

  • Then choose either you want to enrich all leads or only qualified leads by clicking on Enrich All Leads or Enrich Qualified Leads
  • Wait a few moments and your leads are enriched, all you have to do is click on the download button to get your CSV file

download file

And that's it! 🎬 Your uploaded file contains all the information of your prospects!

uploaded file


Evaboot has a free version that offers you 150 credits per month to scrape your contacts via Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Otherwise, the Evaboot subscription starts at €29 per month to extract 2,000 leads, without user limit.
Two other packages to enrich 5,000 leads or 20,000 leads/month (without emails) are also available at 49€ and 99€ per month respectively.

Note that if you already have a Dropcontact subscription (starting at €24 per month), you won't need to buy Evaboot email enrichment credits to enrich emails with Dropcontact.

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