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Dropcontact is integrated with Surfe (ex-Leadjet) to enrich the data of new leads you scrape from the web! 🌐

Dropcontact x Surfe: best-in-class data enrichment

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What is Surfe?

Surfe is a Google Chrome extension, which allows you to import data from LinkedIn profiles into your CRM in just one click, and avoid copying and pasting the information by hand!

Adding LinkedIn profiles to your CRM

Surfe (ex-Leadjet) saves you time and efficiency when looking for new prospects. In fact, the tool allows you to avoid making mistakes in your CRM when copying information from LinkedIn, and wasting time copying and pasting data manually.Β 

In the world of prospecting, we know that the place to be is LinkedIn! It's the perfect place to find new leads.Β 

πŸ‘‰ By the way, check out our tips for refining your LinkedIn searches!Β 

Found an interesting profile that you're sure you can convert into a customer?Β 


adding linkedin crm

Great! Now, instead of going back and forth between LinkedIn and your CRM to manually copy the contact information, install the Surfe extension!

With one click, Surfe allows you to automatically save all the public data available on the concerned LinkedIn profile in your CRM: full name, position held, company, email address, etc.).Β 

Once the Surfe extension is activated, a button appears on the LinkedIn profiles you visit... and with one click, it's automatically saved in your CRM


add to crm linkedin


No more time wasted copying data. No more field errors. No more omissions. The whole process is automated ✨



That's not all, you can also scrape the data on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

πŸ’‘ Good to know: Surfe is compatible with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Cooper. The Dropcontact integration in your CRM allows you to add, enrich, and update profiles retrieved via Surfe while avoiding duplicate entries!

Synchronize your LinkedIn conversations

We can never say it enough: a well-used CRM is a well-documented CRM. To be really efficient, it is strongly advised to add all the conversations between you and your leads to their records.Β 

This will allow you to better meet the expectations of your potential customers, and also to share this information with the rest of your team (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success). Better internal communication = better customer satisfaction πŸ’˜

In this age of using a multitude of platforms to communicate, who has time to copy every single one of their LinkedIn conversations into their CRM?!Β 

You see us coming, right? πŸ™ƒ

That's right, Surfe allows you to sync your LinkedIn conversations into your CRM with just one click!Β 


linkedin chat synchro

Access data from LinkedIn on your CRM

When you visit a LinkedIn profile, Surfe displays the data in your CRM related to that contact or their company.Β 

For instance, you have access to that account's journey through your pipeline. You can see at what stage they are in the conversion funnel, what tasks to carry out, and how much potential revenue they could generate.Β 


crm data LinkedIn


All the information you need to locate your contact in your business relationships is right there for you to see πŸ‘€. Gone are the days when you had to switch from one tab to the other, potentially missing information along the way.

You can even edit the data in your CRM directly in the blocks that Surfe displays on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.Β 

As you can tell, Surfe's leitmotif is: saving time! πŸ•°οΈ

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What is Dropcotnact?

Enrich your prospects' contact data with Dropcontact

Dropcontact updates, completes and cleans up your contact data! It's sort of like the cleaner of your database or your CRM.Β 

Everything is automatic. All you need is a First Name, Last Name, and the company website (or alternatively the company name) where this person works.Β 

The LinkedIn profile of your contact is also enough to find all the information you need for prospecting.

From these three pieces of information, Dropcontact finds:Β 

βœ… The personal information: title, position held.

βœ… Business contact information: qualified and verified nominative email address, and phone number.

βœ… The contact's company information: address, workforce, Naf code, etc.Β 

Dropcontact's features

Dropcontact can also clean your database. By identifying and merging duplicates. By correcting faulty or obsolete information. By filling in the information in the right fields, etc. 🧹

It's all 100% GDPR compliant: Dropcontact only uses its own algorithms to search and find contact information in real-time and does not use ANY stored databases.

The algorithm makes it possible to always find the most updated information possible. Never let the data in your CRM go to waste again, let Dropcontact take care of it autonomously and automatically. πŸ’š

Dropcontact x Surfe integration

Surfe integrates Dropcontact to enrich the contact data that you scrape from LinkedIn.

Dropcontact, also provides essential professional information to successfully prospect, including personal email addresses and phone numbers.

dropcontact surfe integration


All you have to do is start the conversation!

How to easily integrate Dropcontact in Surfe

Dropcontact is natively integrated with Surfe and is included in the Professional (100 credits included) and Business (500 credits included) plans. 🎁

If you want more credits for enriching business emails and phone numbers, or with a less comprehensive version of Surfe, you can also connect your personal Dropcontact account.

If you don't already have an account, sign up!Β 

Then you'll just need to retrieve your personal API key from the Dropcontact app.


Dropcontact API key


Then, go to your Surfe account, select the Tools & Apps tab, and paste your Dropcontact API key in the appropriate field.


surfe dropcontact api key


There you go, in two clicks, you have access to all your Dropcontact credits!

Surfe x Dropcontact Pricing

Several subscription plans are available at Surfe, depending on the features you need, starting at 29€/user to benefit from Dropcontact's native integration.

Surfe subscriptions are on a monthly-basis and commitment-free, so you can cancel them at any time.


πŸ‘‰ Basic offer from 23€/user: Basic features for adding contacts into your CRM

πŸ‘‰ Professional offer from 29€/user: 100 email enrichment credits included

πŸ‘‰ Business offer from 59€/user: 500 email enrichment credits included

Surfe also offers a 14-day trial period for your to experience all the benefits of the tool for free.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about Surfe pricing!


Data enrichment with Dropcontact is included in Surfe's "Professional" (100 credits offered/month) and "Business" (500 credits offered/month) plans!Β 

If you need more credits or are using a less comprehensive version of Surfe, you can create a Dropcontact account πŸ’š

Subscription is available from 24€/month for 1000 credits.Β 


πŸš€ Dropcontact is integrated with many tools, such as :

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