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Dropcontact x TexAu: boost your prospecting!

Dropcontact is integrated with TexAu to create automated prospecting workflows that enrich your leads' data! 🤖

texAu : Automate your lead generation

What is TexAu?

TexAu is an automation tool that allows you to connect applications to create workflows (or scenarios). Particularly suitable for sales teams, TexAu will enable you to generate new leads and automate all stages of your sales prospecting.

Extracting data from web pages

TexAu allows you to "scrape", i.e. extract data from a website. For example, let's say you are looking for new leads. Naturally, you will head over to LinkedIn, and thanks to a Boolean search, you will find a list of potential future clients.

With TexAu, instead of manually copying your new leads' information, you can automatically extract first name, last name, position held, company, company website, etc. In short, all the public information that is on the person's profile.

That's a lot of time saved, right?! 😎


LinkedIn is far from the only website you can scrape with TexAu. The tool fetches data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, ProductHunt, Google, Quora, Slack, Youtube, and many more!

You can scrape the results of a search on these sites and social networks, but also the profiles of people who commented on a post, who reacted to a publication, etc.

Once that's done, you can retrieve the data in a .csv file, a Google Sheets document, or directly in your CRM (Hubspot or Pipedrive).

Workflow automation

Workflow automation is life-changing! 🤩

Not convinced (yet)? You should know that a large part of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks you do every day can be automated.

automate your prospection and your lead generation
Stop wasting time, automate your lead generation!


To demonstrate our point, let's take a look at a popular scenario proposed by TexAu:

  • Step 1: Extract data from a search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Step 2: Enrich the data and find the person's email address using Dropcontact.
  • Step 3: Retrieve this data in a Google Sheets document.


Are you used to doing each of these tasks manually? Well, thanks to TexAu, you can completely automate this process.

And don't worry, there's nothing complicated about it. TexAu is a no-code tool, with a clear and easy-to-use interface. You don't need advanced technical skills, nor do you have to ask for help from developers.

As proof, here is the 3-step scenario we described above, completely automated thanks to TexAu :


texAu - Automation workflow
In a few clicks we automated the scenario with TexAu!


Just connect the applications you use together with TexAu, to create a real prospecting machine. 🎰

TexAu offers over 180 pre-defined workflows, called "recipes", to help you get started with automation. You can automate many actions on LinkedIn, such as visiting profiles, sending personalized invitations, reacting to and commenting on posts, etc.

Dropcontact the best integration to enrich your emails

What is Dropcontact?

The ultimate integration to take your lead generation to the next level

When prospecting, it is actually quite simple to find interesting profiles. A quick LinkedIn search and you can identify several contacts who could potentially be interested in your services/products!

But once you have identified these profiles, you need to find the information required to contact this person and pitch your product/service.

And that's where the problem lies. Of course, LinkedIn allows you to easily obtain their first name, last name, position, and the company where this lead works.


But what about the contact data?

Dropcontact is a tool that allows you to instantly enrich the contact information of your leads.

The most complete and up-to-date data enrichment on the market

Using a Last Name, First Name and their company website, Dropcontact is able to find you:

  • The qualified and verified business email address
  • The business phone number
  • Title
  • Position held
  • Company information

By relying on an algorithm and not on databases, Dropcontact is the only solution on the market that guarantees you the most up-to-date data, while remaining 100% RGPD compliant! 💫

Dropcontact x TexAu integration

Dropcontact is one of the applications integrated with TexAu to create automated prospecting workflows that enrich your leads' data.

In concrete terms, you can create automated scenarios to find new contacts or companies, scrape their information from the web, and then enrich them with Dropcontact in order to obtain a qualified business email address, as well as all the data required for your prospecting.  

Once your new leads are enriched, the additional data obtained thanks to Dropcontact will allow you to communicate directly and in a personalized way with your prospects, send targeted Cold Emails, segment your marketing campaigns, etc. 🎯

In short, Dropcontact is the key element in your prospecting scenarios to turn your leads into customers!

An essential integration to boost your prospecting

Integrated in your prospecting workflows, Dropcontact allows you to boost your prospecting.

From the data retrieved from LinkedIn, Dropcontact completes its data with all the necessary data to launch the first communications towards your leads

  • Verified, updated and qualified email address
  • Gender
  • Normalization of the first and last name
  • All the necessary information of the company to segment and personalize your campaigns

How to integrate Dropcontact in TexAu

To get started, you will need to create a Dropcontact account. Your first 100 enrichments are free, enjoy! 🎁

Then, just grab your API key from your personal space on the Dropcontact app.


Get your Dropcontact API key


Then, go to the automated scenario creation in TexAu. On the left side of the screen, click on "Recipes" to start creating a scenario. Select Dropcontact to integrate data enrichment into your scenario. In the settings, copy your API key number.


TexAu - find emails with Dropcontact


Then all you have to do is configure your automation: retrieve your cookies, add conditions, map the fields, export the data, etc.


Dropcontact x TexAu : Automate your propection


Congratulations! Your automation is created! Now all you have to do is contact your new leads.

Texau x Dropcontact: pricing

TexAu's rates vary depending on how you use the tool: daily usage time, storage space, and simultaneous automation.
You can launch your first automations from €29 / month

💡 You also have the possibility to test the tool for free during 14 days. Take advantage of it!

👉 Learn more about TexAu's pricing!


To use the Dropcontact integration in TexAu, you must have a Dropcontact subscription. The tool is available from only €24/month, for 1000 credits. You can increase the number of credits depending on the number of contacts you want to enrich and/or update monthly.
Dropcontact is commitment-free 😘 and your first 100 credits are free!

👉 Learn more about Dropcontact's pricing!


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