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Realistic interactions

Warmbox is a warm-up tool that sends "realistic" emails from your mailbox, removes them from the spam box, then responds positively to increase your reputation. The tool interacts automatically, and in the way of your leads, to increase your reputation.

Realistic interactions
Why use Warmbox?
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Why use Warmbox?

According to Warmbox, on average, 51% of emails sent end up as spam.

Moreover, your email domain can be blacklisted if you send too many "unwanted" communications

Warmbox responds to these issues and allows your emails to be delivered to your recipients' main inbox.

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Detailed reports

You'll then get a detailed report on the performance of your interactions, so you can track the evolution of your deliverability with each of your mailboxes.

In particular, you'll get :

  • Number of emails sent
  • Percentage of emails sent to main VS inboxes as spam
Detailed reports


Warmbox's first Solo subscription is priced at $15 per month for 1 user.

The Start-Up package is priced at $69 per month for 3 users.

Finally, the Growth package costs $139 for 6 users and 500 emails sent.

Warmbox does not offer free trials or free plans.

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Warmbox Benefits

The tool has over 35,000 mailboxes ready to interact with your domain.

You can add multiple mailboxes to the tool.

Warmbox's settings are diverse, allowing you to run warm-up tests:

-The Grow option lets you gradually warm up your mailbox.

-The Flat option heats up your mailbox continuously and linearly

The Randomize option randomly warms up your mailbox by sending it more or fewer e-mails.

You can then determine the timing, the number of emails sent per day, or the desired response rate.


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