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Replay - The toolbox to find & contact your B2B prospects

The toolbox for effective prospecting

Shubham Sharma, Full Stack Growth YouTuber (Digital Wink) welcomes Denis Cohen, CEO of Dropcontact.

Every day, 1 Salesperson loses an average of 1 hour because they are doing other tasks instead of making sales.

  • How to find email addresses?
  • How to contact your prospects? How to clean your email base?
  • Why you need to enrich your CRM base?

Cold Emailing, RGPD, Customer database, CRM are also discussed: what to build a toolbox to find and contact your B2B prospects efficiently.

Most frequently asked questions

How can I find email addresses?

You can find email addresses by using an Email Finder like Dropcontact for instance.

What are the main tools to start and make my prospecting a success?

To make your prospecting a success, it's important to use a Cold Email tool, to gather your contact data into a CRM, or to update your database regularly.

How can I automate my prospecting tasks?

Each day, 1 Salesperson loses 1 hour on average to do time-consuming tasks instead of closing sales. That's why automating some daily tasks has become essential.
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