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Enrich LinkedIn contacts with Axonaut and Dropcontact

Dropcontact is integrated with Axonaut to enrich your prospecting!

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What is Axonaut?

Axonaut is a French all-in-one tool that allows you to fully manage your company: quotes, project management, marketing, invoices, storage, prospecting, etc.

You can monitor the entirety of your company's sales processes, by creating "opportunities". These are roadmaps of an ongoing sale, containing:

  • the client's information
  • the amount of the potential offer
  • the likelihood of the sale's success
  • the current stage of the selling process (first contact, follow-up, quote sent, quote accepted, etc.)

Axonaut: the French CRM

CRM & Marketing : create targeted campaigns

Among its numerous features, Axonaut gives you access to an address book. You can create sheets for all your contacts. If your already have a contact database stocked locally, you will only need to import it into Axonaut.

All this becomes useful when this newly-created database is combined with the Marketing features of this all-in-one tool. Indeed, Axonaut lets you launch emailing and SMS campaigns. ✉️

A creative tool allows you to prepare the email templates that suit you, for example with buttons and illustrations. There's nothing more important than hyper-personalization if you want to get your target to notice you. Despite being automated, do not forget that your message is part of a conversation between two real human beings. 🤖

Axonaut's address book

Then, your emails can be customized in two different ways 😄

  • Thanks to the "regular" fields from Axonaut's CRM
  • Thanks to customized fields that you can add to better suit your needs

Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

Axonaut also has a Google Chrome extension for LinkedIn. Thanks to it, you can create a client sheet in just one click, simply from a profile! This sheet will automatically be integrated to Axonaut's CRM.

You can also create in one click one of the previously mentioned "opportunities", in order to start the sales process right away!

Axonaut on LinkedIn

Dropcontact is integrated to Axonaut's LinkedIn Chrome extension. Enrichment is now at the service of your Sales and Marketing processes. 💚

In just one click, you're getting the verified professional email address of the contacts that you find on LinkedIn.

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Enjoy Dropcontact's enrichment in Axonaut

What is Dropcontact?

Dropcontact is the reference tool when it comes to cleaning and enriching you contact data, in your files and in your CRM. 💚

Our goal: ending the reign of time-consuming tasks, so that you can focus your precious time on your true value. The Dropcontact solution lets you benefit from:

  • Enriched contacts by adding useful and relevant data (form of address, SIREN/NAF codes as well as other legal information for the company, etc.)
  • The ability to find a professional email address simply from a LinkedIn profile.
  • The email address that is found is qualified (name-based, catch-all, etc.) and verified, for an optimal reply rate! 😄
  • Enrichment in total compliance with the GDPR: Dropcontact does not stock any database, and only works with homemade algorithms as well as proprietary test servers.

The Dropcontact integration

Dropcontact is directly integrated in Axonaut's LinkedIn Chrome extension. That way, the extracted contacts are already enriched when they arrive in your CRM. Even incomplete profiles can become opportunities!

To setup the integration, you will need your Dropcontact API key, that you can find in the "API & Integrations" tab, in the Dropcontact app.

Then, just follow this guide :

  • Click on "Add to Axonaut"
  • Click on the Dropcontact logo
  • Paste your Dropcontact API key
  • Return to the profile
  • Launch the enrichment by clicking on the Dropcontact logo once again
  • Add the enriched profile by clicking on "Add to Axonaut"

Axonaut x Dropcontact's pricing

Axonaut offers an all-in-one formula. The price depends on the number of users (1 to 50), as well as how you long you choose to subscribe for (1 month, 1 year or 2 years).

From €34,99 (1 user for 2 years), you can enjoy all of Axonaut's features.

See Axonaut's pricing

To enjoy Dropcontact's enrichment, you will need a Dropcontact subscription (from €24 a month).

See Dropcontact's pricing

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