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Dropcontact x Humanlinker: bring human touch back into your B2B interactions!

Dropcontact is integrated with Humanlinker to complete all your contacts with their verified, up-to-date and 100% RGPD email addresses. Now you can focus on selling!

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What is Humanliker?

Humanlinker is a tool that uses AI to optimize repetitive human actions in Sales, Recruiting and Marketing processes. The online tool is designed to make essential information visible at a glance, whether it is about accounts or people.
Humanlinker adds key information to your leads (news, professional experience...) as well as business signals relevant to your success (fund raising, job change...)

Up-to-date account information to make better decisions

In an "account intelligence" approach, Humanlinker uses algorithms to automatically detect changes in the activity of accounts linked to your contacts, as well as important events (fundraising, recruitment, etc.). This aspect is particularly useful for targeting large companies, which are sometimes difficult to keep up with. ⚡️

The main interest is to offer a 360 degree view to make informed decisions on future interactions with each contact. With all this contextual information, it is easier to qualify or disqualify a profile according to your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

Finally, to make your sales processes more fluid, you have the possibility to classify accounts in different "Tiers". Tiering allows you to prioritize the actions according to the account classification. A "Tier 1" could correspond to an account with a high sales potential. It will be updated more often than a "Tier 3" account for example.

Know everything about your prospects

In a "people intelligence" approach, HumanLinker's algorithm provides the contact information necessary to quickly start a conversation with a prospect: social networks, professional email address, phone number, etc.
This gives you a direct view of a lot of useful information: description, professional experience, common connections, important events, participation in interviews or podcasts, etc.
With this relevant information, you can prepare targeted emails and calls. Your prospecting campaigns go to the next level.

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Linkedin plugin

Humanlinker offers a complete LinkedIn plugin to find and send new leads to your CRM in a few clicks

  • Send LinkedIn profile data to your CRM in one click.
  • Send only new data thanks to a deduplication system. No more duplicates!
  • Automatic enrichment of extracted data

Clean up your CRM data

On average, 30% of the data in your contact database becomes obsolete after one year!
With Humanlinker, your data is regularly updated and you are even alerted in case of major changes, thanks to the integration of Dropcontact.

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What is Dropcontact?

The reference for B2B contact enrichment

Dropcontact is the reference tool for cleaning and enriching your contact data in your files or your CRM. The ultimate ally in the service of your B2B prospecting. 💚

Dropcontact's goal: to end the tasks that waste your time:

  • Adding useful information for your contacts (gender, LinkedIn profile, SIRET/NAF codes, company legal information, etc.)
  • Adding validated and qualified professional email addresses (nominative, catch-all, etc.), from just a first name, last name and website or even just from a person's LinkedIn profile.
  • A 100% RGPD compliant prospecting: no database is used by Dropcontact, only algorithms developed in-house and proprietary test servers are used.

Dropcontact x Humanlinker

Integration features

Dropcontact is natively integrated into Humanlinker. No technical skills are required to take advantage of it, the enrichment is automatic.

Thus, your accounts and contacts are enriched with relevant and essential information for hyper-personalized prospecting, such as your civility, LinkedIn profile or company legal information.
You don't have to worry about it when you need your data. They'll be complete and up-to-date, ready to get your campaigns off the ground! 🚀


Humanlinker pricing

Humanlinker pricing is on demand and Dropcontact integration is included in your subscription 🔥

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