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LinkedIn scraper: Captain Data

Scrape LinkedIn and extract data from almost all websites. Enrich them with Dropcontact and launch your automated prospecting

Phantombuster : Scrap Linkedin

Scrape LinkedIn with Captain Data

Captain Data automates scraping on LinkedIn and many other sites.

Target, scrape, enrich and address all your leads directly from Captain Data with its pre-configured scenarios.

Beyond scraping LinkedIn, Captain Data allows you to connect many Sales Automation tools between them to create a prospecting machine!

Captain Data x Dropcontact: enrichment via automated LinkedIn scraping
Captain Data x Dropcontact: automate the enrichment of B2B emails
Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate B2B email enrichment

Automate B2B data enrichment with Captain Data and Dropcontact

Captain Data scenarios allow you to scrape all the available data from your target's LinkedIn profiles. Connect your Dropcontact account to Captain Data to automatically enrich your prospects in real-time.

Dropcontact provides: nominative and verified professional email address, title, professional phone number, company prospect's legal information, etc.

There is no need to use a third-party email verification tool: Dropcontact does it for you and gets much better results. 😉

Dropcontact delivers the qualified nominative pro email in real-time, without any database. Using algorithms allows an up-to-date enrichment and guarantees to have fresh contact data.

That makes it the only 100% GDPR compliant professional email enrichment solution.

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Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate LinkedIn and enrich your B2B emails

Automate your LinkedIn actions with Captain Data

Captain Data creates automation chains for the Marketing, Sales, and Growth teams by connecting the prospecting tools you already use.

The Dropcontact integration in Captain Data allows you to hyper-personalize each communication to your prospects.

👉🏻 3 ways to find an email with LinkedIn, Dropcontact, and CaptainData

Captain Data - LinkedIn automation and multi-channel: Cold Email
Captain Data: Automate linkedin mutlichannel
Phantombuster : automate your multicanal linkedin prospecting

Automate your multi-channel prospecting from Linkedin with Captain Data

Scraping your leads on LinkedIn, enriching them with Dropcontact, sending them a Cold Email with lemlist, and re-launching a LinkedIn invitation is a powerful workflow to reach and convert your prospects.

With Captain Data, you just plug these tools and launch the script. The solution works for you and you can focus on the copywriting of your messages: the key to success.

👉🏻 Find the emails of your leads with Dropcontact directly from LinkedIn

Captain Data pricing

Captain Data adapts its subscription according to the number of monthly tasks.

Captain Data subscriptions depend on the tasks and scenarios number created.

  • From €100 / month: 20,000 monthly tasks, 3 plans and only one account per plugged tool.
  • The free plan allows you to create one workflow and 5,000 tasks per month.
  • Dropcontact integration requires a subscription on Just enter the Dropcontact API key into Captain Data and you're done. If you have multiple Dropcontact accounts, you can all connect them. 💚
Picto - Phantombuster pricing

🔥 Captain Data and Dropcontact allow you to launch a powerful prospecting machine with pre-designed workflows based on customers' most recurring needs.

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Captain Data benefits

The benefits of using Captain Data to automate your LinkedIn prospecting

Captain Data allows you to easily connect third-party services (LinkedIn, Google Drive, Dropcontact, lemlist...) that you use daily. You can easily share your accounts with your entire team.

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Captain Data alternatives

It is also possible to scrape LinkedIn and automate your multi-channel prospecting with:

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