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LinkedIn scraper: Linked Helper 2

LinkedIn scraping and LinkedIn automation: create your prospecting scenarios entirely on LinkedIn

Phantombuster : Scrap Linkedin

Scrape LinkedIn with Linked Helper 2

Today, LinkedIn is the most complete and up-to-date public professional contacts database.

Linked Helper 2 is a tool focused on LinkedIn, it allows you to scrape LinkedIn profiles and automate all the manual actions you do on the professional social network.

Linked Helper 2: Scrape Linkedin
Linked Helper 2: enrichment automation: scrap LinkedIn and Cold Email
Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate B2B email enrichment

Automate your B2B data enrichment with Linked Helper 2 and Dropcontact

Enriching your LinkedIn leads with Dropcontact is possible by downloading your leads from Linked Helper 2 and drag-and-dropping them directly into Dropcontact.

It is also possible to send each scraped lead directly to Zapier, so that you can enrich them and send them back to your favorite Sales Automation tools, or even your CRM. Dropcontact finds the professional emails, enriches the LinkedIn profiles in real-time and guarantees up-to-date data.

What makes Dropcontact the only 100% GDPR-compliant solution on the market? No database is stored or used, only algorithms that work in real-time and proprietary test servers.

Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate LinkedIn and enrich your B2B emails

Automate your LinkedIn actions with Linked Helper 2

Linked Helper 2 doesn't just scrape LinkedIn.

The tool allows you to automate many tasks you do on LinkedIn: invitation, follow-up, personalized LinkedIn message sequences, profile visits, deleting unaccepted invitations...

Linked Helper 2: LinkedIn actions automation
Linked Helper 2: Multi-channel LinkedIn automation with Zapier
Phantombuster : automate your multicanal linkedin prospecting

Automate your multi-channel prospecting from LinkedIn with Linked Helper 2

Thanks to its webhooks and Zapier integration, Linked Helper 2 allows you to do your prospecting beyond LinkedIn.

You can thus easily push the data extracted by Linked Helper 2, either to Zapier or directly to your favorite Sales Automation tools.

👉🏻 How to generate a steady stream of ultra-qualified leads

Linked Helper 2 pricing

A unique all-inclusive plan

  • Starting at $8.25/month: no limit, with all the Linked Helper 2 features
  • No free plan but a 30-day trial period
  • To use Dropcontact automatically with Linked Helper, you'll have to go through Zapier (it's very simple 😉)
Picto - Phantombuster pricing

Linked Helper 2 is the ideal tool if your LinkedIn prospecting is predominant.

To go even further, using the "Linked Helper + Zapier + Dropcontact + Cold Email tool" association will allow you to go multichannel without hands!

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Linked Helper 2 benefits

The benefits of using Linked Helper 2 to scrape LinkedIn and automate your prospecting

If your prospecting is focused on LinkedIn, Linked Helper 2 will make you happy. This is an easy-to-use tool, and it offers a lot of features: visit and scraping of LinkedIn profiles, connection request, sending of messages, invitations to event, auto-following...

The possibility to add several LinkedIn profiles on the same account is a real plus: Linked Helper 2 directly uses the connection with LinkedIn and not the cookies.

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Linked Helper 2 alternatives

It is also possible to scrape LinkedIn and automate your multi-channel prospecting with:

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