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Automate your prospecting from a simple targeted LinkedIn search with Phantombuster, Dropcontact and lemlist.

Email marketing is one of the most scalable and ROI-sensitive channels in B2B. A very good lever, therefore. But a time-consuming lever, especially when you have to search for relevant leads.

We explain how to automate the sending of highly personalized emails to your leads found... on LinkedIn.

And yes, LinkedIn has 660 million members worldwide in 2020, 17 million unique visitors per month ... It is estimated that 94% of BtoB professionals use the πŸ’₯ platform.

Let's go! Tuto!

Generate BtoB leads with LinkedIn, Dropcontact, lemlist and phantombuster
Tadaaaaam !


phantopmbuster workflow for generating highly qualified leads via Linkedin
The workflow we're going to set up

And here are in detail the 9 steps to complete in less than 9 minutes πŸ‘‡πŸ»

1. Create an account on the list

cold email campaign with lemlist

lemlist is a platform for sending highly personalized prospecting emails. The solution allows you to personalize almost everything: each email sent is unique and depends on the recipient.


Create your πŸ‘‰ account here.

No credit card is required, and you can test for free for 14 days.

🚨 REQUIREMENTS: To optimize your deliverability rate, you must create and configure your Custom Domain. To understand the importance of the custom domain, please refer to our reference article: "Guarantee an opening rate > 70% thanks to the configuration of your domain".

2. Create your first cold email campaign to your prospects with a sequence of 2 or 3 emails.

lemlist guides you step by step through this vidΓ©oπŸ‘‡πŸ»

3. Retrieve your lemlist API key

Your unique and personal key is available in Settings > Integrations > API section.

retrieve API lemlist key

Remember to "put aside" that key.

4. Enrich and find the email addresses of my contacts

Dropcontact enriches your B2B data

Dropcontact enriches contacts and professional email addresses and completes the entire prospect (or customer) file.


Create your πŸ‘‰ account here and get your Dropcontact API, available in My Account.

get your Dropcontact API key

🎁 When you register, Dropcontact offers you 100 free credits (i.e. 100 contact lines) to test the solution and without a credit card.

5. Do your LinkedIn search

Define your target

Before sending out your first prospecting emails, remember to define your target precisely.

One watchword in your search: precision! The quality of your leads should be more important to you than the quantity.

Perform a LinkedIn search

Once your target has been defined, do a search on LinkedIn and be as precise as possible.

  • Sector of activity
  • Country
  • Position held
  • Exclusion criteria: it is imperative to refine your search, and exclude, for example, trainees, investors....
  • Spoken Language

To become a crack at LinkedIn search, you must use the advanced search, boolean, and especially negative filters :

  • AND: selection of several words: useful in combined searches
  • OR: choice of either term
  • NOT: exclusion of a word from the search.
  • Quotation marks: expression of related keywords
  • Brackets: sa uccession of conditions

Note that the system first deals with what is in brackets. We advise you to use Sales Navigator so that you are not limited in your searches.

🎈 Let's make a concrete use case: You are looking to get in touch with the marketing department, here is what your LinkedIn search could look like:

title: marketing AND (responsible OR CMO OR "Head of" OR Director) NOT (Trainee OR Internship OR Alternating OR Internship OR Alternating OR Investor OR Assistant OR Assistant)

Check your result is refined if necessary in relation to your target.

6. Install the Phantombuster cookie

To configure its workflow in a few clicks, Phantombuster offers an extension available under Google Chrome to download: here

You must be logged in to your LinkedIn account.

Now, all we have to do is...

7. Create an account on Phantombuster

Phantombuster automates prospecting

Phantombuster is a platform dedicated to marketing automation that offers pre-designed workflows to facilitate its prospection.

In concrete terms, the SaaS solution allows sales and marketing teams to create their own marketing automation strategy without the intervention of the dev team. Autonomy and performance are guaranteed!

Phantombuster offers many automation possibilities to save a considerable amount of time!

  • Send automatic invitations on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Retrieve LinkedIn information
  • Enrich the professional emails of your LinkedIn contacts
  • Create highly personalized campaigns
  • Automate your responses and interactions
  • ....

Create your account πŸ‘‰ here

A free limited version is available.

8. Select the phantom Linkedin Search To Lemlist Workflow

This ready-to-use workflow allows you to extract all the information from a LinkedIn search, enrich the data and push contacts into a cold email lemlist campaign.

Scraping your LinkedIn search to generate leads
  • LinkedInSession Cookie: Phantombuster uses cookies from your LinkedIn session. To find your session cookie, click on the Chrome extension you just installed.
add the Phantombuster chrome extension
  • Search URL: copy and paste the URL of the page where you performed your targeted LinkedIn search
  • lemlist API Key: paste the API lemlist key you just retrieved
  • lemlist campaign name: Choose in the drop-down menu the campaign you have just created
  • Choose Dropcontact as a B2B email enrichment service
  • Paste the API Dropcontact key retrieved earlier

Your phantom is almost ready: all you have to do is specify whether you want to launch it automatically or manually and whether you want to receive notifications about it. For these choices, to each one his preferences ;)

9. Last step: launch your phantom πŸ‘»

BIM πŸ’₯ today is an exceptional day because you have just put in place one of the best cold email and prospecting strategies for generating highly qualified BtoB leads.
Throwing his phantom to retrieve highly qualified leads

10. Test, iterate, improve

All you will have to do is analyze the results and optimize the object, the content and the CTA as you go along. Reaching more than 90% opening rate is not a myth ;)

You have to reach:

  • An opening rate > 60% on the sending of at least 3 or 4 mails
  • A response rate > 25%.
Test, test and, test again. Start with "small sends" of 25 to 50 emails a day and iterate until you get results that reach new heights πŸ”

What about GDPR?

This commercial approach πŸ‘†πŸ» is a B2B practice and can in no way be used to prospect personal email addresses.

In BtoB, the GDPR authorizes the commercial approach if and only if the prospect has the possibility at any time to oppose this practice and to stop the approach.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Continue on the dedicated article: GDPR: can we still send prospecting emails


Some tips

πŸ’‘ Depending on your strategy, you can, in the same workflow, send a connection invitation to all the targeted profiles of your search (select "invite the lead to join your connections")

πŸ’‘ LinkedIn limits the number of profile searches, so don't be greedy, and remember to limit the number of queries per phantom trigger.
For more information πŸ‘‰πŸ» LinkedIn Automation Rate Limits - 2021 Edition

πŸ’‘ If your target comprises several segments, create as many phantoms as there are groups.

πŸ’‘ GoogleSheet tip: use the =importdata(name-of-resulting-file.csv) function to automatically update your prospect file


πŸ”§ Good workers need good tools:


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