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Scrape LinkedIn with Wiza

The extension that scrapes LinkedIn in seconds to find email and phone numbers

Phantombuster : Scrap Linkedin

Scrape LinkedIn with Wiza

LinkedIn is currently the most up-to-date and exhaustive source of publicly accessible professional contacts.

It is crucial for B2B prospecting to target prospects and exploit the information available: Wiza makes this possible.

Wiza offers the possibility, from the prospect's LinkedIn profile, to extract certain contact information (first name, last name, LinkedIn profile URL, email, LinkedIn title) and transfer it directly into his Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, Outreach or Zoho CRM.

Import into CRMs is unfortunately rather limited: the company is not associated with the contact.‍

Wiza - LinkedIn Scraper
Automate B2B data enrichment with Wiza and Dropcontact
Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate B2B email enrichment

Automate your B2B data enrichment with Wiza and Dropcontact

Dropcontact is THE enrichment solution that not only finds and verifies all email addresses in a 100% RGPD way (0 database, only algorithms)

Wiza lets you upload a file containing the first name, last name and company website of each of your target leads (and even more)‍

That's enough for Dropcontact to enrich it in real time: civility, nominative and verified pro email address, pro phone number, company legal information...

Then simply import this complete and up-to-date file into your CRM. Even better, with Dropcontact's integration into your CRM, Wiza's import will automatically enrich itself, detect whether you already have the contact in your database and merge and/or update it.‍

Dropcontact has developed its own algorithms and test servers.
This makes it possible to provide up-to-date, real-time data without any stored database.

🪄‍👉🏻 Discover Dropcontact integration in your CRM‍

Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate LinkedIn and enrich your B2B emails

Automate your actions on LinkedIn with Wiza

Directly from the Sales Navigator search, Wiza allows you to download an Excel file of LinkedIn profiles corresponding to your targeted search.

From this file, there are numerous possibilities for automating your prospecting from LinkedIn: import into your Sales Automation tool, automatic addition via Zapier for example, enrichment directly in your CRM with Dropcontact

💚👉🏻 How to generate a regular stream of ultra-qualified leads.

LinkedIn scraper: wiza and Enrichment with Dropcontact
multi-channel prospecting with Wiza and Dropcontact
Phantombuster : automate your multicanal linkedin prospecting

Automate your actions on LinkedIn with Wiza... but not only

Wiza prepares your lead databases...

Dropcontact enriches this data so that you can reliably contact these leads by email, on LinkedIn or even by phone.‍

👉🏻 Radically changing your prospecting on LinkedIn

Wiza pricing

Wiza subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis.

Wiza pricing is in the form of a subscription

  • Starting at €30/month: 75 email credits ($0.15 extra) and $0.35 per phone credit + CRM integration.

To push a contact into your CRM, you need to consume an email credit.

Picto - Phantombuster pricing

Wiza converts any LinkedIn search or saved list into an e-mail list (more or less reliable) for import into your CRM.

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Wiza benefits

The advantages of Wiza for scrapping LinkedIn and automating prospecting

Scanning and scraping LinkedIn profiles directly from the Sales Navigator search is extremely quick and easy with Wiza

.Importing into the CRM where Dropcontact integration is installed, allows you to hyper-personalize your prospecting.‍‍

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Wiza alternatives

It is also possible to scrape LinkedIn and automate your multi-channel prospecting with:

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