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Dropcontact - Best integration CRM tools to clean up your data


Dropcontact: the "all-in-one" tool to clean up your CRM

Dropcontact is one of the most efficient tools to clean your CRM, with amazing features that level up your data!

Automatic merging of duplicates in your CRM

Detection and merging of duplicates

Automatic email finder and checker directly in your CRM

Email finder and verifier

Up-to-date in real-time

Up-to-date in real-time

100% GDPR compliant

100% GDPR - 0 database

Why is Dropcontact the best tool to clean and keep up-to-date data in your CRM compared to tye?

Dropcontact has developed its own search algorithms for duplicate detection and professional address emails and contact information: 100% GDPR compliant

CRM integration to focus on sales, not data enrichment
Picto - Dropcontact best integration in your CRM in 1 click

Best CRM integration

Dropcontact is natively integrated into Salesforce, Hubspot, and Pipedrive (and more CRMs to come soon!). So if you're using one of these, make sure to try Dropcontact thanks to our 14-day free trial. Believe us, once we're integrated into your CRM, you won't be able to go back to a life without us! Every time you will add or modify a contact, Dropcontact will automatically enrich it with all the freshest data!⚡️

tye is a data preparation tool, used to clean the data in contact lists prior to importing them into a new CRM. It isn't natively integrated into CRMs, so you'll need to import your lists manually or thanks to a third-party tool.  It does, however, normalize your data in order to make it easier for automation tools to import it.

Dropcontact automatically identifies and merges duplicates in your CRM
Picto - Detection and automatic merginf of duplicates in your CRM

Detection and merging of duplicate

tye is specialized in data cleaning, which includes the removal of inaccurate, outdated information as well as duplicated records. However, since it doesn't provide direct integration in CRMs, you'll need to export your data and import it back once it's cleaned. This can be quite time-consuming and lead to data loss in the process 😱

Dropcontact is great at managing duplicate contacts. Not only does the tool detect duplicates directly in your CRM (even if they don't have any common fields), but it also automatically merges them, no export needed.

API Dropcontact disponible pour automatiser sa lead genereration
Picto -Dropcontact delivers up-to-date data

Up-to-date and 0 obsolescence

Dropcontact doesn't use any databases to clean and update your contacts' information, therefore we don't rely on the accuracy of third-party sources. This allows us to provide extremely precise and up-to-date information.

The best thing is, you don't even have to think about it! When you add or edit a contact in your CRM, our tool automatically updates all the data. It's magic ✨

tye's data cleaning and enrichment features are also algorithm-based, which makes them more accurate than if they used a database. However, you'll need to automate the process to make sure the tool keeps your data up-to-date.

Dropcontact intégré au CRM pour enrichir et fusionner vos contacts en double.
Picto - Dropcontact is the only 100% GPDR compliant CRM tools

100% GDPR compliant

tye is a data cleaning tool, that also offers a GDPR-compliant data enrichment feature based on artificial intelligence. From a professional email address, they are able to extract a first name, last name, gender, and location.

Dropcontact takes privacy very seriously and is always very transparent when it comes to how this amazing tool works. As mentioned above, Dropcontact never uses databases to retrieve or store data. Why is that? Well, it's not only to respect the law, but also becausewe believe using databases is extremely unethical. How would you feel if your children's personal data was available for anyone to buy? 🙅

tye: the tool to clean your CRM data

tye is a German data cleansing software that helps you improve the quality of your database by removing duplicate data, deleting invalid email addresses, and getting rid of outdated data 🧹 It also normalizes the data in order to reduce the risk of an error when importing it back into a CRM.

Does tye also enrich data?

tye is specialized in dataset cleaning, but they also provide algorithm-based data enrichment. From an email address, they are able to find missing information such as gender, first name, last name, company website, country, and public profile picture.

However, the opposite isn't possible with tye. Unlike Dropcontact, they don't offer an Email Finder feature, which allows you to obtain a B2B email address from a first name, a last name, and the company's website.

tye: the tool to clean your CRM data

Dropcontact is (much) more than a data cleansing tool!

Logo - Email enrichment by Dropcontact
tye - CRM tool to clean up your CRM

Email Finder

✅  Dropcontact allows you to find an email address when you provide our tool with only a first name, a last name, and the company's website.

❌  tye enriches data from an email address but doesn't find email addresses from people's data.

Email Verifier

✅  Dropcontact validates all email addresses directly in your CRM.

✅  tye is able to verify emails.

Duplicate data detection

✅  Dropcontact efficiently identifies all duplicate contacts, even if they don't have matching fields.

✅ tye can identify duplicate contacts.

Automatic merging
of duplicate data

✅  Dropcontact automatically merges all duplicate contacts (without losing any data in the process).

✅ It is possible to automate duplicate contact removal with tye.

Normalization of data

✅  Dropcontact normalizes and standardizes all the data in your CRM.

✅ tye facilitates the normalization of email list formats.

Keep up-to-date data

✅  Dropcontact uses an algorithm to automatically retrieve information. It's not database-dependant, which makes it so much more accurate.

❌ tye doesn't automatically clean and improve your data. It is best used when switching CRMs, to check the quality of your database at a given time.

Alert about a significant change

✅  Dropcontact sends alerts when one of your contacts changes jobs or companies.

❌ tye doesn't provide a feature that allows you to be alerted when a big change occurs.

GDPR Compliance

✅  Dropcontact doesn't use or store any data in databases, making it 100% GDPR-friendly!

✅  tye's data enrichment feature is GDPR compliant as it uses algorithms to extract information from an email address.

Native and complete
CRM integration

✅ Dropcontact is natively integrated with Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce 🔥

❌ As of now, tye isn't natively integrated into any CRMs. You have to export your data and then import back the clean version.

Picto - Customer testimonials
Great enrichment solution providing reliable & trustable data
Benoît Dubos

Benoît Dubos

Dropcontact provides email, but also additional firmographic & employee information. When information is provided in the input, they validate it. In a nutshell, the solution is fairly flexible & user friendly, while still being highly reliable.
Picto - Customer testimonials
The best tool to find emails
Sylvain Laneyrie

Sylvain Laneyrie

Reputation VIP - Digital agency
"After testing almost every tool on the market, I realized that Dropcontact gives us the best results for enriching B2B contacts and has the best success rate of finding email addresses."
Picto - Customer testimonials
I cut my closing time in half!
Kevin Mamode

Kevin Mamode

Digitools - Digital Agency
"With Dropcontact integrated into my Pipedrive, I divided my closing cycle by 2 or 3, saving almost 15 hours/week on sales. This allows me to make better quality propellants."
Picto - Customer testimonials
Emails with the best delivery rates!
Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume Moubeche

lemlist - Cold Email tool
"After testing almost every tool on the market, I realized that Dropcontact gives us the best results for enriching B2B contacts and has the best success rate when it comes to finding email addresses."
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tye vs Dropcontact Pricing

tye's pricing is calculated according to the size of your database. You will also get charged between $0.12 and $2.24/data set depending on their size and needs.

Dropcontact's pricing varies depending on how many contacts there are in your CRM and how many users licenses you own. Our 5000 CRM contacts plan starts at just 26€/month. Ask for your customized quote 😘

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