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The best FullContact alternative to clean up your CRM

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Dropcontact - Best integration CRM tools to clean up your data


Dropcontact the "all-in-one" tool to clean and enrich B2B contact data

Thanks to Dropcontact's one-of-a-kind algorithm-based technology, not only can you enrich your contacts with the freshest data possible, but even better: our tool is 100% automated and works in the background while you focus on your sales!

Automatic email finder and checker in your CRM

Email finder and verifier

Automatic detection, and merging of duplicates in CRM

Detection, and merging of duplicate

Real-time, up-to-date data

Real-time, up-to-date data

100% GDPR guarantee

0 database - 100% GDPR

Why Dropcontact is the best CRM integration to keep up-to-date data in comparison with FullContact?

Dropcontact has developed its own search algorithms for duplicate detection and professional address emails and contact information: 100% GDPR compliant

Native CRM integration to clean it up : Dropcontact
Picto - Dropcontact best integration in your CRM in 1 click

Best CRM integration

FullContact is not natively integrated into CRMs. You will need to integrate it by using their API and an automation tool.

Dropcontact, on the other hand, is fully integrated into your CRM. Once activated, it instantly starts working in the background, allowing you to focus on your tasks without even thinking of data enrichment!

As of now, Dropcontact is natively integrated within Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce (and more soon!). So if you use one of these CRMs, you simply need to connect your Dropcontact API key for our tool to start cleaning and enriching your data.

Dropcontact is one of the best CRM tool to merge your duplicates
Picto - Detection and automatic merginf of duplicates in your CRM

Detection and merging of duplicate

Dropcontact detects all duplicated contacts and companies (even if they don't initially have common data).

FullContact also detects matching profiles in your database. However, even though they have a "merge contact" feature, it is not automated 🥺

On the contrary, once Dropcontact has detected duplicates, the tool automatically merges them! Even better, it does it without losing information about the contact or company.

Dropcontact works in real-time. FullContact doesn't
Picto -Dropcontact delivers up-to-date data

Up-to-date and 0 obsolescence

When using Dropcontact's integration in your CRM, every time you add or modify a contact or company card in your CRM, our tool automatically updates all the information🔥 As it is algorithm-based and doesn't use any databases, it's the most up-to-date solution for email enrichment on the market.

Regarding FullContact, since it extracts information from third-party sources, outdated data can be expected. No matter how fast the database is updated, it relies on its sources to be up-to-date in order to be accurate.

By the way, are you sure all the people in these databases have consented to the use of their private information by third parties?

Dropcontact is 100% GPDR compliant, fullContact is not
Picto - Dropcontact is the only 100% GPDR compliant CRM tools

100% GDPR compliant

Dropcontact works thanks to a powerful algorithm, and never uses or stores data in a database. Moreover, your data never leaves your own CRM so no one else but you can have access to it.

This allows us, and our clients, to stay within the European Union legislation regarding data privacy. At Dropcontact, we are very proud to be the only GDPR-compliant data enrichment solution 👑

FullContact, on the other hand, collects, stores, and uses individuals' personal data. You have to ask to not appear in thier database

FullContact: A tool to consolidate personal data about individuals

FullContact is used to build social profiles of customers and leads, by enriching and updating data. The tool is also able to find and add new contacts that could be of interest to your business.

FullContact claims to be able to return data on nearly every adult in the US… (so even your girlfriend or your grandma 😉) Which is, indeed, very impressive!

However, at Dropcontact, as we use an algorithm to retrieve data, we are able to enrich business contacts no matter where they are in the world! And only business email addresses and business information.

FullContact Dashboard

How does FullContact work to enrich data?

FullContact's main feature is Identity Resolution, a solution that consolidates all the data of an individual or a company available on multiple platforms such as messaging systems, social media profiles, photos, blogs, Google and iCloud contacts, etc.
They use machine learning to determine the accuracy of the data and databases to store the information.

However, be aware that in order to stay GDPR compliant, you should never source information through private channels, nor store it in a database.
Think about it, would you be ok with everyone having access to your (or your loved ones) personal data? At Dropcontact we use an algorithm to retrieve only B2B information, so your private information is safe with us 😉

FullContact: A tool to consolidate personal data about individuals

Dropcontact is much more than a data consolidation tool for the US market! We are a worldwide data enrichment solution with multiple amazing features:

Logo - Email enrichment by Dropcontact
FullContact - CRM tools to clean up your CRM

Email Finder

✅ Dropcontact is one of the best Email Finder. From a full name and a company, we are able to provide you with a verified email address.

✅ FullContact consolidates individual data such as contact information and personal details from a stocked database.

Email Verifier

Dropcontact checks and qualifies every email address within your CRM in real time.

✅ FullContact checks emails and deletes invalid or harmful emails.

Duplicate data detection

✅ Dropcontact detects all duplicated contacts and companies (even if they don't initially have common data).

✅ FullContact detects matching profiles in your database.

Automatic merging
of duplicate data

✅ Once Dropcontact has detected duplicates, the tool automatically merges them without losing information about the contact or company.

❌ FullContact has a "merge contact" feature that allows you to review said contacts beforehand. It's not automatic.

Normalization of data

✅ Dropcontact also normalizes and standardizes all CRM data: First name, last name, gender, LinkedIn URL…

✅ FullContact extracts data from multiple sources to enrich your contacts' data. The pain is we don't know the sources of FullContact.

Keep up-to-date data

✅ Every time you modify a contact or company card in your CRM, Dropcontact's algorithm automatically updates all the information.

❌ Since it extracts information from third-party sources, outdated data is expected with FullContact.

Alert about a significant change

Dropcontact alerts inform owners in case of a major change: position change, company change…

❌ FullContact doesn't provide significant change alerts.

GDPR Compliance

✅ Dropcontact doesn't use any database to find, verify or enrich your CRM data. Moreover, your data stays in your own CRM.

❌ FullContact collects, stores, and uses individuals' personal data.

Native and complete
CRM integration

✅ Dropcontact is natively integrated with Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce. Every process is automatic in the background. Be focused on your real-value: selling your amazing product

❌ FullContact has to be connected to your CRM with an external automation tool. You need to have some technical resources.

Picto - Customer testimonials
Emails with the best delivery rates!
Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume Moubeche

lemlist - Cold Email tool
"After testing almost every tool on the market, I realized that Dropcontact gives us the best results for enriching B2B contacts and has the best success rate when it comes to finding email addresses."
Picto - Customer testimonials
Can't find a more reliable and consistent tool since 2019


Data Enrichment is perfectly solved by Dropcontact with a lot of data returned and by time more and more data available. Data cleaning is also really helpful for using those infos into variables within my emails. All of that is easily accessible
Picto - Customer testimonials
Definitely a tool that must be part of a CMO stack
 Elsa Groschaus

Elsa Groschaus

Marketing Consultant
I first used Dropcontact as CMO and I found the tool very easy to use with a good value for money and excellent customer care. Later, as a Marketing consultant, I recommended it to many of my clients and I always had very positive feedback.
Picto - Customer testimonials
Great enrichment solution providing reliable & trustable data
Benoît Dubos

Benoît Dubos

Dropcontact provides email, but also additional firmographic & employee information. When information is provided in the input, they validate it. In a nutshell, the solution is fairly flexible & user friendly, while still being highly reliable.
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FullContact vs Dropcontact Pricing

FullContact only charges when the tool has enriched your data. Their Business plan starts at 499$/month for 50,000 matches (a match is when data has been retrieved).

Dropcontact CRM integration is a subscription-based tool. Pricing depends on the number of contacts in your database and the number of licenses you own. Our 5000 CRM contacts plan starts at just 26€/month. Ask your customized quote

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