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How to exceed the 70% opening rate of your B2B emails?

How to exceed the 70% opening rate of your emails? Is it a good strategy to engulf your prospects in completely impersonal emails, but sent in large quantities? Not sure.

Shoot straight... That's the keyword for successful prospecting.

When you carry out prospecting campaigns, you want to reach as many people as possible. It is pretty standard. But these people still need to respond.

You don't need to bother sending out large quantities of emails if you want to get a tiny number of returns. You'd just be wasting your time.

Twenty thousand leagues under the emails

Is it a good strategy to swallow your prospects under completely impersonal emails, but sent in large quantities? I'm not sure.

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Yet, sending mass emails is a widely used B2B prospecting approach since switching from expensive paper mail to emailing.
Lately, a particular approach consists of collecting contact information from prospects on social networks.

Some tools are used to extract Facebook members lists or LinkedIn groups or get people's phone numbers and email addresses directly from their LinkedIn or Twitter profile.

But these services are disappearing one after the other. LinkedIn has pushed many companies to remove their coordinate extraction tools, such as Hunter, Datananas... which have had to change their product and their model (and sometimes for the better). Facebook has even caused companies to close down, like Grouply and Scraply.

On the other hand, Viadeo has lost a lot of its audience, becoming less and less interesting to collect prospects.

Google has announced it will block third-party Chrome extensions from September 2018. Only extensions installed from the Chrome Web Store will be allowed.

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So, how to exceed the 70% opening rate of your emails?

Since it may soon no longer be possible to retrieve prospect lists as easily on social networks, we may see an intensification of Inbound to retrieve subscriptions and email addresses in :

  • Requesting contact information to access white papers
  • Requesting contact information when registering for demos
  • Collecting contact information at trade shows or webinars

The advent of one-to-one

The strategy of acquiring contacts en masse to send them standard emails is becoming increasingly obsolete. First of all, the GDPR makes it more delicate or even unusable in some cases.

Secondly, because these emails are easily spotted and end up largely as spam, they have little chance of being read!

But above all, because the time is more and more for one-to-one 👩👨. Prospects are now much more receptive to personalized messages. They no longer accept receiving lots of irrelevant emails. These prospects reject these emails and return a bad image of the sender.

So, it is essential to know your prospect and to make him feel that you have written an email at the time, just for him.

This trend has given rise to the cold email strategy. There are now solutions that mimic human behavior, giving the impression that messages are sent one by one by hand. By combining this type of tool with message personalization, the device is less likely to be spotted, and emails do not end up as spam. Opening rates are then undeniably better (rates above 70% are often the norm).

In one sentence: base your winning strategy on personalization and precision! 🎯

Personalize the contact without wasting time searching for information

How can you personalize your customer relationship, engage in straightforward communication if a first name is not correctly written, if you don't know the gender of the prospect or if the professional nominative email address is missing?

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For example, a generic address such as contact@, home@... does not allow any personalization. It is much more relevant to have a professional personal address to know who you are addressing.

To individualize your contact, you need to know as much information about the person as possible. But often, your prospect file only contains the lead's first name and their company name. Don't go looking for information on each prospect on the list one by one! That would take a long time without even guaranteeing a satisfactory result.

Dropcontact has created its email finder and B2B enrichment tool to save time while efficiently searching for your contact information.

You import your prospect base, and the solution enriches the information needed to make effective contact.


  • Adds gender (Mrs/M) and corrects first names (spelling, capitalization): personalize the relationship and address your prospects in the best possible way
  • Searches for professional nominative email addresses from first, last and company names only. To enable you to address your prospects directly.
  • Specifies salary range and industry sector so that you can segment your base for your campaigns.
  • Optional: Dropcontact adds social networks
  • If your CRM is Pipedrive, then we have great news for you, Dropcontact is fully integrated with Pipedrive 🔥🧠🌈!

All this automatically and in 1 click! ⚡

Reach your prospects thanks to Dropcontact 💥

100 credits are free! 🎁

Most frequently asked questions

What does opening rate mean?

An opening rate is the proportion of emails that have actually been open by your recipients after the start of your emailing campaign. ‍

What's a good opening rate?

A good Cold Email should at least have a 70% opening rate!

How can I personalize my emails?

Dropcontact was created to save you time, by searching for your contacts' information for you.
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