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How to automatically remove duplicate contacts?

tips to merge B2B leads contacts

When you are about to contact a prospect, you want it to be quick and easy: open your contact file ➡️ find his contact details ➡️ contact him. That's all.

But what to do when searching, you realize that this person appears several times in your data, with several different email addresses and various information?

Tom Hanks is lost in his e-mails

Problems that undermine your marketing and sales actions

Duplicates in your prospect files can cause several problems:

  • You send the same email to the same person several times. That will inevitably annoy the prospects concerned 💢 and make them feel that they are of little importance to you and that they are just one of many potential customers. In short: to undermine your credibility.
  • Duplicates create a mess in your files. Result: you have trouble finding the contact details of your prospects/leads/customers and waste valuable time on this unproductive task ⌛️.
  • You may end up with different data for the same prospect in different places. Which phone number to select? Which email? Which one is up to date? You don't know what information to remember. Either you choose one at random and risk making a mistake, or you spend time trying to find the right contact information without being sure you will succeed... The prospect risks being abandoned!
  • The data of the same prospect is scattered among your different contact files. For example, a single phone number on your smartphone 📱 and the name and email in your CRM 💻. Once again, you don't find the information you need quickly, and you waste too much time.

Current solutions do not solve the problem

A few solutions exist to identify inevitable duplicates. But once these have been identified, we are back to square one: what information should I keep?

What B2B leads information should I keep?

Many duplicate merge solutions require you to verify (validate or invalidate) to choose which information you want to keep before the final splice.

👉 But you don't know that. You're going to choose at random. Moreover, this is practically the same as removing duplicates by hand and still takes up too much of your time. In addition to being long, such a treatment is not practical. Again, back to square one.

The problem becomes even more complicated when it comes to merging duplicates between files from different sources. Currently, no solution offers such a merge.

Duplicates and files from different sources

... or almost 😉

Automatically and intelligently merged duplicates ✨

Dropcontact merges duplicates of your customer files even without a common field. That is a unique feature of Dropcontact: the solution identifies the same person into two files that have no common field.

The fusion is fully automatic 🤖, you have absolutely nothing to do! Nothing to validate/invalidate: in case of conflict of information, our algorithms find which one is valid and relevant to keep.

Dropcontact splits files from different sources between them! Let's take the example of duplicates between your smartphone and your CRM: the solution merges them!

Dropcontact integrates directly into Salesforce and Pipedrive

It's so easy to have good duplicate contacts!

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