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Pipedrive CRM review

Looking for the perfect CRM? You're about to find out if Pipedrive is the CRM for you!

To review the basics, go find out why you need a CRM! 🤗

What is Pipedrive?

Created in 2010, Pipedrive is an online CRM software that combines simplicity of use and high performance, with a sales pipeline among the best on the market. Its ergonomics and affordable prices are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pipedrive is used by nearly 100,000 companies across 179 countries worldwide 🌍. A success rewarded by many positive reviews. Pipedrive is rated 4.5/5 among more than 2 500 reviews on Capterra.

So is Pipedrive the right CRM for you? Discover the features this CRM offers, its advantages and disadvantages, its price, and our general opinion.

Who is Pipedrive CRM for?

With its ease of use, Pipedrive is particularly recommended as the first CRM for a small or medium-sized business.

🫵 Overall, if you are a SME or a start-up looking for a tool to streamline your sales processes and better organize your teams, then Pipedrive is the perfect solution.

In addition, the prices are much more affordable than other more (too?) complete solutions and are perfectly adapted to the budgets of small companies.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more complete CRM, and you want to develop your marketing team, while avoiding multiplying too many tools, there is probably a more suitable solution.

Finally, if you are a larger, more established company with more experience, Pipedrive may not be the most suitable software.

Pipedrive's main features

Contact management with Pipedrive

Contact records gather all the useful information about your prospects and customers:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Current position
  • etc.

Good to know: Contact records are adaptable to your needs thanks to custom fields. Be sure to add all key information useful for your business. This will allow you to better filter, prioritize and segment your contacts for future mailings. 🎯

Contact records also contain the history of exchanges and actions related to your contacts and/or their companies. This greatly facilitates communication and collaboration between the different departments. The data added by a Salesperson can be used by Support or Marketing, and vice versa. No more misunderstandings or omissions!

A contact record in Pipedrive

How to import your contact database into Pipedrive?

If you do not have a CRM prior to using Pipedrive, you can easily import the data present in a .csv document.

You also have the possibility to import your Google, Apple, and Miscrosoft contacts.

If you already use another CRM solution, Pipedrive can also facilitate the migration of your contacts.

🧹 Take the opportunity of importing your contacts to clean up your database. Dropcontact integrates natively with Pipedrive and allows you to clean and enrich your database of contacts and companies.

Pipedrive's sales pipeline

Pipedrive CRM for salespeople

Pipedrive's best feature is definitely its sales management tool. The foundation of a CRM, sure, but Pipedrive does it exceptionally well 👌

Pipedrive allows users to add deals in a single click, and specify their value, priority and desired timeframe for completion.

All accounts appear in the pipeline, in a "kanban" format, to accurately view opportunities at each sale stage.

Good to know: You can customize the different steps of your sales tunnel so that it fits your internal processes. You can also better distribute the tasks for each team member and thus dispatch your efforts to optimize your conversion rates. 🤜🤛

✔️ Email tracking: Access to the history of all past exchanges directly in the contact records, direct access to emails on the platform, sending of emails directly with Pipedrive, bidirectional synchronization, notifications when a message is opened, etc.

✔️ Task and appointment management: Pipedrive acts as a to-do list, a calendar, and a diary for sales representatives! You can add a task or send an invitation directly in a contact record to save time and efficiency.

✔️ Automate repetitive tasks that are part of the sales process through easy integration with third-party applications.

✔️ Customizable dashboards and analysis reports updated in real-time: You better manage your objectives and keep track of your performance indicators. In addition, you can monitor your revenue forecasts at the global level, or at each stage of your sales funnel. Without having to constantly report data in spreadsheets 🥰

Pipedrive CRM for marketing

Pipedrive also offers resources for marketing teams. The advantage of marketing tools integrated with your CRM? Having your contacts' data at your fingertips to segment and personalize your communications.

In a Pipedrive CRM, your contact records are instantly updated so you can instantly see what campaigns they have received, whether they have opened the emails, if they have responded, etc. 🕵️

Pipedrive CRM pour le marketing

Here is everything you can do as a marketer in Pipedrive:

✔️ Create forms to include in your landing pages in order to generate new leads. Leads records will be automatically created in your CRM.

✔️ Email communication: Send bulk emails, use customizable drag-and-drop email templates.

✔️ Automation of emailing or Cold Email campaigns

✔️ Analytics of your campaigns directly in your CRM software, without using other tools. Such as open rate, click rate, etc.

A significant time saver, which will boost your conversion rates 💪

Pipedrive CRM's app

In a world where teams are increasingly mobile, Pipedrive gives you all the keys to continue working efficiently remotely. 📱

With the Pipedrive app available on both iOS and Android, you can take your CRM with you everywhere.

The app allows you to access all your data anywhere, anytime, and also offers many features when you are on the go: 

✔️  Take notes directly in your CRM during your meetings with your prospects/customers,

✔️  Planning of activities, even when you're offline,

✔️  Scan documents directly in the app,

✔️  Identification of customers and prospects located in the area.

Pipedrive's application is among the most extensive offered by CRMs.

Integration of your tools in Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers over 350 integrations with applications available on the marketplace. Among the many possibilities that will allow you to boost your CRM, you will find : 

👉 Synchronization of your emails, contacts and calendars from Google, Outlook, iCloud, etc. 

👉 Various lead generation tools: Surfe (formerly Leadjet), Dux-Soup

👉 Your favorite emailing and cold email tools: lemlist, Woodpecker, Quickmail, etc.

👉 Accounting software: Stripe, Quickbooks, QuarterOne, etc.

👉 Project management and communication tools: Trello, Asana, Slack, Monday, Zoom, etc.

👉 Automation tools, like Zapier.

Need a tool that is not natively integrated? Connect any additional application through Pipedrive's open API.

The Pipedrive marketplace offers more than 300 applications that can be integrated with your CRM

The Pros and Cons of Pipedrive CRM

✅ It's not just a lot of hype, Pipedrive is really easy to use and to get started! Whether you are an experienced CRM user or a total newbie, you will easily get the hang of it 🫶

✅ The features dedicated to Sales are very effective, yet simple. They will perfectly meet the needs of small sales teams.

Excellent value for money. Admittedly, it is a less complete tool than its competitors (Salesforce, or Hubspot for example). But what Pipedrive does, it does well! And its prices are among the cheapest on the market.

❌ The marketing part is less developed than in other solutions. To make it usable by your communication teams, you will need to get your hands dirty to connect other tools and create automated workflows.

❌ There are no free plans. You can test Pipedrive for 14 days, but once you want to adopt it, you will have to take out a paid subscription. Well, let's keep in mind that this is one of the cheapest CRMs on the market.

Dropcontact x Pipedrive integration

Dropcontact is natively integrated with Pipedrive to take your CRM into a whole new dimension: clean, up-to-date and enriched data 💚

Did you know that each member of your sales team spends an average of one hour a day refreshing their contact database? That's a lot of time.

Say goodbye to those long hours of optimization, updating, and enrichment. Dropcontact does it for you, in the background, allowing everyone to focus on their core tasks!

The integration of Dropcontact in Pipedrive allows to: 

💚 Automatically enrich your contacts as soon as you add them to your CRM (Add verified and qualified email address, business phone number, civility, LinkedIn profile, etc.)

💚 Clean the data of your contacts and organization records (inversion of name/first name, addition of capital letters, deletion of emojis or special characters, information in their corresponding fields).

💚 Detect and automatically merge duplicates of your contact and company records in your CRM.

💚 Consolidate existing data in your CRM by automatically retrieving information from email signatures and copying it into the contact records (mobile, direct line, job title).

And all this automatically, without you having to lift a finger!

Moreover, Dropcontact is 100% RGPD compliant since the tool does not use any stored data, but relies on an algorithm to enrich your contacts in real time. The tool does not store any personal or professional data and never has access to the information in your CRM.

Dropcontact integration in Pipedrive does not require any technical knowledge. No need to call on developers, you just have to fill in your API key.

So what are you waiting for to bring your CRM into the clean data era?

Moreover, Dropcontact is 100% RGPD compliant since the tool does not use any stored data, but relies on an algorithm to enrich your contacts in real time. The tool does not store any personal or professional data and never has access to the information in your CRM.

👉 Try Dropcontact integration in Pipedrive free for 14 days!

Pipedrive's plans and pricing

Pipedrive's pricing is easy to read and understand. And believe us, in the world of CRM, that makes a difference! 🥹

Pipredrive offers several plans depending on your specific needs: 

  • Essential Plan: from 14,90€/user/month, for basic functionalities, as well as 3000 open deals and 30 custom fields in your CRM records.
  • Advanced Plan: from €24.90/user/month, for more advanced features, including full email synchronization, bulk emailing, appointment scheduler, workflow automations, and up to 10,000 open cases and 100 custom fields per contact and company record. 
  • Professional Plan: from 49,90€/user/month, for everything you might need to boost your sales, including sending contracts or quotes, unlimited dashboards and managing your goals. This plan also includes 100,000 open deals and 1000 custom fields per record. 
  • Enterprise Plan: from 99€/user/month for all the features offered by Pipedrive with unlimited VIP support, an unlimited number of open cases, and unlimited custom fields.

👉 Learn more about Pipedrive's pricing

For each plan, Pipedrive offers a 14-day free trial, with no obligation and no need to provide your credit card information. Don't hesitate to take advantage of it!

Good to know: Pipedrive also offers a referral program.

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