The best AeroLeads alternative

The best AeroLeads alternative Dropcontact is the most powerful B2B contact enrichment tool for powerful prospecting campaigns.

The alternative to AeroLeads for B2B email enrichment

Email Finder and B2B enrichment : Dropcontact


Dropcontact is one of the only solutions on the market to enrich all your B2B data without using any personal database.
Dropcontact has developed its search algorithms, to provide verified, up-to-date, and guaranteed effective contact data for your prospecting.

Without any database, Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR compliant solution on the market.

Dropcontact - 100% GDPR email enrichment solution

100% GDPR compliant

The best email finder alternative : Dropcontact get up-to-date and real-time data

Enriched data in real-time

Email finder alternative : Dropcontact verifies all information provided

Email verification

Why Dropcontact is the best alternative to AeroLeads

Dropcontact searches and enriches the email addresses of your B2B contacts. Its algorithms use no database and work in real-time.

The best B2B email finder and data enrichment tool : Dropcontact

B2B email finder
and enrichment

Dropcontact provides the email addresses of your B2B contacts thanks to its search algorithms. All you need is a name, a first name, and a company to get an email address.
The algorithm enriches this information in real-time, without using any nominative database. This allows you to get all your contact information verified, and up to date.

💡Every year more and more people change companies, which makes about 33% of your contact data obsolete. The algorithm helps solve this obsolescence problem.

👉🏻 More about Dropcontact Email Finder and enrichment feature

AeroLeads has a database of over 100 million email addresses, and about 7 million contacts.
Every time a user searches, fills in, or corrects data, AeroLeads stores it and uses it to enrich its database.

Therefore, when you want to enrich or find an email address in AeroLeads, the solution will tap into its database of contacts to find the information.

If the information is not available, then it will propose a pattern reconstruction of the email address, without guarantee of validity.

Dropcontact : The best alternative to Snov.io to find and enrich email addresses
Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR solution that verifies professional email addresses
The 100% RGPD compliant email finder tool

A 100% GDPR compliant tool

Dropcontact enriches the contacts you already have. Thanks to algorithms and research and development, Dropcontact does not use any nominative database. It enriches all your B2B contacts in real-time and does not store any data. This makes it one of the only 100% GDPR compliant solutions.

AeroLeads offers to buy B2B contact databases already built, from its source database of about 7 million contacts.

It is also possible to obtain personal email addresses and phone numbers upon request.
This data was collected on LinkedIn, via "partners" or during user enrichment. The origin of this data and its use can be a cause for reflection.

In addition, according to the GDPR law, to offer personal data for resale, these users must have given their prior consent.

Have you checked if you were in the AeroLeads database? Have you given your consent to the resale of your data?

The best B2B emails verifier tool : Dropcontact

B2B emails verification

Dropcontact systematically verifies the email addresses provided.
Our test servers allow us to obtain a validity rate of 98% for the enriched email addresses. (for catch-all domains > 85%).

👉🏻 Discover Dropcontact pro email verification

AeroLeads has developed an email address verification feature. But you need to subscribe to a paid option for AeroLeads to verify your email addresses.
Moreover, the email addresses provided during the enrichment process are verified approximately.

Email verifier and GDPR tool : Dropcontact
 Dropcontact the only solution that merges duplicate contacts
B2B SaaS tool = B2B contacts and companies duplicate merging

Contacts and companies duplicate merging

Each duplicate contact is detected by Dropcontact. These are merged during enrichment, allowing you to refresh and clean up your B2B lead base.

👉🏻Duplicate detection and merging feature

AeroLeads does not detect when you have multiple duplicate B2B contacts and therefore does not merge them.

 CRM integration to automatically enrich contact records with Dropcontact

CRM integration

Find Dropcontact integration in Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot CRMs. When Dropcontact is natively integrated into your CRM, it enriches all your contacts and leads. Then it detects possible duplicate contact records and merges them.  ✨

With each new contact created in your CRM, Dropcontact enriches and corrects the record. Your CRM is perfectly sound, and each of your data remains yours.

👉🏻 Dropcontact CRM integration

AeroLeads is connected with Zoho, Hubspot, and Salesforce.
It allows you to send contact searches directly to these CRMs, but without any duplicate management.

CRM integration to enrich, update and merge contacts cards

AeroLeads vs Dropcontact pricing

Logo - Email finder alternative

AeroLeads pricing

  • Starting at $44/month for 1,000 queries limited to basics function
  • Without commitment
  • Limited to one user (Multi-user option on higher plans)
  • Free plan: 10 queries per month, with many usage limits

👉🏻 See Aeroleads pricing

Dropcontact logo - the best Email Finder alternative

Dropcontact pricing

  • From 24€/month for 1,000 credits
  • Without commitment
  • No user limit
  • Free test: first 100 credits offered. 🎁
  • Free plan: 25 credits/month

👉🏻 See Dropcontact pricing

Dropcontact searches for your B2B contact's email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile, and company information. Only one credit is required 😉

AeroLeads vs Dropcontact features

📨 Email

Logo - Email enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo Alternative - B2B data enrichment

Email Finder and B2B data enrichment

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

With a last name, a first name, and a company name, Dropcontact searches and enriches the email address of your contact. It is also possible to enrich a contact from his LinkedIn profile.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

AeroLeads searches for email addresses in its database or suggests email addresses based on the company's pattern and domain name.

B2B email qualification

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact qualifies email addresses into different categories to find out their nature.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

AeroLeads qualifies email addresses as business or personal.

B2B email checking, verification and correction

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact verifies every email address found, using its own algorithms and test servers. When you already have an email address, Dropcontact checks it and corrects it if it is wrong.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The emails entered by AeroLeads are verified. And offers a paid email verifier feature in parallel. AeroLeads does not correct your wrong email addresses. On the other hand, it uses user corrections to enrich its database.


Logo - B2B contact enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo alternative - B2B people enrichment

Add the civility

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The civility of your prospects is detected and added by Dropcontact to best personalize your communications.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

The civility of your contacts is not added by AeroLeads.

First name + last name correction and normalization

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact corrects and normalizes first and last names, adding capitalization.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

AeroLeads adds capitalization but does not correct accents.

Duplicate contacts detection and merging

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Thanks to its technology, Dropcontact detects and merges all your duplicate B2B contacts.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

AeroLeads detects and does not merge your duplicate contacts.

Add the contact's LinkedIn profile

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact adds the LinkedIn profile of your contacts.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

AeroLeads adds the LinkedIn profile but the results are poor.

Add the contact's nominative phone number

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

In compliance with the GDPR, Dropcontact only provides business phone numbers and does not provide private phone numbers.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Your prospect's personal phone number is added if AeroLeads has it in the database.

🏢 Company

Logo - B2B company enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo alternative - B2B email enrichment

Add the contact's company and its website

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Company information is added by Dropcontact: SIREN and SIRET numbers, VAT number, address, NAF code, salary range, sector of activity, etc. Thanks to the company name, Dropcontact adds the company website.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The website is added by AeroLeads. And AeroLeads adds the company's business area, salary range, address, turnover, etc.

Add the company LinkedIn page

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact adds the LinkedIn profile of your contact's company.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

The LinkedIn profile of the company is not added by AeroLeads.

🗂 Database file

Logo Dropcontact - Enrich B2B databases
B2B database : Email finder and data enrichment

Email enrichment via a contact list

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

It is possible to upload a list of contacts in xls or csv formats for Dropcontact to enrich. The file enriched by Dropcontact is exportable to xls format.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

When you upload a contact file in csv format to the platform, AeroLeads enriches it. After the enrichment by AeroLeads, the file can be exported to xls format.

🔌 API and integration

Dropcontact logo - API and CRM integration to enrich B2B data
Logo alternative - API and CRM integration

API and Zapier integration available

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact API allows you to use it in many other tools, or to create enrichment queries. Dropcontact integration with Zapier allows you to create automatic prospecting workflows for considerable time savings.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

AeroLeads offers an API key to integrate the solution into different prospecting tools. AeroLeads has a Zapier integration.

CRM integration to enrich, update
and merge B2B contacts

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact integrates natively with several CRM: Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

AeroLeads is connected with Zoho CRM, Hubspot and Salesforce.

⚖️ Fresh data

Dropcontact logo - 100% GDPR compliant solution
Logo alternative - GDPR compliance

Real-time Email Finder tool and GDPR compliant

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

No data is stored by Dropcontact. The enrichment works only with real-time search algorithms. This makes it a 100% GDPR solution.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

AeroLeads enriches your data partly through a database of more than 100 million email addresses and other information on no less than 7 million contacts. But the origin and freshness of this data is not indicated.

They prefer Dropcontact

Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Can't find a more reliable and consistent tool since 2019


Data Enrichment is perfectly solved by Dropcontact with a lot of data returned and by time more and more data available. Data cleaning is also really helpful for using those infos into variables within my emails. All of that is easily accessible
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Visionary Marketing - Digital marketing agency

Yann Gourvennec

Visionary Marketing - Digital marketing agency
"The contact database is a business's Achilles heel, especially when the business can't afford to spend enormous amounts of money. I was expecting something good, but not as impressive as this."
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
The best tool to find emails
Reputation VIP - Digital agency

Sylvain Laneyrie

Reputation VIP - Digital agency
"After testing almost every tool on the market, I realized that Dropcontact gives us the best results for enriching B2B contacts and has the best success rate of finding email addresses."
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
I cut my closing time in half!
Digitools - Digital Agency

Kevin Mamode

Digitools - Digital Agency
"With Dropcontact integrated into my Pipedrive, I divided my closing cycle by 2 or 3, saving almost 15 hours/week on sales. This allows me to make better quality propellants."
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AeroLeads vs Dropcontact benefits

Logo - Email Finder alternative

The AeroLeads benefits

Aeroleads has a database of about 100 email addresses, and information from 7 million contacts. This makes it an interesting email finder solution.

The application also allows you to check your emails (extra option), and to organize lists of prospects to organize your campaigns.

Dropcontact logo - the benefits

The Dropcontact benefits

Dropcontact enriches the B2B data you already have and does not use any database. The information is provided in real-time so that it is as up-to-date as possible.

The integration of Dropcontact in your CRM saves a lot of time when you enter a new contact, it is enriched instantly. Your CRM is continuously updated and stays healthy.

The other alternatives to AeroLeads

There are so many solutions to enrich B2B email addresses

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