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Prospecting on LinkedIn: The technique for leveraging your connections

Prospecting for LinkedIn connections

Prospecting on LinkedIn is about acquiring and contacting new prospects.

The approach is always to acquire new contacts and prospects whether it is via Linkedin's messaging system, automated invitation, message sending solutions, scraping, or cold email tools.

Yet, there is one consistently underutilized resource: your hundreds of LinkedIn connections 🧐

There are prospects/leads that exactly match your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) among your LinkedIn connections.

These are potential customers you are forgetting.

But that's not all!
There also are all your management, Market/Sales team, or employees LinkedIn connections...

That's tens, hundreds of thousands of free leads that are unprocessed 😵

Here's how to leverage these leads in an automated and hyper-personalized way 💥

Why always look for new leads?

💡 If you add up the LinkedIn connections of all your employees, you will already have a considerable lead base.

Most likely, you have only contacted your LinkedIn connections once.

But there is only a tiny chance that you did it at the exact moment they needed your solution or product 👎 (it's all about the MOMENTUM)

Almost everyone underestimate these potential leads and don't take advantage of them.

The following approach will allow you to improve your lead acquisition ROI while automating your follow-ups in a hyper-personalized way 🔥

Exporting LinkedIn connections for prospecting

The connection export feature is free and is currently still available on your LinkedIn account.

It allows you to export all your LinkedIn connections to a CSV file.

Several helpful prospect information to fetch on LinkedIn:

  • First name
  • Name
  • Company
  • Date of connection
  • Position of the person

To get it from your LinkedIn account, go to Preferences and Privacy.

linkedIn - Preferences

In the "Get a copy of your data" section, select ✅ Connections and Request Archives :

LinkedIn - How to import your contacts
Exporting your LinkedIn connections

After a few minutes, you will receive the CSV file via the email address you entered in Identification and Security.

Using personalized email to prospect on LinkedIn

Simple drag & drop of the file on Dropcontact:

Enrich your LinkedIn contacts on Dropcontact
Dropcontact drag-and-drop to enrich your LinkedIn contacts

And there you have it!

Using first name, last name, and company name, Dropcontact will enrich your LinkedIn contact list with verified business email addresses for approximately 50-80% of your file.

🎯 You get not only verified business email addresses but also valuable information that will allow you to personalize your message:

  • Titles
  • Business telephone number (GDPR compliant)
  • Company's sector of activity
  • Last published turnover
  • Salary band
  • ....
LinkedIn data enrichment by Dropcontact
Before / After by Dropcontact
💡 Adding the website to your file will allow a better rate of email address enrichment by Dropcontact robots. To maximize your chances of contacting your prospects, retrieve the website of your contacts' companies with a LinkedIn scraping tool.

So far, so easy... Now it's up to you to identify the potential leads you'll be prospecting on LinkedIn.

In this base of LinkedIn connections, there are prospects but also partners, friends, schoolmates...

A little sorting is needed to define the target group potentially interested in your product/service.

💡 Always define your target, spend time on copywriting and personalization before moving to automation on larger volumes.

👉 Play with variants: according to the activity, the amount of the last published turnover, the function of the person...

Thanks to the professional information contained in the file, segments will emerge on which you will be able to send your personalized prospecting campaigns.

Prospecting on LinkedIn with a multi-channel campaign

Bonus: we show you the trick that will boost your conversion rates!

Multi-channel is efficient to create the MOMENTUM, the right time and place to get in touch with your lead.

multi-channel prospecting: email - linkedIn
On target!

With the correct use of multi-channel techniques, you will work miracles 🙌

The principle is to create (at least) two points of contact with your prospect to offer them several ways of getting in touch with you.  

We will use cold email prospecting, and sending a LinkedIn inMail.

Sending a Cold Email is to contact a prospect via his professional email address for the first time.

This practice is reserved for B2B because opt-in is not legally required for personal email addresses.

These leading multi-channel solutions will allow you to set up the following prospecting workflow:

So here is the technique that boosted our response rates 🔥

First, you send your cold email, and when the person opens it, they see your proposal.

⚡️ Then, using open tracking, you automate sending a LinkedIn message within 30 minutes of the email being opened.

A summary of the workflow 👇

Magic workflow to prospect with LinkedIn and Cold Email

Your contact then takes place in a context, when the person still has you in mind 💥

Replying to an email can seem commercially engaging to a prospect;

Whereas a LinkedIn message is more informal, less engaging... Easier to ask questions 😉

Email allows you to present your product/service, and LinkedIn chat will enable you to make direct contact 💬

You can now schedule a follow-up in a few months for prospects who have not answered.

These untapped leads are already in your acquisition process, so again, don't forget them and make the most of them 😇

Most frequently asked questions

What's momentum?

The momentum is the exact moment when your prospects need your solution or your product.

Which piece of information can be useful to prospect on LinkedIn?

First name, last name, company name, occupation, industry, etc. can all be useful for your prospecting on LinkedIn.

Which contact details does Dropcontact enrich?

Dropcontact enriches the title, the professional phone number (GDPR compliant), the company's industry, their latest published revenue, their salary grades, etc.
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