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Top 10: the best email warm-up solutions


As a reminder, Cold Emails allow you to contact your leads automatically, but in a way that mirrors a human. In short, Cold Emailing involves contacting prospects who don't know you, hence the term "cold".

Moreover, these prospects probably don't know your product or service, so it's essential to prepare your sequence well.

To that end, we reveal the 7 steps to sending the perfect Cold Email 🚀

On the other hand, Cold Emails are often sent from an unprepared domain upstream, which has consequences on deliverability, and therefore of the Cold Emails engagement rate!

To make sure your campaign reaches peak performance, we recommend "warming up" your mailbox beforehand. The purpose of the warm-up process is to show email providers that your mailbox is active and that it has some seniority to ensure that all your mails are delivered and no longer land in spam.

To that end, we've created this top list of the 10 best warm-up solutions 🔥

Folderly is a platform which offers several services and functionalities:

  • Increase your deliverability rate
  • Improve your email structure
  • Analyze your email content
  • Preserve your inbox reputation



In addition to heating up your inbox, the tool analyzes the content of your emails, analyzes your templates and provides you with personalized recommendations.

Room for improvement

The tool is relatively expensive: from $200 a month for a single mailbox


From $200 per month per user for full Folderly functionality

Free plan

Folderly does not offer free trials or free plans.

👉 Discover Folderly

Instantly.ai is a warm-up software that maximizes your chances of getting meetings and deals.

Thanks to Unlimited Warm-Up, your emails will never go to spam again, and your reputation is more optimized than ever.

Instantly.ai has over 200,000 mailboxes, ready to interact with yours to improve your deliverability.

Moreover, you can manage all your Cold Email campaigns directly within the tool 🚀



Instantly.ai validates the email addresses in your database and verifies your SPF, DKIM and DMARC domain settings.

You can customize your email campaigns by adding variables such as first name, city or job.

Define your sending sequences based on precise time factors and maximize your deliverability.

Room for improvement

The functionalities of the Growth package are much more limited than those of the Hypergrowth package. To ensure a wide range of features, it is therefore preferable to opt for the Hypergrowth formula.


The Growth package at $30 per month lets you heat up as many mailboxes as you like, up to 5,000 emails per month.

The Hypergrowth package at $77.6 a month lets you send up to 100,000 e-mails a month.

Free plan

Instantly.ai does not offer a free plan, but a free trial is available for both subscription packages.

👉 Discover Instantly.ai

lemwarm is a tool launched by lemlist that connects directly to your lemlist account (handy if you're already a user 😉)

The platform is based on the number of emails you want to send per day and works via a "Sending & Reply" system. Your email is sent via lemwarm, then removed from spam boxes and various categories to land in your recipients' main inbox.



lemwarm is very easy to use: all you have to do is connect your mailbox to benefit from the warm up and increase your deliverability rate 💚

Room for improvement

If you're not a lemlist user, this can be an expensive alternative. On the other hand, if you choose to become a user, you'll benefit from a $50 lemlist subscription (and lemwarm is included in the price!).


The Essential package starts at $29 per month and enables you to significantly increase your deliverability. To benefit from even more features, you'll need to opt for the Smart package, which lets you schedule e-mail deliveries or create e-mail clusters.

Free plan

No free plan, but lemwarm is included in all lemlist subscription packages 🤘

👉 Discover lemwarm

MailFlow is a warm-up solution that allows you to land directly in the inbox, rather than in the spam folder.

The solution works with all email providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).


MailFlow offers additional features to warm-up emails. These include :

  • Verification of your SPF and DKIM domains
  • Monitoring of blacklisted domains, to let you know if yours has been blacklisted
  • Management of your mailbox reputation

Room for improvement

The price of subscription packages is quite high compared with other warm-up solutions.

What's more, the formulas are restricted to a limited number of emails sent per day and per email address, and not per month.


The Silver Pool at $49 per month lets you send up to 30 emails per day for 100 email addresses, while the Gold Pool at $99 per month lets you send up to 50 emails per day for 100 email addresses.

Free plan

MailFlow offers a free plan that lets you send up to 5 warm-up emails a day and check your SPF and DKIM.

👉 Discover MailFlow

MailReach is a warm-up platform that gives you your "spam score" and helps you reduce it to increase your deliverability and contact your prospects using Cold Email. The tool sends emails to a whole list of mailboxes to test deliverability.

MailReach determines your Spam Score and adapts to the type of mailbox you're targeting: personal or professional.

MailReach then provides you with information relating to your email, such as words potentially considered as spam factors, or the tool checks your SPF, DKIM and DMARC domains.



MailReach is compatible with all email providers.

You can also track the performance of your Cold Emails directly within the tool.

MailReach is easy to use, and takes just a few minutes to launch.

Room for improvement

The absence of a free plan and free trial means that you can't test the solution before taking out a monthly subscription. However, for the 1st month, you receive a 20% discount.


From $25 per mailbox per month to send up to 90 emails per day.

The Scale package at $19.50 per month allows you to heat from 6 to 100 mailboxes.

Free plan

MailReach does not offer a free plan.

👉 Discover MailReach


All email providers are compatible with Saleshandy.

The service uses algorithms to improve your reputation and deliverability.

Analyze the performance of each of your mailings, directly in Saleshandy

The warm-up service is directly integrated into your Cold-Email tool, so you only pay for one Saleshandy subscription!


Room for improvement

Saleshandy offers just two plans, with a substantial price differential.


The basic package starts at $27 per month to benefit from the warm-up and add up to 2,000 leads.

The Pro package at $79 per month lets you add up to 25,000 leads and send up to 125,000 emails per month.

Free plan

No free plan, but a 7-day free trial.

👉 Discover Saleshandy


TrulyInbox warms your inbox and improves your email reputation. The solution is based on a system reproducing human interactions that'll increase your deliverability and improve your reputation with email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, or even Yahoo.

TrulyInbox has a very affordable pricing with its 12$ Starter plan, which makes the solution appropriate for every type of company.

The platform provides detailed reports to offer a global overview of your email campaigns' performances.

monitor performance


TrulyInbox is integrated with all email service providers (Yahoo, GoDaddy, Zoho, Office 365 Outlook, Gmail...)

The interactions created by the platform give way to an authentic warm-up system.

Room for improvement

TrulyInbox does not offer a free plan.


  • 12$ per month for 5 email accounts and 50 emails sent each day from each account
  • 49$ per month for unlimited email accounts and 1500 emails sent each day from each account
  • 79$ per month for unlimited email accounts and 7500 emails sent each day from each account
  • etc.

Free plan

TrulyInbox does not have a free plan but offers a 7-day free trial for each of its plans. 

Warmbox is a warm-up tool that automatically sends emails to your mailbox and interacts with them like your leads to increase your deliverability. Warmbox sends "realistic" emails from your mailbox, removes them from the spam box, then responds positively to increase your reputation.

You'll then receive a detailed report on the performance of your interactions, so you can track the evolution of your deliverability.



The tool has over 35,000 mailboxes ready to interact with your domain.

You have the option of adding multiple mailboxes to the tool. ‍

Warmbox's settings are diversified, allowing you to perform warm-up tests:

-The Grow option lets you gradually warm up your mailbox

-The Flat option continuously and linearly warms up your mailbox

-The Randomize option randomly warms up your mailbox by sending it more or fewer mails‍

You then have the option of determining the sending timing, the number of emails sent per day, or even the desired response rate.

Room for improvement

The price difference between the subscription packages is considerable: the first Solo package at $15 per month warms up one mailbox, sending up to 50 emails per day. To heat up 3 e-mail addresses, you'll need to opt for the Start-Up package at $69 per month, to send up to 250 e-mails per day.


Warmbox's first Solo subscription is priced at $15 per month for 1 user.

The Start-Up formula is priced at $69 per month for 3 users

Finally, the Growth formula is priced at $139 for 6 users and 500 emails sent.

Free plan

Warmbox does not offer free trials or free plans.

👉 Discover Warmbox

Warm Up your Email is a warm-up tool that uses a real human team to "warm up your mailbox" before sending your Cold Emails.

This team sends, responds and creates engagement with your mailbox.‍

After simply connecting your mailbox and defining your campaign parameters (volume of emails sent per day, email content, etc.), the tool warms up your mailbox based on 3 steps that constitute engagement:

  • The e-mail is opened
  • A team member then replies
  • Finally, the e-mail is removed from the spam folder.

Once you've made this commitment, you'll be able to track the performance of your email by monitoring several indicators (percentage of emails sent, open rate, response rate, etc.).


Warm up your email integrates with many email providers (Outlook, Gmail, Mailgun, Zoho, etc.).

Precise analysis of your email performance

Warm up your email

Room for improvement

The number of emails sent is limited according to the subscription formula chosen (between 50 and 100 emails processed per email address per day).


  • $29 per month for a single email account
  • $49 per month for 3 email accounts
  • $99 per month for 8 email accounts

Free plan

Warm up your email is free for Mailshake users 💪

👉 Discover Warm Up Your Email


Warmy.io is a warm-up tool which uses an Artificial Intelligence system to "warm your inbox" before sending Cold Emails. Warmy can reproduce "human" interactions to improve your experience when sending emails and to avoid your falling into spam.

Warmy.io can be adapted to every type of structure and has a variable pricing, depending on the needs of each user. 

You can for instance schedule your warm-up when sending emails and get detailed reports for each campaign.

All the performances of your emails can e tracked with several indicators (percentage of sent emails, opening rate, response rate, etc.)


Warmy.io is integrated with several email service providers (Outlook, Gmail, SMTP).

The interactions created by the platform give way to an authentic warm-up system.


Room for improvement

Warmy does not have a free plan.


  • 49$ per month for one user sending 1 000 emails each month
  • 129$ per month for one user sending 5 000 emails each month
  • 189$ per month for one user sending 10 000 emails each month
  • etc.

Free plan

Warmy does not have a free plan but offers a free 7-day trial.

Most frequently asked questions

What does "warming up" mean?

Warming-up is essential for emails that are sent from a new IP address and/or a new domain name.It's better to start sending a small number of emails each day, to start slowly so that you can later on send more emails.Warming-up your IP address means sending emails progressively rather than in big batch, while keeping a high engagement level.This process is essential when you get a new IP address or a new domain name for your emailing campaigns.Warming-up is vital if you want to build a good sender reputation and get an optimal deliverability rate.

Why should I warm-up my email?

Warming up your IP and your email account will allow you to establish your sender reputation and boost your chances that your personalized emails are delivered to your recipients.It's an essential step when launching marketing or Cold Emails campaigns.

What's Cold Emailing?

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