The real-time B2B data enrichment solution. No database required: verified and up-to-date information.

The best People Data Labs alternative

Dropcontact is the only Email Finder that does not use a database but only algorithms to generate 100% GDPR compliant B2B contact data.

The alternative to People Data Labs for enriching B2B emails

Email Finder and B2B enrichment : Dropcontact


With its powerful search algorithms, Dropcontact can generate business email addresses in real-time.

Dropcontact does not use any database. 
Beyond ensuring up-to-date and real-time contact data, the solution is GDPR compliant.

Dropcontact - 100% GDPR email enrichment solution

GDPR compliance

The best email finder alternative : Dropcontact get up-to-date and real-time data

Systematically up to date

Email finder alternative : Dropcontact verifies all information provided


Why Dropcontact is the best alternative to People Data Labs

Dropcontact works differently than other solutions on the market. It is the only solution that uses algorithms to find B2B emails.

The best B2B email finder and data enrichment tool : Dropcontact

B2B email finder
and enrichment

To find an email address, Dropcontact has no database: only the real-time algorithm. This allows Dropcontact to fight against the obsolescence of your prospect bases.

Did you know that? Today, more than 33% of your contact data becomes obsolete after one year.

Moreover, there are no geographical limits: our algorithms work the same way everywhere in the world to generate an email address.

That allows us to be constantly up to date in the data we provide without being impacted by the B2B contact data's obsolescence. 

 👉🏻 Discover Dropcontact email finder and enrichment feature

People Data Labs has built up a database of +1 billion email addresses over the years.

For each API request, it searches the information in its database to give it back to you.

Data stored in a database must be regularly refreshed to be always up-to-date (every quarter for People Data Labs).

Dropcontact : The best alternative to to find and enrich email addresses
Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR solution that verifies professional email addresses
The 100% RGPD compliant email finder tool

A 100% GDPR compliant tool

The General Data Protection Regulation prohibits the resale of nominative data, i.e. data that refers to a person, without the consent of the person in question.

Can you imagine that 2.5 billion people agree with selling their data to third parties?

Dropcontact does not use any nominative database and that is why the use of the solution is compliant with regulations.

The best B2B emails verifier tool : Dropcontact

B2B emails verification

All pro email addresses provided by Dropcontact pass the verification test.

This is included with the Email Finder 🔥

👉🏻 Discover Dropcontact pro email verification

People Data Labs recommends using a third-party service for email address verification.

Email verifier and GDPR tool : Dropcontact
 Dropcontact the only solution that merges duplicate contacts
B2B SaaS tool = B2B contacts and companies duplicate merging

Contacts and companies duplicate merging

Dropcontact automatically detects and merges all your duplicate contacts and prospects. Without any manual intervention, this allows you to have a clean and up-to-date B2B database.

👉🏻Discover automatic duplicate merge

People Data Labs does not detect duplicate contacts.

 CRM integration to automatically enrich contact records with Dropcontact

CRM integration

Dropcontact integrates with the leading CRMs on the market to update all your CRM data in real-time.
 ✔️ Each Contact or Company record is automatically enriched with the email address, LinkedIn profile, civility, business sector...
 ✔️ Each duplicate is automatically merged.
 ✔️ On Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot.
 ✔️ Dropcontact does not use CRM data: it is yours.

 👉🏻 Dropcontact CRM integration

 People Data Labs is not integrated with CRMs for lead data enrichment.

CRM integration to enrich, update and merge contacts cards

People Data Labs vs Dropcontact pricing

Logo - Email finder alternative

People Data Labs pricing

  • The first plan is $249 for 1,000 contact enrichments per month
  • 1,000 API calls are offered at account opening and available for 1 month
  • People Data Labs is a no-obligation solution

👉🏻 See People Data Labs pricing

Dropcontact logo - the best Email Finder alternative

Dropcontact pricing

  • Available from 29€ for 1,000 contact enrichments per month
  • Upon account creation, you can test your first contact file 🎁
  • Free version: 25 credits/month (access to all features)
  • Dropcontact is a no-commitment solution, you are free to up/downgrade or cancel your subscription as you wish

👉🏻 See Dropcontact pricing

1 Dropcontact credit is for enriching, verifying, and updating all the data of contact and their company. 💪 Right deal

People Data Labs vs Dropcontact features

📨 Email

Logo - Email enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo Alternative - B2B data enrichment

Email Finder and B2B data enrichment

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact generates a verified email address:

  • From the first name, last name, the domain name (or company name)
  • From a LinkedIn URL
  • From a SIRET/N number, a company name, a website for French companies.
Check - Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs stores more than 1 billion personal and professional email addresses. For each request to its API, the email address is provided if it is found in the database.

B2B email qualification

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The nature of the email address is qualified: @pro, @perso, nominative@, generic@.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs specifies only if the email address is personal or professional.

B2B email checking, verification and correction

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The verification of the email address is part of the enrichment process. And Dropcontact identifies potential errors and corrects them.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs does not systematically verify the provided contact data. People Data Labs does not detect errors in an email address.


Logo - B2B contact enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo alternative - B2B people enrichment

Add the civility

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact adds "Mr.", "Ms." to include gender in your communications.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs provides the gender of the person.

First name + last name correction and normalization

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact rectifies the inversion of First Name / Last Name, restores capital letters, accented characters.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs does not correct and normalize the format of the full name of the contact.

Duplicate contacts detection and merging

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact merges duplicate contacts without manual intervention.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs is not able to merge contacts or organizations.

Add the contact's LinkedIn profile

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact provides you the person's LinkedIn profile.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs provides you the person's LinkedIn profile.

Add the contact's nominative phone number

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

The mobile number is personal and non-public data. In compliance with the GDPR, Dropcontact does not provide personal numbers or email addresses.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs holds over 600 million mobile numbers in its stored database.

🏢 Company

Logo - B2B company enrichment by Dropcontact
Logo alternative - B2B email enrichment

Add the contact's company and its website

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

The company is added with all its legal information, as well as its website. 

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs adds the company and its related data including the website. 

Add the company LinkedIn page

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact provides you the company LinkedIn page.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs provides you the company LinkedIn page.

🗂 Database file

Logo Dropcontact - Enrich B2B databases
B2B database : Email finder and data enrichment

Email enrichment via a contact list

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

You only have to drop a prospecting file on the application to enrich it with all the information. After processing file by Dropcontact is available immediately.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Still, via a developer API, People Data Labs enriches contact lists by batch. It is not possible to upload a contact file. 

🔌 API and integration

Dropcontact logo - API and CRM integration to enrich B2B data
Logo alternative - API and CRM integration

API and Zapier integration available

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact API is available to enrich your contact data in all your applications. Connect Dropcontact to +2500 tools via Zapier to integrate your lead data enrichment.

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs works 100% through a developer API but doesn't have Zapier integration.

CRM integration to enrich, update
and merge B2B contacts

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Data enrichment, verification, update and merge duplicates directly into Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot CRM. 

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs doesn't have any CRM integration.

⚖️ Fresh data

Dropcontact logo - 100% GDPR compliant solution
Logo alternative - GDPR compliance

Real-time Email Finder tool and GDPR compliant

Check - Alternative Dropcontact

Dropcontact does not use databases but generates real-time information through algorithms. 100% GDPR compliant.

Don't check -  Alternative Dropcontact

People Data Labs holds over 2.5 billion profiles in a database that is stored and enriched continuously. The GDPR stipulates that it is forbidden to resell data referring to a person without his agreement. See what we mean? 🤔

They prefer Dropcontact

Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
The best tool to find emails
Reputation VIP - Digital agency

Sylvain Laneyrie

Reputation VIP - Digital agency
"After testing almost every tool on the market, I realized that Dropcontact gives us the best results for enriching B2B contacts and has the best success rate of finding email addresses."
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Great tool to optimize your contact list and get verified emails
 BucksApp Corp

Emilia Cardenas

BucksApp Corp
There's nothing I dislike about Dropcontact. It has been a great tool to optimize our sales process and get to the inbox of qualified leads. I recommend Dropcontact highly.
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Can't find a more reliable and consistent tool since 2019


Data Enrichment is perfectly solved by Dropcontact with a lot of data returned and by time more and more data available. Data cleaning is also really helpful for using those infos into variables within my emails. All of that is easily accessible
Dropcontact choice to enrich B2B emails
Definitely a tool that must be part of a CMO stack
Marketing Consultant

Elsa Groschaus

Marketing Consultant
I first used Dropcontact as CMO and I found the tool very easy to use with a good value for money and excellent customer care. Later, as a Marketing consultant, I recommended it to many of my clients and I always had very positive feedback.
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People Data Labs vs Dropcontact benefits

Logo - Email Finder alternative

The People Data Labs benefits

The enrichment of data by People Data Labs is done 100% via a developer API. The tool is designed to enrich contact data automatically in all your tools, software, databases...

The PeopleData Labs database is continuously enriched and can provide up to 500 data points for one person.

☎️ You can find a lot of personal and business mobile numbers. People Data Labs holds over 600 million numbers in the US, 400 million worldwide.

Dropcontact logo - the benefits

The Dropcontact benefits

Dropcontact doesn't work like other email finder and business data enrichment solutions. We have created algorithms capable of finding a prospect's business email address without using databases.

The data is constantly up to date, as it is generated in real time 🔥 in your files, via the API, or directly in your CRM.

We have also developed test servers for verification that deliver ever more reliable data.

Beyond the performance without geographical limits, it's fully compliant with the European GDPR, the Californian CCPA, the Brazilian LGPD.

The other alternatives to People Data Labs

There are so many solutions to enrich B2B email addresses

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