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Top 20 best B2B Email Finders in 2024

The 20 best Email Finders and B2B data enrichment tools

Finding professional emails, enriching contacts with the public telephone number, adding the LinkedIn profile, and all company information (website, LinkedIn page, address, NAF code, SIREN, and SIRET, workforce, last published turnover....) is essential for sales and marketing teams.

Before choosing your email finder and data enrichment solution, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the data fresh and up-to-date?
  • How is the contact information provided? Has the resale of contact information been explicitly agreed upon by the user?
  • Is the contact information checked in real-time and corrected if necessary?
  • Have the emails and contact information been verified?
💡In 2024, contact data has an obsolescence rate of 33% per year! This increasing obsolescence is due to the velocity of employees' companies changes.

In the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to any business that collects, processes and stores personal data, the use of which can directly or indirectly identify an individual.

Similar regulations are in place in other regions, such as CCPA (California Consumer Pricavy Act) in the US.

In order to be GDPR compliant, you have to make sure that you follow several rules:

  • The contact must have given explicit consent to allow transmission of their data to partners.
  • The contact must be able to identify the partners (or various recipients) of their data directly from the form or the page where the collection of their personal data was carried out.
  • If a new partner enters, the contact must be informed.
  • A person's consent is only valid for the list of partners at the time of acceptance. It is therefore forbidden to provide their data to new partners without the person's explicit consent.

Do Email Finders and data enrichment services that use stored databases meet all these criteria?
Where does the data come from if it is not public? Has each individual authorized the resale of their data? How and where is the data stored?

🏆 To help you chose the best service, we've put together a list of the 20 best Email Finders and B2B contact enrichment tools in 2024.

Let's go!

Dropcontact is a SaaS solution that enriches, cleans, and corrects contact data without any human intervention.

The solution works exclusively with proprietary algorithms and test servers. Unlike all enrichment solutions, Dropcontact has no contact databases. That makes Dropcontact the only 100% GDPR compliant solution.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Dropcontact

What do we like about Dropcontact?

Dropcontact is the solution that has the highest rate of found AND verified emails

Dropcontact guarantees to have enriched, clean, and above all up-to-date data while being GDPR compliant (0 database, real-time algorithms)

Dropcontact does not rely on any database. It only uses algorithms and test servers to enrich and verify your contacts' business and personal email addresses in real-time.

All email addresses provided by Dropcontact are up-to-date and verified.

What could be better?

Dropcontact does not allow finding merchants, artisans, self-employed, or public services email addresses.

For the moment, Dropcontact admits to having less successful results on public service contacts,in Spain or in the Netherlands. Stay tuned ☺️

Dropcontact pricing

  • From €24: 1,000 credits/month with no user limits

A credit (or search) equals a contact line's verification, correction, and enrichment.

👉 Check Dropcontact's pricing

Dropcontact free plan

  • Available: 25 credits/month, and the first 100 credits are free 🎁

👉🏻 More about Dropcontact

Hunter.io is probably one of the most used solutions for finding business email addresses. Hunter.io claims to store over 100 million business email addresses.

B2B email verification is an additional service to enrichment.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Hunter.io

What do we like about Hunter.io

Hunter.io provides you with the email addresses of contacts you already have. The tool allows you to find emails and enrich a contact based on the domain name alone.

What could be better?

With Hunter.io, once you have found the professional email address, you need to verify it. Indeed, when searching for the email address, Hunter.io qualifies it with a confidence rate. This percentage may be high, but it can be invalid after checking the email address with their solution!

Therefore, it is necessary to use another credit (so paying twice) to check the validity of the email addresses that you have just purchased. This step is essential, as not all the data provided is necessarily up-to-date.

Hunter.io uses retrieved and stored data. Business contact databases have an obsolescence rate of over 33% per year! Businesses are changing more and more frequently and rapidly.

Also, do you know where all this data came from and was stored?

Hunter.io pricing

  • From €34: 500 credits* for email search + 1,000 credits* for email verification / month / user

Research credits and audit credits are separate.

Hunter.io free plan

  • Available: 25 email search credits and 50 email verification credits/month

👉🏻 Hunter.io vs. Dropcontact

Thanks to its LinkedIn extension, Lusha makes it possible to find someone's business email address and phone number, and their personal phone number, in a single click.

Lusha claims to have a database of 100 million business profiles, 60 million business and personal email addresses, 50 million personal phone numbers.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Lusha

What do we like about Lusha Email Finder?

Lusha is an Email and Phone Finder. The solution provides the personal phone numbers and email addresses of millions of people.

The Lusha extension allows you to retrieve almost all of a person's data (email address, and business and personal phone numbers) directly from their LinkedIn profile.

What could be better?

The transparency and origin of the data in the databases stored by Lusha are unclear. According to their statement "Lusha collects information from publicly available sources and from its business partners who participate in building and improving the Lusha community." But, have the people in these databases explicitly given their consent?

Have you tested whether your data is available? Did you give your consent?

Lusha bases its process on the collection and storage of email addresses and mobile phone numbers. The obsolescence rate of a contact database is about 33% per year! Employees are changing companies faster and more frequently. This rate is continuously increasing.

Lusha pricing

  • From $71: 80 credits* / month / user

A credit is used to enrich a contact's email, phone number, and information.

Lusha free plan

  • 5 credits/month

👉🏻 Lusha vs. Dropcontact

RocketReach allows you to find and verify business emails. The solution claims to have 450 million pieces of business data in 17 million companies and 1.8 billion personal profiles.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: RocketReach

What do we like about RocketReach?

RocketReach is a B2B data enrichment tool that is pretty easy to use and implement in your sales and marketing workflows.

What could be better?

The data provided by RocketReach is stored... In addition to the legal aspects, is the data really up-to-date?

Today, the obsolescence rate of B2B data is more than 33%, and this figure tends to increase. Providing fresh data is, therefore, a fundamental challenge.

RocketReach pricing

  • From €32: 125 research credits*/month

A credit is debited for each search.

RocketReach free plan

  • No free plan, only 25 research credits offered at registration

👉🏻 See RocketReach vs Dropcontact comparison

Among its multiple services, Snov.io offers email enrichment and verification.

Snov.io uses its database of over 260 million personal and professional email addresses and scraping to enrich your contacts and leads.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Snov.io

What do we like about Snov.io?

Snov.io allows finding +260 million personal and professional email addresses. By proving a company's domain name (or simpply its name) you can get all of the addresses available, without specific targeting.

The Snov.io extension allows you to retrieve all the email addresses in their database directly from the company's website or the person's LinkedIn.

What could be better?

The obsolescence rate of B2B data is currently > 33%. Updating is therefore essential. Stored data (beyond the GDPR aspect that it implies) cannot be updated in real-time. Furthermore, do you know the source of this data? Has it been authorized for resale by its owner?

Even if Snov.io checks the email, if it is not considered valid, it is not updated. (Dropcontact is the only solution that updates an email address when it is not valid anymore.... and for one credit only 😉)

Snov.io pricing

  • From $33: 1,000 credits*/user/month

Searching for the email is worth one credit, and checking it is worth 0.5 credit.

Snov.io free plan

  • 50 credits/month, but exporting the enrichment results is not available.

👉🏻 Snov.io vs. Dropcontact

VoilàNorbert is an email enrichment application based on algorithms, databases, and third-party data to verify each email.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: VoilaNorbert

What do we like about VoilàNorbert

VoilaNorbert is directly integrated into Gmail thanks to its extension.

What could be better?

It is not possible to use the enrichment and verification tool in one go. You have to pay to enrich AND verify emails that VoilaNorbert just provided. Furthermore, VoilaNorbert does not provide phone numbers.

The source of the data provided by VoilàNorbert is not transparent. It claims to use a "large database and third party data" without further explanation. That raises the question of the degree of updating of the data transmitted. Knowing that the obsolescence rate of B2B contact data in 2024 is about 33%, the data provided via a database cannot, therefore, be fresh and up-to-date.

When you buy such personal data, do you know where it comes from?

VoilàNorbert pricing

  • From $4: 100 leads*.

The VoilaNorbert enrichment tool does not work on a subscription basis - you pay for each file you enrich according to the number of contacts in your file.

VoilàNorbert free plan

  • No free plan but a 50 lead trial upon registration

👉🏻 Voila Norbert vs. Dropcontact

Anymail Finder is an email finding solution based on pattern recognition and emails found on the web.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Anymail Finder

What do we like about Anymail finder

Searching by "Job title" allows you to find and enrich emails with new leads in a fairly targeted way, without going through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

What could be better?

AnyMail finder is priced above other B2B email enrichment solutions on the market and does not find recent data such as people who have changed companies or jobs. The job title search function is ultimately limited and does not provide 100% fresh data.

The B2B contact data found directly on the Internet has become very limited: less and less data is available on websites. The results are therefore partly stored. That raises the question of the accuracy of the data provided by Anymail Finder.

Contact information change fast: the obsolescence rate of B2B data is about 33% per year in 2024. And this rate is growing.

Anymail finder pricing

  • From 29€ / month: 200 verified email search credits

One credit equals the addition of a verified email.

Anymail finder free plan

  • No free plan, but a trial of 90 credits trial.

👉🏻 Anymail finder vs. Dropcontact

FindThatLead, a Spanish solution, allows you to find the email from the first name, last name, and website of your contacts by crawling companies' websites.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: FindThatLead

What do we like about FindThatLead?

FindThatLead provides tested email addresses and qualifies them (correct, from public data on the company's website, Catch-All, incorrect).

What could be better?

FindThatLead's email enrichment tool only provides the person's email without enriching it with their other contact and company data. If the email is not correct, FindThatLead does not offer a new and updated email address.

When crawling company websites, the data provided can therefore not be thorough and up-to-date for several reasons:

  • Very little data is still available directly on the Internet
  • The data still present is often obsolete
  • Recovered and stored contact information has a 33% chance of being out of date after one year!

No API is available.

FindThatLead pricing

  • From $7.5: 500 credits*/month/user

An email credit corresponds to the search OR verification of an email.

FindThatLead free plan

  • 50 credits are offered at registration to test the tool, but you can not enrich files by the import.

👉🏻 FindThatLead vs. Dropcontact

Leadfuze displays a database of 300 million professionals and 14 million companies to find and enrich your contacts or leads. Leadfuzz provides and enriches business and personal emails, and phone numbers.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: LeadFuze

What do we like about Leadfuze?

Leadfuze is integrated with many tools: Salesforce, Pipedrive, lemlist, Dux-soup, Woodpecker, Zapier...

What could be better?

The price is high compared to all other email finding and enrichment solutions on the market.

Not all emails provided are verified or up-to-date.

Have the data owners in the databases and those of partners explicitly given their consent to the resale of their professional or personal email and telephone numbers?

Also, this is stored data. The obsolescence rate of contact information in 2024 is 33% per year. As a consequence, Leadfuse can not guarantee fresh and up-to-date data.

Have you checked whether your contact data is in the Leadfuze database?
Did you give your consent?

Leadfuze pricing

  • From $132.30: 500 credits*.

One credit equals one enhanced lead.

Leadfuze free plan

  • No free plan, but you have 25 free credits to test the tool.

👉🏻 LeadFuze vs. Dropcontact

Apollo displays a contact database of 200 million contacts in 10 million companies to search for verified email addresses.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Apollo

What do we like about Apollo?

Apollo provides contacts' business and personal email addresses, as well as mobile phone numbers.

What could be better?

Apollo claims that it has a nominative database of 200 million people in 10 million companies. The origin of this data is not transparent regarding personal data policies. When you buy this data, do you have a record of its origin?

Apollo pricing

  • From $39/user/month: Unlimited email credits*... ⚠️ The credit limit is 1 million credits per account per year for paid accounts on an unlimited plan.

An email credit gets you the addition and verification of the email address and the contact and company data. However, it does not include the addition of the direct telephone number of the contact or lead.

Apollo free plan

  • 150 credits /month

👉🏻 Apollo vs. Dropcontact

Clearbit enriches your contacts' email addresses by combining over 250 public and private data sources containing millions of stored data points.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Apollo

What do we like about Clearbit?

Clearbit's integration with Salesforce allows you to enrich your data and update it every month.

What could be better?

Clearbit declares that the data is updated every 30 days, not in real-time.

Do you know what private databases are?

Clearbit pricing

Pricing is based on CRM database size, monthly web traffic, and monthly contact creation.

👉🏻 Clearbit vs. Dropcontact

GetEmail allows you to find your leads' business and personal email addresses based on the first name, last name, and domain by recreating the most likely email pattern.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: GetEmail

What do we like about GetEmail?

GetEmail's Chrome extension allows you to find a person's professional and personal email directly from their LinkedIn profile. GetEmail validates provided emails.

What could be better?

GetEmail only provides emails based on a pattern: the number of found and validated email addresses is quite limited.

GetEmail pricing

  • From $55.86: 300 credits / month

One credit is used for each search or verification of an email.

GetEmail free plan

  • 10 credits/month

👉🏻 GetEmail vs. Dropcontact

GetProspect is a LinkedIn-only email finder. From a single profile or from a LinkedIn search, GetProspect finds the email of your leads and prospects.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: GetPropsect

What do we like about GetProspect?

GetProspect adapts to your individual or company's targeting strategy. Contact and company enrichment are clearly separated.

What could be better?

Enriching a contact simply adds and verifies the email without adding the necessary company information (website, NAF code, SIREN, SIRET, workforce, last published turnover, address ....)

The email check simply tells you if the email is valid without having to look up the correct address associated with your contact.

GetProspect pricing

  • From $34: 1,000 email credits

One email credit equals one email found.

GetProspect free plan

  • 100 email credits/month

👉🏻 GetProspect vs. Dropcontact

Sociétéinfo has a database of over 11 million B2B contacts, including 4 million generic emails (contact@, support@....) and 1 million switchboard telephone numbers.

Societeinfo offers a search engine to generate prospecting files.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: SocieteInfo

What do we like about SociétéInfo?

SociétéInfo is more suited to enriching company data than individual contact data (such as email, phone, Linkedin profile....).

What could be better?

The enrichment of a company and an individual do not occur at the same time. So you have to do things twice to have a complete contact/company record. That is a pity.

33% of the contact data in a database becomes obsolete every year. Enrichment by databases cannot, therefore, guarantee the freshness of the data (e.g., change of position or company of contacts).

SociétéInfo pricing

  • From 29€/month: 300 credits*/month

One credit equals to one personal contact OR enrichment of contact data. Enriching a company's data costs 2 credits

SociétéInfo free plan

  • Available: 25 credits/month.

👉🏻 SociétéInfo vs. Dropcontact

Nomination is a B2B contact enrichment solution that uses 1,000 different sources to collect information and deliver contact data.

Nomination claims 238,093 French decision-makers registered in its database.

What do we like about Nomination?

In addition to its Email Finder function, Nomination provides many resources: white papers, guides, business cases, etc.

What could be better?

The data provided is not necessarily up-to-date. It is only updated once a year... and manually.

Nomination is a French solution that only provides contact data of French companies.

Nomination pricing

  • Only on request

Nomination free plan

  • No free plan but a free trial

👉🏻 Nomination vs. Dropcontact

Aeroleads has a dynamic database of nearly 7 million contacts and displays all the first names/surnames in this database.

⚠️ Notice how contacts sought by a user are added to this public base. Your leads are, therefore, usable by your competitors...

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Aeroleads

What do we like about Aeroleads

In the Aeroleads interface, it is possible to use a pattern found for an email address, for all contacts and leads of the same company.

When an email is added by a user, it enrich the Aeroleads database.

What could be better?

The email finding rate is lower than competitors.

Lead enrichment is limited: Aerolead is only an email finder that works by simply adding the contact's email address, job title, and company via LinkedIn.

Aeroleads pricing

  • From $49: 1,000 credits* / month / 1 user

One credit equals to one contact added and enriched even if no result is found.

Aeroleads free plan

  • No free plan but 10 credits offered at registration

👉🏻 Aeroleads vs. Dropcontact

Zoominfo enriches and finds your contacts' and leads' emails by scanning over 38 million online sources daily and (re)using the searches performed by each of the platform's users.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: Zoominfo

What do we like about Zoominfo

The size of the Zoominfo database and the involvement of each subscriber means that the database is constantly growing.

What could be better?

Zoominfo data is geo-located in America. European data is rare.

Zoominfo pricing

  • The pricing of ZoomInfo depends on the data and features the user wants to use, and the number of users.

Zoominfo free plan

  • No free plan but a free trial

👉🏻 ZoomInfo vs. Dropcontact

Contact Out claims to have a database (emails, and business/personal phone numbers) of more than one billion contacts, or 75% of the world's professionals.

Contact Out allows you to find a person's business and personal email and phone numbers via their LinkedIn profile by retrieving data from this huge database.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: ContactOut

What do we like about ContactOut?

ContactOut allows you to find the business and personal emails as well as the mobile phone numbers of a large number of people directly via their LinkedIn profile.

What could be better?

It is impossible to import an existing contact list to add a business or personal email or find the phone number. The application is only available via LinkedIn or the Contact Out search system.

Regarding the origin of the data, do you think that more than a billion people have given their consent for their contact data to be resold?

ContactOut pricing

  • From 33$ : Access 50% of the base, 1,000 credits / month / user

With this plan, the Contact Out extension only works on LinkedIn (not Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Recruiter)

One credit equals the enrichment of a contact.

ContactOut free plan

  • 10 credits/month

👉🏻 ContactOut vs. Dropcontact

Thanks to its Chrome extension on LinkedIn, LeadIQ allows you to find and enrich the data of the LinkedIn profiles that you visit, and centralizes them directly in the LeadIQ dashboard to make them accessible to your entire sales or marketing team.

The LeadIQ database includes three main components: public information, partnerships, and community-driven database. It contains over 100 million professional profiles.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: LeadIQ

What do we like about LeadIQ?

Team management on the dashboard allows you to centralize each person's data in one place and control each member's credits and usage.

What could be better?

LeadIQ cross-references data from several stored databases containing a total of over 100 million business and personal contact data.

Are you sure that these 100 million people have given their consent to the resale of their data?

LeadIQ pricing

  • From $75 / month: 250 email credits* + 25 phone credits* / month / 3 users

An email credit gets you a verified email, and a phone credit enriches a mobile phone number.

LeadIQ free plan

  • No free plan but a 14-day trial period

👉🏻 LeadIQ vs. Dropcontact

People Data Labs offers to enrich your contacts in your different solutions or workflows thanks to its API.

Top best Email Finder and B2B enrichment tool: People DataLabs

What do we like about People Data Labs?

Each People Data Labs API call is quite fast as the data is retrieved from the database and not searched in real-time.

What could be better?

Since it's only available via API, People Data Labs can seem a bit complicated to set up for non-dev or non-tech people.

People Data Labs does not have a web app, extension, or even a sandbox of searched data.

People Data Labs pricing

  • From $249: 1,000 Contact Enrichment API calls and 100 Enterprise Enrichment API calls

People Data Labs free plan

  • No free plan but a free trial of 1,000 contact enrichment API calls and 100 business enrichment API calls.

👉🏻 People Data Labs vs. Dropcontact

Most frequently asked questions

What's an Email Finder?

An Email Finder is a tool that can enrich your contact data and complete your email database, from an existing database or with algorithms for instance.

What are the main features of an Email Finder?

The main features of an Email Finder are for instance: finding professional email addresses, enriching contacts with professional phone numbers or switchboards, LinkedIn profile URLs and all of a company's information (website, LinkedIn page, address,...)

What are the rules when it comes to GDPR compliance?

The GDPR lays out several rules: the contact must give their explicit consent before you can send their information to partners; they should be able to identify the said partners or the different recipients of their data, directly from the registration form or from the page where their personal data has been collected; if a new partner comes into play, the contact must be informed of this evolution; their consent is only valid for the list of partners given at the time of their acceptance; sending their contact data to new partners with their explicit consent is prohibited.
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