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Instantly: automate your prospection

Instantly + Dropcontact + Sales Nav + Phantombuster

Automating your prospecting while maintaining quality, hyper-personalization, and the human side of emails?
It's possible, and we are big fans 🌭 of this kind of workflow.

We'll explain everything to you.

Automating Prospecting: From Lead Generation to Cold Email


What is Instantly?

Instantly is an American Cold Emails solution, made by Cold Emailers.

Instantly allows you to create Cold Email sequences to send several thousand emails per day. 🔥 Beyond sending Cold Email, Instantly allows you to "warm-up" your domain name.
👉 Check out our TOP Warm-Up tools.

How does Instantly work?

Instantly therefore allows you to send thousands of Cold Emails per day!
But how to do it, while staying "safe" and without risk of going into the spam folder?

Instantly allows you to use different email sending accounts, without any limit. Each mailbox can be "warmed up", it's the user's decision.

Once warmed up, you can import targeted users, create Cold Email sequences and monitor your performance.

💡 The warm-up simulates human conversations in your messaging. To do this, you join a group of other people who have activated the warm-up. It's like putting your messaging on autopilot to send automatically generated emails to people (and only these people) in this group. These people respond automatically too.

This allows Google, Outlook or others to see that your account is not just a robot but that it does have a "human" behavior and that you can show good faith.

  1. You choose your targeted leads. We give you the tip for ULTRA-targeted leads and especially guaranteed to have a verified, qualified and validated email address 🔥
  2. You create your email sequence. A/B testing is available with the paid version. For each email, it is possible to personalize with: first name, last name, email, title, company, industry, city…
  3. You set the sending times. The small (big!) plus: you can choose to send emails completely randomly over time. For example, every 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 minutes.
  4. Another big plus of Instantly: You can detect automatic response emails and stop the emails to resend them later.
  5. You launch the campaign!
send Cold Emails with Instantly

Simple and effective!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the largest legal professional database in the world.

Proof of this, LinkedIn now brings together more than 930 million members, spread across 200 countries and regions around the world.

In France, LinkedIn has more than 26 million members in 2023, 202 million in the United States and 105 million in India.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the social selling tool integrated into Linkedin. It allows sales professionals to develop and manage their customer network.

Specifically, LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to finely target new prospects, understand their purchasing behavior, and interact to make them go from lead to user.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is mainly a search engine for LinkedIn, super powerful and more accurate than the "standard" search engine, with access to more filters to segment your searches.

How does LinkedIn Sales Navigator work?

Have you identified your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), aka your ideal customer whose life your product is clearly going to change? 😉

All that remains is to shrewdly filter the LinkedIn base. The filters are very precise and you can choose to exclude or include each parameter.

  • Geography
  • Position
  • Business unit
  • Seniority
  • Company change
  • Activity on LinkedIn
  • and much more…

Trouver les personnes de sa cible via LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Save the search and keep the link safe ;)

👍🏼 The lead lists are dynamic, you receive email alerts each week if an important change occurs: a company change, a post change…


Scraping Linkedin is simply essential in B2B prospecting.

What is Phantombuster?

Phantombuster is a SaaS Automation. Specifically, Phantombuster allows you to scrape many social networks: LinkedIn, Tik-tok, Instagram, Youtube,… And enrich all data (B2B to stay GDPR compliant 😉)

Phantombuster is an essential tool for Marketing teams to generate ultra-qualified leads.

How does Phantombuster work?

Phantombuster allows you to use already "templated" workflows such as:

  • Sales Navigator List Export
  • LinkedIn Search to Profile Data
  • Sales Navigator Profile Scraper
  • Sales Navigator URL Converter
  • LinkedIn Search Export
  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper
  • Et so much more

Using Phantombuster is relatively simple, you just have to be guided.

In this article, we will focus more on the Phantom "Sales Navigator Search to Emails"

  • Enter your LinkedIn Sales Navigator browsing cookie by installing the Phantombuster widget or by going to get it directly in your browser right click > Inspect > Applications > Cookies > LinkedIn > li_at
Phantombuster : Find your LinkedIn Cookie
  • Paste the link from your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search made just above 👆🏼
  • Choose Dropcontact as Email Finder / enrichment and copy your Dropcontact API key available in the application > Integrations
Import your leads into Instantly


Having LinkedIn leads is good, but having their verified and validated email… that's even better.

What is Dropcontact?

What is Dropcontact? Dropcontact is THE go-to solution for finding and verifying all professional emails while remaining GDPR compliant. And above all… Dropcontact is much more than an Email Finder, the solution is capable, thanks to its powerful algorithms, of providing:

  • Validated email address*
  • Title (for grammatical agreements)
  • Job title (cleaned)
  • Job classification (BU and hierarchical level) cleaned and standardized
  • LinkedIn profile (if you don't have it 😉)
  • Attached company
  • Continuous verification of the validity of emails
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • LinkedIn page
  • Legal representative's name
  • Activity sector
  • VAT number, SIRET, SIREN
  • Last published turnover
  • Last published result
  • NAF code
  • Postal address

In short, Dropcontact provides, without using any database, all the essential information for effective prospecting and highly personalized Cold Email campaigns.

How does Dropcontact work?

There are several ways to use Dropcontact:

To integrate Dropcontact into Phantombuster (our example 😊) nothing could be simpler… You just have to copy your Dropcontact API key and paste it into your Phantom.

Just like that

Your your Dropcontact API Key

The automation to send Cold Emails from a LinkedIn search

Automating your prospecting processes saves several hours a week for the Sales team, but also and often for the Marketing team.

Instantly + Sales Nav + Phantobuster + Dropcontact = 🔥

To take your prospecting to the next level, you have to automate.

No secret.

Some prerequisites before getting started.

You will need:

  • A LinkedIn Sales Navigator account
  • A Phantombuster account (a free version is available)
  • A Dropcontact account (the first 100 credits to test are offered 🎁, otherwise the ultra-flexible subscription is available from €29/month)
  • An Instantly account starting at €37/month

On LinkedIn Sales Navigator, prepare your search URL by filtering your leads according to your ICP criteria

Do you already have a list of companies? You can directly import your company lists into LinkedIn Sales Navigator to extract the associated leads

Copy this link into Phantombuster, in the phantom "Sales Navigator Search to Emails" specifically. Configure your phantom with your cookie, the maximum number of searches you want to do, and whether you want to limit yourself to a number of email searches per day (we don't recommend this if you have a Dropcontact subscription) and in what format you want to retrieve your file.

Then, configure your Email Finder (Dropcontact here obviously) by simply pasting your Dropcontact API key in the right field.

Launch it, and a few minutes later you get a nice, clean .CSV file with all of your target defined from LinkedIn completely enriched and with the email verified and validated at 99%!

And that's it, all you have to do is import it into your Instantly campaign and launch your campaign.

That's all?! Yes, in just a couple of steps, your automation is launched.

Tips for Optimizing the Automation of Your Prospecting

Finally, a few last tips to maximize the effectiveness of your Cold Email campaigns and prospecting in general:

  • Take the time to define your ICP upfront. That's the basics, the people you're going to address
  • Write, test, iterate… The content of your Cold Emails is ESSENTIAL. It's clearly what makes the difference:Do not copy templates already seen everywhere
  • Write as if you really knew the person
  • Personalize everything, down to the pronouns
  • Test, test, test and iterate.

Writing an excellent Cold Email often takes several days!

Most frequently asked questions

How to automate your prospecting while maintaining the quality, hyper-personalization, and the human touch of emails?

To automate your lead generation prospecting to cold email sending, nothing could be simpler with the tool kit: Instantly, Dropcontact, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and PhantomBuster.

What is Instantly?

Instantly is an American cold emailing solution, made by cold emailers. Instantly allows you to create cold email sequences to send several thousand emails per day. 🔥 Beyond cold emailing, Instantly also allows you to 'warm up' your domain name.

What is Dropcontact?

Dropcontact is THE go-to solution for finding and verifying all professional emails while remaining GDPR compliant. And above all... Dropcontact is much more than just an Email Finder. Thanks to its powerful algorithms, the solution is capable of providing: Validated email address Salutation (enabling grammatical agreement) Job title (cleaned) Function classification (BU and hierarchical level) cleaned and standardized LinkedIn profile (if you don't have it 😉) Affiliated company Continuous verification of email validity Website Phone number LinkedIn page Name of the legal representative Business sector VAT, SIRET, SIREN numbers Last published turnover Last published result NAF code Postal address
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