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Growth Hacking : Denis Cohen reveals his secrets


In 2023, does Growth Hacking still matter?

At Dropcontact, we think it simply depends on how it's done! Bearing in mind that Growth Hacking is becoming increasingly popular right now, some methods will be highly effective, while others will be less so.

Denis's method applied to Dropcontact

Make lots of hypotheses, iterate on them a lot, and eventually find methods that work.

What's the difference between Marketing and Growth Hacking?

In Marketing, we tend to invest in communication, in events, each budget is well defined. In Growth Hacking, it's about finding a smarter, more innovative way to attract customers, for example by tracking "Pirate Metrics" such as AARRR (acronym for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Recommendation and Revenue.)

Dropcontact's position in the Growth Hacking ecosystem

As a solution

Dropcontact is a solution that provides data enrichment from files (excel or txt) or via an API key. Data enriched by Dropcontact includes business email (very useful for outbound marketing), business phone number, company information, job, personal and company Linkedin URLs, etc.

As a CRM integration

Dropcontact integrates with CRMs such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, or other. This integration responds in particular to the following CRM issues:

  • Poor data quality (contacts often incomplete, non-standardized, not linked to their organization, etc.)
  • Numerous duplicates
  • Obsolete data (taking into account that by 2023, between 25-33% of data will become obsolete. The main causes being company changes, companies disappearing, etc.).

Dropcontact integration enriches, updates and standardizes data directly in the CRM, making it 100% usable and adding value to your leads (in which you've often invested a lot of money 😉 ).

How do you set up your Cold Emails strategy?

In 2023, Cold Emails are part of the agenda, to the detriment of mass emailing.

To deploy these Cold Emails, we advise you to program your sequences (preferably multi-channel 💚) and the associated follow-ups.

The importance of follow-ups

If you have an opening rate of 10% on your 1st Cold Email, you'll have the opportunity to increase your opening rate by a factor of two if you carry out two additional follow-ups.

However, it's important to remember that the tool doesn't create the lead, it's the sales person who creates the conversion, so your Cold Email needs to be top-notch!

Our advice

  • Don't use templates (which are well known to email providers and prospects)
  • Humanize the email as much as possible (add variables such as first name, gender, position, company, etc.)
  • Give a lot of importance to targeting
  • Allocate time to writing the message
  • Determine the Momentum (ideal moment) to contact your prospect by email
  • Avoid mass marketing: prefer quality before quantity

Dropcontact's Outbound strategy

Our strategy focuses on hyper-targeted outbound marketing: ABM (Account-Based Marketing).

Our "dream" customer and their "look-alike" corresponding to all similar companies.After targeting and segmenting them, we'll determine the momentum, then create a multi-channel sequence.‍

These campaigns must of course be hyper-customized (for example via gender tuning, by adding the variables first name, job etc.

To help you create these campaigns, we recommend using Chat-GPT, which in particular allows you to create icebreakers (corresponding to hyper-customized phrases to get in touch with your prospect.).

To sum up

  • Outbound Marketing in the form of Cold Emails can be an effective source of conversion, provided you hyper-personalize the content
  • Don't be afraid to use new tools, to discover AI (Google's Bard and Chat-GPT). This will put you ahead of other companies. On the other hand, it takes time, and you'll need to be patient to fully master the tool.


To listen to the Marketing and Entrepreneurship podcast, follow this link

What is IntoTheMinds?

IntoTheMinds is a market research and consulting firm operating in the field of marketing.

Projects include satisfaction surveys, B2B and B2C market research, marketing strategy, etc.IntoTheMinds works mainly with SMEs and entrepreneurs who want to improve their customer satisfaction.

IntoTheMinds welcomed Denis Cohen, CEO of Dropcontact, to talk about Growth Hacking, Outbound Marketing and acquisition strategy.

What is Dropcontact ?

The 100% GDPR data enrichment tool

Dropcontact is the benchmark tool for updating, cleansing, enriching and verifying contact data in your CRM.

Thanks to Dropcontact, you'll never waste time again on data cleansing and updating tasks and focus on your main objective: SELLING 🚀

Dropcontact integrates with every CRM on the market!

Whether via native integration in  Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce, or via customized workflows created using Zapier, Make or n8n, Dropcontact is your CRM's best ally, saving you ultra-valuable time.

Dropcontact's features

  • Dropcontact detects and merges duplicates in your CRM
  • Dropcontact generates qualified, verified and up-to-date e-mail addresses for you
  • Adds business telephone numbers
  • Adds and updates the jobs of your leads, customers or prospects
  • Adds the LinkedIn profile of your contacts
  • Standardizes information (First name, Last name, title, etc.)
  • Validates company website
  • Adds LinkedIn company page
  • Adds company legal information

Most frequently asked questions

What does Growth Hacking means?

The expression covers all the marketing techniques that allow your business to expand quickly for less money.‍

What's the difference between Marketing and Growth Hacking?

In Marketing, there's a tendency to invest in communication and events, with well-defined budgets. Growth Hacking is about finding a smarter, more innovative way of attracting new clients. For instance, you can track "Pirate Metrics" like AAAR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Recommendation and Revenue).‍

How can I launch my Cold Email strategy?

Don't use templates (which are well-known by email service providers and prospects) Humanize your email as much as possible (add variables like first name, last name, occupation, company, etc). Don't overlook targeting Spend time writing your message Find the perfect momentum to contact your prospect by email Avoid mass marketing: always privilege quality over quantity
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