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How to easily find an email address

The guide to find a real B2B email address

Why find the correct email address is important

When you set your strategy, you want to touch your target, for sure. The first step is to know your target: including his name, job title, and the most important, his email address. A good email address lets you send great cold email campaigns to contact your leads and transform them into new customers. Currently, only 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response 😱

Spending time to find someone's email address and tweak your message seems to be a good idea. It's even more essential when your lead doesn't know you.

How to find the right email address to target your lead

Is it legal to find someone's email?

Even if the French CNIL recommends opt-in your prospects, this is just a recommendation.

Sending Cold Emails is legal only if you address the B2B sector and only if your prospect gets a legitimate interest in being contacted.

💡 Learn more with these articles focus on it

⚠️ Be careful because, in B2C, you CAN'T address your prospects by email without his content. All personal emails must be opt-in without exception.

Reduce your bounce, increase your mailing efficiency when you search someone's email address

If you send marketing campaigns and do some sales actions, you should follow your performances thanks to KPI, right?

Your bounce rate is one of its, with open rate, click rate, and response rate.

Beyond a rate to put on your reports (often a vanity KPI 😉), a low bounce rate corresponds to a good contact data quality.

That is the most important!

The more your email addresses are correct, the more your chance to touch your lead and close a deal.

And, in the long term, your domain reputation will be safe.

💥 Know how to find an email address is the beginning of your sales success.

success finding the correct and verified email address

How to Find a professional's Email Address

Why search a professional email on Google is limited and outdated

Usually, the first thing we do when we search for something like an email address, we explore it on Google. But, not sure that's a good idea.

Of course, there is so much information online, especially on Google's search.

You could find someone's email address by searching their name with keywords like "email" and "contact".

You could also try some other combinations trying some alternative patterns…

But this method could take a lot of time. Too much time!

Your value is elsewhere!

Sure, it doesn't cost anything, it's free, but it's not very efficient.

You will lose your precious time trying to do that.

Moreover, fewer and fewer professional email addresses are directly present on the web.

Like you, companies have understood the consequences of being present online and displaying all team contacts. It opens the door to be contacted every hour, every minute... 🤯

The limit of pattern researches when you look for an email address

You could take your chance using patterns.

The pattern is the structure of the email address. Most of the time, a company has a unique pattern model :

  • firstname.lastname@company.com
  • f.lastname@company.com
  • flastname@company.com
  • ...

So, if you know only one correct email address of a company, you can guess other email addresses from your target's first name and last name.

⚠️ With this method, you can not verify if the email is correct, up-to-date or if it's a catch-all.

That's why searching for patterns to find an email address is very limited.

Search for an email address

The best way to search and find an email address is using an Email Finder tool.

A lot of Email finder tools are specialized to get B2B email addresses.

You can find a selection of best email finders: The top 20 best Email Finders in 2022

The best? Dropcontact for sure 😉 because the tool finds, qualifies, AND verifies all nominative emails addresses and other information before delivering you.

🧰 Dropcontact is an all-in-one tool.

Search email address one by one.

The unique research allows you to find one email address from your prospect's first name, last name, and company name (or with his website: results will be better).

Dropcontact also finds B2B email address from a URL LinkedIn profile and only from this URL.

Dropcontact unique research : how to find a verified and qualified email address

The drag-and-drop of files to find nominative B2B email addresses

Maybe you have a lot of contacts in sheets (Google Sheet, numbers, excel ou just .CSV), and you are managing them like that.

You can drag and drop your files on Dropcontact, and a few minutes later, all of your contacts are

  • verified
  • enriched
  • qualified
  • up-to-date
💡25 to 33% of data becomes obsolete per year! But that was before!
Now, when enriching your files, Dropcontact automatically identifies and enriches your contacts' details in their new companies.
🔥🔥🔥 Yes, it sounds incredible! And it is! Dropcontact makes it possible for you to keep your information up to date with no extra effort.

Search and find professional email addresses thanks to API, n8n, Zapier, or Integromat

You can automate your sales process thanks to some automation tools where Dropcontact is integrated like n8n, Zapier, or Integromat or use the API as you want.

Some scraping tools integrate Dropcontact : here

Make your CRM an automatic machine to find verified email addresses

As a Salesperson, you should have a CRM like Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot... You're lucky! 🍀 Dropcontact is natively integrated into these great CRM to:

  • Find nominative email addresses
  • Qualify each email addresses
  • Verify email address
  • And so more: identify and merge duplicate contacts or companies, add gender, LinkedIn Profile, job title, company's legal information...

Landing page: offer to receive an email address

Old-school but always very efficient: ask your audience's email address, your prospects offering good content, exclusive event... Thanks to a form, you can ask for personal information (like first name, last name, email, company website...) what you want in the function of your offer.

💡 tips: More you offer, the more you can ask for information.

How to find an email address thanks to a landing page or a form
example of a minimalist form to get verified email address using Dropcontact as email finder 💚

To be sure to get only a professional address, you can block the subscription with a nominative email address like @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, @icloud.com...

Creating a landing page and exclusive content asks time for sure. But it's a real investment. You have generated interest for your lead, and you get his nominative B2B email address. You have created a fantastic event or whitepaper that you could use in many ways in the future to generate even more leads.

Find AND verify someone's email address.

Finding an email address is OK. Being sure this email address is correct, qualified, and verified is much better.

Dropcontact is the unique Email Finder that guarantees algorithms verify all emails in real-time before delivering.

No additional costs to verify an email address. It is the Dropcontact service 💚

Find a verified email from:

  • The first name, last name, and website of your contacts: It's the best way to obtain excellent results
  • The LinkedIn profile of your lead: Dropcontact gets a nominative and verified business email address without scraping LinkedIn.
  • A first name, last name, and the company name
  • The email address: Dropcontact adds all information from the email address and verifies and qualifies it

In addition to testing and verifying email addresses, Dropcontact qualifies its:

  • @pro, @perso, or @invalid
  • Nominative, Catch-all, generic, or invalid

Bonus reverse email lookup

Maybe in your lead database, you have just the email address of your contact. Don't worry!

reverse email lookup: find contact information from an email address

From an email address, Dropcontact will verify and qualify it. It will find the company's information and probably contact data (first name, last name, and civility) to prospect and personalize your communication.

Thanks to this feature, you can segment and create different Sales scenarios to address precisely your target

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