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Prospecting in the automation era: how to be efficient and effective among your competitors

prospecting - automation era

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CRM, the heart of sales data storage for Market / Sales teams

A real prospecting machine, the CRM is considered to be the nerve center of prospecting. It enables you to :

  • Centralize and organize all information related to your prospects and customers
  • Improve the productivity of your sales teams
  • Monitor interactions with your customers
  • Manage sales opportunities

And all with the sole aim of increasing sales and improving the customer experience 💡

However, keeping your CRM up to date, organized and clean can be a (very) tedious task.

We explain in detail how to keep your CRM clean here

👉 Clean my CRM data

Secondly, you'll need to make proper use of your CRM data, hence the importance of targeting...

Targeting, an essential step in Cold Calling and Cold Emailing

Targeting is an essential step in cold calling and cold emailing (when you approach prospects who don't know you yet).

Targeting allows you to personalize your approach to make your sales pitch more dynamic, enabling your prospect to feel closer to your product, and increasing your conversion rate.

Dropcontact enriches your data and generates all the information you need for your prospecting.

Although targeting is an essential step in your prospecting, we advise you to add ALL leads (including those you consider cold) to your CRM. We tell you more here 👉 why add cold leads to my CRM

Besides, targeting doesn't just concern your Cold Emails campaigns, but also your LinkedIn prospecting. If you use Sales Navigator, you probably already know that you have the option of applying hyper-specialised search filters. 💡

To take things a step further, we'd like to share our tips on LinkedIn Boolean search with you.

Boost performance with database enrichment

Database enrichment involves obtaining up-to-date, valid and clean contact details for your contacts. Dropcontact's core business, is the solution which enables you to obtain your prospects' contact and company information solely from their first name, last name and company/website name.

The information generated by Dropcontact's algorithms includes:

  • Business name email
  • Position held
  • Civil status
  • Company
  • Website
  • Business telephone number
  • Company information (SIRET, NAF, known headcount, sales, results, etc.)

To boost the performance of your sales activities, it's essential to enrich and update your database on a regular basis. With accurate, complete and above all up-to-date data, you'll increase your chances of converting, personalize your campaigns more and boost your credibility. Test Dropcontact, the 100% GDPR solution, free of charge and with no obligation

👉 Try Dropcontact

How to automate your Webmecanik Automation enrichment?

What is Webmecanik ?

An Automation platform

Webmecanik is a platform for automating various Marketing processes with the aim of improving sales efficiency and increasing conversion rates. ‍

One of the main tools is Webmecanik Automation, which offers features such as:

  • creation and sending of personalized e-mails
  • segmentation of contacts
  • management of multi-channel campaigns
  • tracking of user behavior on the web
  • tracking and analysis of campaign performance

Webmecanik has also recently released a CRM version of its product: Webmecanik Pipeline. But the API is not yet available. Soon, soon, soon! (to enrich your Webmecanik CRM with Dropcontact, you'll need to enrich your files before importing them into your CRM).

What is Dropcontact ?

The 100% GDPR data enrichment tool

Dropcontact is the benchmark tool for updating, cleansing, enriching and verifying contact data in your CRM.

Thanks to Dropcontact, you'll never waste time again on data cleansing and updating tasks, so you can focus on your main goal: SELLING 🚀

Dropcontact integrates with every CRM on the market! Whether via native integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce, or via customized workflows created using Zapier, Make or n8n, Dropcontact is your CRM's best ally, saving you invaluable time.

Dropcontact features

  • Dropcontact detects and merges duplicates in your CRM
  • Dropcontact generates qualified, verified and up-to-date e-mail addresses for you
  • Adds business telephone numbers
  • Adds and updates the jobs of your leads, customers or prospects
  • Adds the LinkedIn profile of your contacts
  • Standardizes information (First name, Last name, title, etc.)
  • Validates company website
  • Adds LinkedIn company page
  • Adds company legal information

How to automatically update, clean and enrich the data on your Webmecanik Automation platform with Dropcontact?

Enriching and verifying all your data before sending a campaign or an email workflow is essential.

The 🗝️ to find the email, verify it and find all the data you need to prospect or build loyalty with your contacts via Webmecanik Automation.

It's very simple using Zapier.

A few pre-requisites before getting started

  • A Zapier subscription is required: the free version may be enough to get you started 😄
  • A Webmecanik Automation subscription is necessarily essential 😉
  • A Dropcontact subscription: you can test it for free, 100 credits are offered 🎁 on registration

Creating a workflow in Zapier

The idea behind this workflow is "as soon as a new contact is added in Webmecanik Automation, Dropcontact automatically enriches the contact (verified and validated email, civility, first name, last name, job, Linkedin....) and updates the record on Webmecanik Automation".

step 1

Add a Webmecanik "New contact" trigger

  • Select "Webmecanik Automation Beta" and the "New contact" event: this will trigger the workflow as soon as a new contact is added
  • Connect Webmecanik using OAuth2 authentication
  • Create your API identifiers in the general Webmecanik Automation configuration, then in the API parameter.
  • Activate APIDin "API Identifiers" ⚙️, click on "New"
  • Select OAuth 2 as authorization protocol
  • Give a name (Zapier for example)
  • Enter the callback url: ttps://zapier.com/dashboard/auth/oauth/return/WebmecanikAutomationCLIAPI/

👉🏼 Your API key is created, so you can connect Webmecanik Automation to Zapier to configure the trigger

And that's it! The trigger is configured.💡

Run a test to retrieve a data sample: the last contact created in Webmecanik Automation.

Enrich new contacts with Dropcontact

  • Add a "Dropcontact" Zap and the "Enrich Contact "event
  • Connect your Dropcontact account (the Dropcontact API is available in your account in the API and integration tab)
  • Add the appropriate data retrieved from Webmecanik Automation to each field

Step 2

Update existing Webmecanik Automation contacts

  • Last action to add: Create or Update Contact in Webmecanik Automation
  • Link each field with the previous actions
  • If the data is already present in Webmecanik Automation and you don't want to change it: Stamp the data from the first Zap
  • If the data is updated and verified by Dropcontact: Stamp the data from Dropcontact's Zap

Last step

💡 Remember to test each step, to avoid any errors in the selected fields

And now, every new contact created in Webmecanik Automation is automatically enriched by Dropcontact

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