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MIT is using Dropcontact to find, verifiy and enrich busiess email addresses
Welcome To The Jungle is using Dropcontact to find, verify and qualifiy all of his business leads
Euronext uses Dropcontact to find and verify business emails
Amazon AWS is a Dropcontact customer to enrich business contacts
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The most reliable
B2B Email Finder on the market

The only 100% GDPR compliant Email Finder

B2B email enrichment, email finder and email verifier
Detection and merging of duplicate B2B contacts
automatic correction of B2B contact files

Native integrations

Picto - Email Finder and enrichment native integrations
Phantombuster - Sales Automation - Dropcontact integration
La Growth Machine - Sales automation -Dropcontact integration
Waalaxy - Linkedin automation - Dropcontact integration
Captain Data - LinkedIn scraping and Automation - Dropcontact integration
Humanlinker take your Sales Team to the Next Level
Pharow - LinkedIn scraping - Dropcontact integration
Surfe - LinkedIn Sales Automation - Dropcontact integration
monday.com logo - Dropcontact integration
Quickmail - Cold Email tool - Dropcontact integration
TexAu - LinkedIn Automation - Dropcontact integration
SmartReach - All-in-one email outreach platform - Dropcontact integration
Pabbly - Sales automation - Dropcontact integration

All features

Dropcontact automatically centralizes
all the information about your prospects

Research and verification of BtoB emails
Picto - B2B email finder

Email Finder

A website, a first name, and a surname are enough to get a 100% GDPR compliant nominative and verified email.

All email addresses processed by our algorithms are 98% valid (for catch-all domains > 85%).

Dropcontact goes much further: automatic enrichment, cleaning, detection and merging of duplicates.

Enrich all your B2B contact data in CRM
Picto - Professional CRM enrichment

CRM enrichment

Dropcontact is the complete solution that natively integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot and Zoho CRM (soon).

Plug and play integration requires only your CRM administrator rights and is done in less than 5 minutes.

CRM data is directly enriched. You will never waste another minute managing the quality of your CRM data.

Your teams will enjoy focusing on their core tasks 💚

Enrich and verify all company data of B2B contacts
Picto - Company data enrichment

Company enrichment

Dropcontact enriches: the website, the company's LinkedIn, the industry sector , the NAF code, the salary range, the Siren number and the intra-community VAT number of French companies.

100% GDPR compliant solution : Email Finder and Email verifier
Picto - GDPR compliant email finder solution


The only 100% GDPR compliant solution.

All enrichment solutions on the market use personal databases.
However, all people in these databases must have given their consent to the use of their information by third parties.
Are you sure you have their consent?

Unlike other tools, Dropcontact uses its own proprietary algorithms and test servers to find, test and verify all data.

Picto - Customer testimonials
Emails with the best delivery rates!
Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume Moubeche

lemlist - Cold Email tool
"After testing almost every tool on the market, I realized that Dropcontact gives us the best results for enriching B2B contacts and has the best success rate when it comes to finding email addresses."
Picto - Customer testimonials
Can't find a more reliable and consistent tool since 2019


Data Enrichment is perfectly solved by Dropcontact with a lot of data returned and by time more and more data available. Data cleaning is also really helpful for using those infos into variables within my emails. All of that is easily accessible
Picto - Customer testimonials
Definitely a tool that must be part of a CMO stack
 Elsa Groschaus

Elsa Groschaus

Marketing Consultant
I first used Dropcontact as CMO and I found the tool very easy to use with a good value for money and excellent customer care. Later, as a Marketing consultant, I recommended it to many of my clients and I always had very positive feedback.
Picto - Customer testimonials
Great enrichment solution providing reliable & trustable data
Benoît Dubos

Benoît Dubos

Dropcontact provides email, but also additional firmographic & employee information. When information is provided in the input, they validate it. In a nutshell, the solution is fairly flexible & user friendly, while still being highly reliable.
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Picto - Dropcontact customers testify

How does it work ?

Picto - CRM integration to enrich your business contacts

CRM integration and connection

Integrated into Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho, Dropcontact fills in and cleans all the B2B data in your CRM.

Dropcontact goes even further: leads duplicates are automatically detected and merged, even if they have no fields in common.

Your CRM finally allows Sales team to focus on their sales!

Dropcontact is integrated with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and Zoho
Picto -  email files enrichment by Drag and drop

Drag and drop

If you do not use a CRM, Dropcontact's drag and drop solution is adapted to the processing of Excel, CSV, or .txt files.

Your files containing at least first names, last names, and websites (if not, the company name) are enriched.

It's not magic, it's the Dropcontact's algorithm.

File drag-and-drop : search, find and enrich all of your contacts
Picto - Api Dropcontact to automate your B2B lead generation


Dropcontact's API gives you unlimited possibilities to create and automate your lead generation workflows.

+ 1,200 solutions can be connected thanks to Dropcontact's integration with Zapier, Make (ex integromat) or n8n 🔥

Available Dropcontact API : Email Finder and lead enrichment
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