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TOP 15 CRM integrations 2024

Discover the best CRM integrations in 2024!

Choosing the right CRM is an essential step in your prospecting.

But what about the integrations that works with it?

Merging duplicates, checking emails, enriching and having up-to-date data,... There are many issues linked to the use of a CRM.

The question then is how to choose the right tool that will meet your needs?

🏆 To help you in your choice, we have created the TOP of the 15 best CRM integrations.

Let's go!

Dropcontact is a SaaS solution that updates, cleans, standardizes and corrects contact data in your CRM without any human intervention.

Say goodbye to duplicates because Dropcontact detects and merges all duplicates hiding in your CRM.

The solution works exclusively with proprietary algorithms and test servers that act in real time.

Unlike all enrichment solutions, Dropcontact does not store any contacts database. This makes Dropcontact the only 100% RGPD compliant solution.

Furthermore, Dropcontact is natively integrated with Pipedrive, HubSpot and Salesforce ! 🔥

What we like about Dropcontact

Dropcontact is the solution with the best rate of found AND verified emails with a validity rate of 98% (85% for catch-all)

Dropcontact generates enriched, clean and above all up-to-date data, while being RGPD compliant (0 database, algorithms that generate professional and personal data in real time).

Dropcontact does not rely on any database. It's only based on algorithms and test servers that update and clean your data!

Dropcontact fits with different CRM as it's integrated with Pipedrive, HubSpot and Salesforce !

All email addresses provided by Dropcontact are up to date and verified.

What could be better?

Dropcontact does not generates merchants, artisans, self-employed, or public services email addresses.

For now, Dropcontact admits to having less successful results regarding public service contacts, in Spain or Netherlands.

Dropcontact pricing

Know more about the Dropcontact CRM integration pricing

Dropcontact free plan

  • 14-day free trial on Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce

👉🏻 Discover the Dropcontact CRM integration on Pipedrive

👉🏻 Discover the Dropcontact CRM integration on Hubspot

👉🏻 Discover the Dropcontact CRM integration on Salesforce

ZeroBounce is a CRM tool that checks the email addresses in your CRM.

The tool is very fast and allows you to check your contacts in a few minutes. The results are guaranteed to be up to date with 99% accuracy.

ZeroBounce uses an encryption tool that ensures high security of your data while it is being verified.

zerobounce dashboard

What we like about ZeroBounce

The tool is simple and fast. An email address is validated in less than 3 seconds.

In 45 minutes, ZeroBounce is able to validate 100,000 email addresses.

Email verification credits never expire. If the tool cannot verify the email, your account is automatically credited with the number of unverified emails.

Zerobounce is integrated with Hubspot and Zoho CRM.

What could be better?

ZeroBounce verifies email addresses but does not correct them.

The integration is not fully automatic, it is necessary to re-import the contacts into your CRM after verification (or update the records manually).

ZeroBounce pricing

  • Verification of 2,000 contacts for $16
  • 1 credit = 1 verified email address

ZeroBounce free trial

Up to 100 contacts/month are verified for free.

👉🏻 Find out more about Zerobounce

Nomination is a B2B contact enrichment solution that uses 1,000 different sources to collect information and provide contact data.

Nomination claims to have over 400,000 French decision makers registered in its database.

What we like about Nomination

Beyond its Email Finder function, Nomination provides many resources: white papers, guides, business cases...

Nomination provides essential data as (email, business phone numbers).

The tool also sends alerts when it detects new comportements as: appointments, tenders, fundraisings, to identify new business opportunities.

Nomination claims that their database includes companies that represent 85% of the GDP.

What could be better?

The data provided are not necessarily up to date, they are updated only every year.... and manually.

Nomination is a French solution that provides only contact data of French companies

Nomination pricing

  • Only on request, you will have to make a demo request directly on their website.

Nomination free plan

  • No free plan but a free trial

👉🏻Nomination vs Dropcontact

DeBounce is an email verification tool that allows you to check your leads emails directly in your CRM.

To verify your data, you just have to upload your contact list in one click in the solution.

debounce dashboard

What we like about DeBounce

The tool also offers email enrichment and lead search.

For example, you can get the first and last name, as well as the photo of the contact by simply filling in their email address.

DeBounce is RGPD compliant.

Lead search with the email

What could be better?

The tool is natively integrated into Hubspot, however, if you are using another CRM, you will need to go through an automation software like Zapier or Make.

DeBounce detects duplicate email addresses but does not merge duplicates.

The tool does not update the data.

DeBounce pricing

  • Starting at $10 for 5,000 verifications

👉🏻 DeBounce vs Dropcontact

Clearbit enriches your contacts' email by combining more than 250 public and private data sources containing millions of pieces of stored data.

The platform allows you to better know your customers and identify your prospects to personalize your marketing campaigns.

Top CRM tool : Clearbit

What we like about Clearbit

Clearbit enriches and updates your contacts as soon as the tool detects a change in the contacts present in its database.

The tool has over 250 data sources and adds up to 100 contact fields (position held, company, type of company, etc.)

Clearbit also tells you if the contact matches your search criteria.

Clearbit's integration with Salesforce allows you to enrich your data and update it every month.

You also have the ability to integrate Clearbit into all of your solutions with your custom API key.

What could be better?

Clearbit does not verify email addresses.

Furthermore, the tool does not detect duplicates in your data.

Clearbit pricing

Pricing is based on CRM database size, monthly web traffic and monthly contact creation.

👉🏻 Clearbit vs Dropcontact

Million Verifier is an email verification and correction tool.

The tool verifies and removes incorrect/invalid emails from your CRM. The solution claims that the data verification is 99% accurate.

Million Verifier allows you to check your existing contact lists or check all your future contact additions in real time.

million verifier dashboard

What we like about Million Verifier

You have 2 possibilities to check your emails:

  • By directly importing your contact database into the tool
  • By subscribing to the Everclean option which automatically and continuously checks your email addresses every day.

Integration into all your tools is easy thanks to your personal API key. For example, you can integrate Million Verifier into Zapier, Make, n8n, etc.

The solution also allows you to check your emails one by one via the unique search.

What could be better?

The tool does not allow you to find any email addresses, but simply to check the validity of the ones you already have.

Million Verifier does not detect or merge duplicates in your database.

Million Verifier pricing

To get 10,000 credits (1 credit = 1 email verification), it will cost you$37

Million Verifier free plan

Verify up to 1,000 emails for free with the automated verification feature.

👉🏻 Million Verifier vs Dropcontact

Snov.io offers email enrichment and verification.

Snov.io uses its database of more than 500 million personal/professional email addresses and also uses scraping to enrich your contacts and leads.

Snov.io finds email addresses via their domain, company, contact names or via Boolean search.

The platform is suitable for sales and business development teams as well as for recruitment thanks to the diversity of data it offers.

Top CRM tool : Snov.io

What we like about Snov.io

Snov.io allows to find +500 million personal and professional email addresses.

It's possible to find all the available addresses of a company, without specific targeting, from only the domain name, or simply from its name.

The Snov.io browser extension allows to retrieve all the email addresses of their database directly from the website of the company, or the LinkedIn of the person.

What could be better?

The obsolescence rate of B2B data is currently > 33%, updating is essential.

Stored data (beyond the RGPD aspect that this implies) cannot be updated in real time.

Moreover, do you know the source of this data? Even if Snov.io checks the email, if it is not considered valid, it is not updated. (Dropcontact is by the way the only solution to update an email address if it is no longer valid.... and for a single credit 😉)

Snov.io pricing

  • From $33: 1,000 credits* / user / month

*Searching for the email is 1 credit and verification is 0.5 credit.

Snov.io free plan

  • 50 credits / month but export of enrichment results is not available.

👉🏻 Snov.io vs Dropcontact

LeadGenius is a CRM data enrichment tool using AI and human computation. The tool allows you to update your database with essential information for your prospecting such as business phone number, email address and Linkedin profile.

 lead genius dashboard

What we like about LeadGenius

The tool allows you to retrieve a number of information about your leads such as phone number, email address or even Linkedin URL 💡.

Lead Genius is integrated directly into Salesforce or via a Chrome extension to enrich Hubspot and Salesforce.

What could be better?

LeadGenius does not merge duplicate data.

The tool does not update contacts automatically, you have to start the procedure manually.

LeadGenius pricing

The premium subscription allows you to enrich 200 contacts (email addresses and phone numbers) for 50$ per month

LeadGenius free plan

15 free contacts enriched each month

👉🏻 LeadGenius vs Dropcontact

Dedupely is a tool for merging duplicate contacts present in your CRM.

The tool is integrated in several CRMs such as Hubspot, Salesforce and Pipedrive, or in other tools such as Microsoft Excel and Mailchimp.

Dedupely checks for duplicates in real time and merges them automatically.

Dedupely dashboard

What we like about Dedupely

Dedupely offers only one feature to merge duplicates, but it does it well.

For example, you have the possibility to merge certain criteria when merging such as first names and the length of the email address.

You can also integrate the tool with any platform at no additional cost.

The tool is very affordable in terms of price (from $25/month for 30,000 contacts analyzed).

What could be better?

Dedupely does not allow you to keep your database up to date. The tool does not check the validity of the email addresses of your CRM and does not find new emails.

Dedupely's pricing

Dedupely offers a monthly or annual subscription.

The annual plan allows you to analyze up to 30,000 contacts for $25 per month.

The monthly plan allows you to analyze up to 30,000 contacts without commitment for $40 per month.

Dedupely free trial

The tool offers a free 7-day trial.

👉🏻 Dedupely vs Dropcontact

DiscoverOrg is a data enrichment platform that compares its own database with yours.

The platform allows you to filter the type of contacts you are looking for according to well-defined criteria (seniority level, type of company, sector, etc.)

You can also identify company decision makers by filtering them by function (CEO, CMO, etc.).

DiscoverOrg also cleans up your data and provides you with up-to-date data.

DiscoverOrg dashboard

What we like about DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg finds, verifies and validates email addresses in your CRM.

The tool identifies duplicates and normalizes your contact data.

Your data is up to date and usable as soon as it is exported to your database. DiscoverOrg is integrated with many tools such as Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, Chrome, Marketo, or SalesLoft.

What could be better?

DiscoverOrg is not RGPD compliant because the platform stores a database.

Integration with Hubspot and Salesforce CRM is not native, you need to manually export the data or create an automation with a tool like Zapier, Make or n8n.

DiscoverOrg pricing

DiscoverOrg pricing varies depending on your profile (number of users, additional features, etc.). You should request a quote to find out the pricing of the tool.

👉🏻 DiscoverOrg vs Dropcontact

Demandbase offers a B2B data enrichment tool based on Account Intelligence.

For example, the tool allows you to:

  • Identify decision makers
  • Import contacts from Demandbase databases into your CRM
  • Measure engagement with your contacts via a lead-based analytics system

demandbase dashboard

What we like about Demandbase

The platform has more than 113 million contacts for more than 64 million validated emails in 195 countries.

Demandbase certifies that the data is up to date because the data is verified using Artificial Intelligence.

What could be better?

The platform uses databases, and therefore practices the resale of personal data.

Demandbase is therefore not RGPD compliant.

Demandbase pricing

Demandbase does not provide pricing, you will need to request a quote.

👉🏻 Demandbase vs Dropcontact

Logo tye - Email Finder tye

Tye is a tool that cleans, standardizes and deduplicates your data before importing into your CRM.

The data in your CRM is enriched and corrected to ensure a clean and standardized database.

The tool works on the basis of file import, your data is therefore analyzed.

Tye's algorithms are also able to generate additional data only from the contact's email. (gender, first name, website, country, profile picture, etc.).

tye dashboard

What we like about tye

tye cleans up your data by removing duplicates, invalid data and obsolete data.

In addition, the tool normalizes the data to reduce the risk of errors when importing into your CRM.

Many additional data are enriched from the email such as the profile picture, the civility, the country of the contact, etc.

What could be better?

tye does not add email addresses in your CRM. Also, it is necessary to re-import the data after cleaning your data on tye.

For the moment, tye is not natively integrated in any CRM. Data export must be done manually.

tye pricing

The pricing of the tool is calculated according to your needs and the size of your database.

The platform also charges between $0.12 and $2.24 per contact cleaned.

👉🏻 tye vs Dropcontact

NeverBounce is an email verification tool.

The tool cleans and verifies emails from your database via Drag&Drop file system.

It is also possible to connect your personal API key to all your tools to automate the verification of your data.

The tool is integrated into 80+ applications such as Google Contacts, KickoffLabs, Mailchimp, Mailjet, Marketo, Neto, etc.

NeverBounce identifies the domain, host, and servers of the email to determine their validity and verify the email.

neverbounce dashboard

What we like about Neverbounce

Neverbounce integrates directly into all your tools through an API key. You can integrate it into your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce), your automation tools (Zapier), etc. Plus, Neverbounce is RGPD compliant.

The tool classifies emails by status (valid, catch-all, unknown, invalid, etc.) and you have the option to exclude invalid emails from your file before exporting it.

The payment system is customizable, you only pay for the number of contacts you have!

What could be better?

Neverbounce does not merge duplicates or add email addresses to your CRM.

The tool does not detect or alert you to important changes in your contacts.

Neverbounce pricing

Neverbounce's price decreases according to the number of email addresses you want to check.

Neverbounce's price decreases according to the number of email addresses you want to check, starting at $0.008 per email for a list of 10,000 emails.

Neverbounce free trial

Neverbounce offers a free trial to test the solution.

👉🏻 Neverbounce vs Dropcontact

UpLead is a tool for enriching your database.

The tool gives you access to over 85 million contacts from 14 million companies worldwide.

The data is estimated to be 95% accurate. You can apply up to 50 search filters to display only the contacts that match YOU. You then have the choice of what information you want to obtain (business email, business phone number, etc.). UpLead verifies the information in real time to ensure that the data is up-to-date and valid.

What we like about UpLead

UpLead gives you access to millions of B2B contact information. The tool's databases contain 85 million contacts for 14 million companies worldwide.

UpLead is integrated with several CRMs such as HubSpot, Pipedrive and Zoho CRM.

The data you get is customized to your needs and preferences. You then have the choice of the type of data you want to obtain (email, phone number, Linkedin URL, etc.).

What could be better?

UpLead does not detect/merge duplicates. UpLead does not act in your CRM, you have to import your contacts manually into the tool.

UpLead does not respect the RGPD because the tool uses databases whose contacts have not necessarily given their consent to the use of their data.

UpLead pricing

UpLead allows you to enrich 2,040 contacts for $74

To enrich more contacts, you will have to invest $149/month for 4800 contacts or $299/month to enrich 12 000 contacts.

UpLead free trial

UpLead offers a free trial that gives you 5 enrichments per month.

👉🏻 UpLead vs Dropcontact

FullContact is a tool that allows you to enrich and verify your personal and professional contact data.

The tool is able to generate a wide range of contact information such as email, location, social network profiles, education level, age range, position, or company information.

 full contact dashboard

What we like about FullContact

The solution claims to be able to provide data on all Americans living in the United States (over 275 million contacts).

Data is generated very quickly (40 milliseconds per contact)

30 million contacts are updated daily to keep FullContact's databases current.

FullContact identifies prospects that could potentially be interested in your product.

What could be better?

FullContact stores personal data of individuals collected via their social networks, messaging systems, blogs, etc.

The solution is therefore not RGPD compliant as it is forbidden to store contacts who have not given their consent.

We cannot guarantee that the data is up to date as the data is simply stored.

FullContact pricing

The tool allows you to collect data from 50,000 people for $499/month.

The solution only charges if it has successfully enriched the data.

👉🏻 FullContact vs Dropcontact

Most frequently asked questions

What's a CRM?

A CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) is a computing app designed to help companies manage and optimize their interactions with leads, prospects and clients.The main goal of a CRM is to centralize client data, to facilitate internal communication in the company and improve the overall user experience.

How can a CRM integration be useful?

A CRM does not offer all of the essential features for sales prospecting like:The automated enrichment of your contacts and their companies The update of email addresses or contact data Adding verified emails and phone numbers The detection and merging of card duplicates ‍‍

Is Dropcontact integrated with CRMs?

Dropcontact is natively integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot and Pipedrive.For other CRMs, Dropcontact offers an API and is integrated with automation tools like n8n, Zapier or Make‍
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