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Data cleansing: a single solution for an up-to-date CRM!

Data cleansing: Only one and unique solution for an up-to-date CRM!

What if you used one tool to replace 12? We give you our tip to keep your contacts updated and in real time with enriched, verified and valid data!

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an indispensable tool for any company. It centralizes data, facilitates communication and collaboration between teams.

The objective of a CRM tool is clearly to centralize information to follow the life cycle of a customer whether it is through marketing, sales, or customer service interactions.

CRM is at the heart of the Marketing and sales processes. Contact data is gold 🏅 for the company.
In short, in addition to smoothing and simplifying your prospecting, it is a real pillar for your expansion!

CRM: your growth driver

But even with the best of intentions, if you don't use the right tools, anything can happen: duplicate contacts or companies, obsolete data, poorly formatted or incomplete data...

Your CRM then becomes a veritable bucket full of holes. 😱

It's important to understand the importance of having clean data to end wasted opportunities and boost the morale of your sales and marketing staff

🫡 Let's review.

Let's cut to the chase: it's possible to have one tool integrated with your Pipedrive, Salesforce or Hubspot CRM to make your CRM THE value of your prospecting. 12 in 1 (and it's not a laundry 🫧)

Why do you have to get a standardized, clean and up-to-date CRM essential for effective business development?

Contacts are at the heart of marketing and sales strategies: no contacts, no leads, no sales... The CRM allows you to centralize all the information to make your prospecting and sales take off.

Optimize your marketing actions with your CRM

Effective marketing is based on hyper-personalization.
A complete and up-to-date CRM is therefore THE basis for marketing actions.

This means:

  • Be sure to have qualified, verified and above all up-to-date email addresses: Your efforts in terms of Cold Email campaigns will be in vain if your emails bounce.
  • Have up-to-date contact data: 25 to 30% of people change companies in 1 year... Knowing when a lead or a contact changes company is essential and above all it is the momentum to contact this person who will probably also need your product or service in his new company. The change of company also indicates that a new person has probably taken this new position.
  • Having complete and standardized contact information: the correct first name, last name and title will hyper-personalize your entire prospecting process. Your Cold Emails will look more unique than ever 😈
  • Having complete company data: knowing the business sector, the size of the company, the country... Is essential for a good targeting and segmentation of your prospecting campaigns

💡 Having an up-to-date, actionable CRM requires regular updating of all contact AND organization records.

Scan your CRM regularly to clean it

🤨 It's up to you which way you want to do it: manually or automatically without lifting a finger?

Save time and motivate your teams with your CRM (yes, you can!)

One of the objectives of a CRM, beyond the centralization of its contact data, is also (and above all) to save time for all teams.

The CRM, the heart of your sales strategy, can (must) be configured, parameterized and customized to :

  • Enrich all the data necessary for prospecting: New leads, prospects or contacts added in the CRM
  • Automatically update all data when a change of position, company, a departure...
  • Detect a duplicate when adding or updating
  • Automatically merge and without any loss of data duplicates of contacts or company detected
  • Standardize all data in the same format to facilitate their use in your Cold Email campaigns

What better satisfaction for a Sales team to have a CRM all clean, complete and operational 😍

Do not forget the impact on your brand

Errors in your CRM or incomplete data can taint your image without you even realizing it:

  • A high bounce rate impacts the deliverability and quality of your domain: This happens if your contacts' emails are not verified or qualified. And to go further tells you how to get open rates > 70% with your domain configuration
  • An error, a toxic character (emoji type) in a field can very quickly sneak into one of your messages. Starting a Cold Email with "Hello Pa$&line 😬" is never very credible 😉
  • Incomplete data, the worst enemy: "Hello $firstName" and there... All your marketing and prospecting efforts are gone with campaigns as messy as your CRM
  • incorrect data, a pitfall that can cost you dearly: wrong targeting, wrong person and all your Cold Emails can serve you instead of making your sales take off.
  • Contacting the same person 3 times has a strong impact on your credibility... Don't underestimate the impact of duplicate contacts or companies in your CRM

There are several options available to you... But let's be honest, only one is really viable in the long run.

⚠️ Spoiler alert : Automation is the key

Clean up your CRM manually

We often think that taking on an intern to clean up our CRM is an inexpensive and efficient solution: the wrong idea.

Manual search for duplicates in a CRM is almost impossible:

  • On what basis is a duplicate contact considered?
  • How do you take into account a change of company?
  • A duplicate name does not necessarily mean the same person...

So detecting and merging duplicates by hand is a huge waste of time.

Have you ever calculated how long it takes to manually search for a single person's contact and company information? That is to say, finding the title, spelling the first and last name correctly, finding the updated email address and verifying it, the LinkedIn profile and the LinkedIn of the company, the website, and all the legal information of the company...

We give it to you in the thousand: MUCH TOO MUCH TIME

Moreover, a contact data becomes obsolete in 25 to 30% of the cases in less than a year... The search for contacts who have changed company is manually an ordeal!
Having a CRM with several thousand contacts means that you regularly go back over each file and do a lot of work to check the accuracy of the information... NO WAY!

stop wasting time and money on your CRM

Beyond the time wasted, the impact on the morale of your troops is not to be neglected... Copying and pasting information all day is time consuming and absolutely not motivating and very frustrating. Your sales and marketing team members are better than that.

Your sales teams want to sell... Give them this opportunity!

Integrate Dropcontact with your CRM to clean, update and detect any duplicates in your CRM

Dropcontact is not just an enrichment solution, it's a true Swiss Army knife that takes CRMs to the next level. In addition, Dropcontact is natively integrated with HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive

  • Automatic duplicate detection and merging: without any common fields, Dropcontact algorithms are able to find duplicate contacts and companies and merge them: 100% data loss free guarantee. It's not magic, it's Dropcontact 🪄
  • Automatic update of contact and company data: you are even alerted in case of important changes on one of your contacts or companies 🔔
  • Enrichment of contacts and companies: incomplete profiles are completed with relevant information for targeting your marketing campaigns (adding civility, company legal information, LinkedIn profile, company LinkedIn page, etc.
  • Adding the phone number thanks to the integration of Dropcontact which allows you to retrieve all the information of your contacts in the signatures present in the emails of your entire team.
  • Cleaning CRM fields: information in the right fields, standardization of the first and last name (capitalization)

For the price of a single tool, Dropcontact is THE expert solution for customer data and CRM cleansing.
👉🏼 Ask for your personalized Dropcontact pricing

all the features in one tool to clean up your CRM

💡 Last but not least, Dropcontact is 100% GDPR compliant: no database, no reselling of data... Only algorithms and test servers!

Integrate a CRM tool by issue

Many separate tools exist to address each of these issues.

Detection and merging of duplicates in a CRM

A duplicate in a CRM is a record (a contact, a company) that appears several times in the database.

Duplicates in a CRM are a real nightmare ☢️

For example, if a company is misspelled, it can appear twice in the database; or if a contact has changed company, it appears twice under the same name but with two different email addresses.

Knowing that you have duplicates is good, but merging them without losing any information is much better?

Solutions like Dedupely detect and merge duplicates in your CRM. And that's all. These solutions take care of it but require some maneuvers... So the 0 risk with this kind of tools does not exist

Integrate an Email Finder into a CRM

The email of a B2B contact is undoubtedly the keystone of your prospecting and Cold Email campaigns. Having an email associated with a name on your CRM contact records is essential.So, tools allow you to add the email like Hunter.io, Snov.io or Apollo.

🤨 But before integrating these tools, think about asking your DPO's opinion on GDPR compliance: where do these personal data come from?

Are they up to date? By integrating these tools, is the data in my CRM safe?

Connecting an Email Checker to your CRM

In a CRM, it's not the quantity of data that counts... It's the quality. That's why every added email must absolutely be checked to make sure it won't bounce and make sure the efforts put in Cold Emails will pay off 😄

For example, Zerobounce or Debounce allow to check if the email is valid or not, but without providing the right email up to date.

GDPR compliant addition of the nominative phone number

Sending cold email campaigns is good... But sometimes a cold call can be effective.

Many integrations exist to enrich your CRM with nominative phone numbers, often mobile numbers.
Have you ever wondered where this data comes from? Would you like your wife's or husband's number to be available in this way?

Solutions such as Lusha and Nomination which are integrated into CRMs, use databases. Ask your DPO for advice... 😉

💡Learn more about the GDPR and commercial prospecting

Adding civility to CRM contacts

To hyper-personalize your prospecting, and not offend your prospects 😉 having gender (female or male) is not an option.

Tools like Clearbit offer the addition of the civility in front of your leads and contacts names.

Standardization of the first names / surnames of contacts in a CRM

Do not misspell the first and last name (or reverse it) of your lead and prospect is the first step.

Some tools are able to normalize the writing of contact names by respecting capitalization for example. SocieteInfo does it.
Very few are able to detect the inversion of first name / last name for example or to remove toxic characters such as emojis often imported from LinkedIn scraping.

Update of the company change directly in the CRM

The moment a lead or prospect changes company is perfect timing for you as a sales person. Your contact as a person can be used as a trojan horse in his new company: If he needed your product or service in his old job, there is a very high chance that his new company has the same needs.

This time, only Dropcontact offers this option 100% GDPR compliant, and that only thanks to its algorithms the solution is able to integrate directly into your CRM the information of a change of company and especially to provide the updated data of your contact: new company, new email address, new job ..

Adding a lead's or contact's LinkedIn profile to your CRM

Today, Cold Email or Cold Call is not enough. B2B prospecting on LinkedIn has become a must.

That's why having the URL of your leads', prospects' or contacts' LinkedIn profile is no longer an option, but a tool to add to your CRM if you want to enrich the LinkedIn URL of your contacts directly in your CRM: Leadfuze, Apollo, Clearbit offer this option.

Adding the company's LinkedIn profile to your CRM

The more you know about your lead's or prospect's business, the better. We're not teaching you anything. The LinkedIn page is a mine of information for the Sales and Marketing team: news, team movements... Zoominfo, leadIQ add the LinkedIn pages of the companies in your CRM.

Enrichment of corporate information

Segmenting and targeting your prospecting often starts with identifying the companies that need your services. How do you do this? Often by the sector of activity, the year of creation, or the date of the last fund raising, the size of the company...

Tools are integrated in the different CRM of the market like discoverOrg, Demandbase, or SociétéInfo (only for French companies).

Multiplying the tools also means multiplying the costs. But beyond this financial abyss, connecting multiple tools to your CRM means:

  • Multiplying the efforts of your DPO: each new solution that touches your contact data must be studied and validated by your Data Protection Officer.
  • The GDPR rules are complex and increasing the number of tools increases the risk of non-compliance.
  • Increasing the possibility that the tools are not compatible with each other, or create "loops" making your CRM uncontrollable.
  • Question the use of CRM data by all integrated solutions and therefore potentially increase the risk of data leakage.

That's why automating the cleaning of your CRM with a single tool is a dream... Now a reality with Dropcontact. Dropcontact maintains, cleans, merges and verifies all your CRM data in real time. You don't even have to ask yourself that question anymore.

Dropcontact : the Mr. Clean of CRM

Most frequently asked questions

What's a CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a fundamental tool for any company. It centralizes data, makes team communication and collaboration easier.The goal of a CRM tool is to centralize data in order to track the life cycle of a client, either through marketing, sales, or interactions with customer support.A CRM is at the heart of your sales and marketing processes. Contact data is a goldmine for companies 🏅

How can I clean my data with Dropcontact?

You just need to connect Dropcontact to your Hubspot, Salesforce or Pipedrive CRM, and AUTOMATICALLY enjoy - Automated detection and merging of duplicates: without any common field, Dropcontact's algorithms can find contact and company duplicates and merge them, without losing nay data. It's not magic, it's Dropcontact 🪄Automated update of contact and company data: you even get an alert if there's an important update for one of your contacts or one of your client companies. 🔔Contact and company enrichment: incomplete profiles are updates with relevant information to help you target your marketing campaigns (addition of titles, company legal information, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn company pages, etc.)Addition of phone numbers, thanks to Dropcontact's integration, which can get all of the data available in your interlocutor's email signatures. ‍Cleaning of your CRM fields: information put in the right fields, standardization of first and last names (with capital letters).

What happens if I don't clean my CRM data?

Not cleaning your CRM represents a real risk.Your prospect and client data is the beating heart of your sales activity. Not taking care of it means damaging your chances of success.Approximately 30% of your prospect/client data become obsolete each year.
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